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  • Enhanced platform with 12 new additions to provide better features and faster return of investment
  • Beginning with Drive AOPs in v16, drive configuration has been fully integrated with RSLogix 5000. Not only is just ONE software tool needed for a drive system, but it also results in all drive configuration settings being stored in ONE project file (ACD file) and in the Logix controller when the project is downloaded to it. However, in v16 – v19, if a user needed to replace a drive, they would have to use RSLogix 5000, open the AOP for the respective drive and MANUALLY download the configuration to the new drive. Now with ADC in v20, the download process is now AUTOMATIC for PF755 drives connected via Embedded EtherNet/IP and this manual step has been eliminated. The primary purpose for this feature is to reduce downtime when replacing a drive. “ Large” configuration refers to devices that have configuration data that exceeds the 400 byte limit in the Forward Open message sent to a device to open an I/O connection. Many “small” devices receive their configuration data via the Forward Open. ADC is the additional messaging required to send the additional data. It also takes into account that a device may have peripherals with configuration data as well. Although PF755 drives are the only devices supported by ADC in the v20 release, other “large” devices may incorporate this feature in the future. ADC also works with Firmware Supervisor to ensure the replacement device is an exact match. If enabled, Firmware Supervisor first flashes the drive and any peripherals that have a mismatch. Then ADC performs configuration downloads to the drive and any peripherals that have a configuration mismatch. ---------------------- Only works for PowerFlex 755 Drives as of V20, all future 7xx drives will support automatic device configuration. Today, device configuration data exists in the ACD file and has to be managed manually by the user via the AOP of the respective device Controller holds the configuration, and upon module replacement the configuration is automatically sent to the module Previously couldn’t do this with configurations >500 bytes, this feature has no limit
  • Provides customers with wider choice of products for use in the integrated architecture Provides addition of device directly from the design environment Simple text base EDS allow product developers to easily integrate into the Logix integrated architecture Since EDS can be stored on the device, no more hunting for profiles on the web for new devices Provides a user experience similar to what Logix users are used to: Configuration dialogs Auto device replace Tag structures The following platforms and hardware configurations are supported in V20: 1756 I/O 1769 I/O 1768 I/O On-link devices (Ethernet) The following platforms and hardware configurations are currently not going to be supported in V20: Bridges Modular devices – anything that needs an adapter Modbus CIP Motion Safety ControlNet and DeviceNet DeviceLogix
  • Rockwell Automation Contact for Encompass Partner Add-On Profiles: Rockwell Automation Technologies (
  • Solution consists of: Logix Controller with embedded Quick Connect V20 Firmware – L6x, L7x, GuardLogix Armor Block I/O with embedded Quick Connect Firmware RSLogix 5000 Add-On profile to simplify configuration – V20 ODVA Approved & Conformance Tested Q: Are there any specific setting for my network equipment, such as the switch ? A: Some simple managed switch configuration required. Q: Where can I get details on QC application setup. A: There will be a Quick Connect application guide available at release of V20.00 Q: Which ArmorBlock products will be available with the QC feature? A: 1732E-16CFGM12QCR (16-Pt Self Configurable ArmorBlock), 1732E-16CFGM12QCWR (16-Pt Self Configurable WeldBlock), 1732E-12X4M12QCDR (12 IN / 4 OUT ArmorBlock with Diagnostic) Q: Will CompactLogix support this feature? A: CompactLogix support is not planned at this time. Q: Is there a firmware update required for the EtherNet/IP module and which modules support this feature? A: The 1756-ENBT and 1756-EN2xx family can be used in a QC application and no firmware update is required to use them in this application.
  • L7S GuardLogix provides enhanced performance over existing L6S series controllers. All the performance and feature benefits of L7, plus the option of using integrated safety for safety related applications Just like L7 eliminates the battery related issues of L6 controllers and allows GuardLogix to be used in mining related applications. A series of existing ladder instructions are now approved for use within the safety task Simply more capabilities for handling safety related logic requirements BMS Suite A certified suite of safety rated instructions for the control of gas or oil fired burners Expected availability in the October 2011 time frame More information to come on contact(s) for the BMS suite New Safety Instructions Compute/Math Instructions Compute (CPT) ( Trig functions will not be supported inside safety task) Compare Instructions Compare (CMP) File and Misc. Instructions File Arithmetic and Logic (FAL) File Search and Compare (FSC) File Fill (FLL) Size In Elements (SIZE) Move/Logical Instructions Swap Byte (SWPB) Program Control Instructions Trigger Event Task (EVENT) TUV Certified Dual Channel Analog instruction (Inputs, Tags, etc) Event Instruction Safety Event instruction allows a safety related event to call a standard task. Based on safety call standard functions (diagnostics, shutdown sequencing, etc) Safety Tasks can only use Ladder Logic (no FBD, STX, SFC)
  • Unicast became the default format for EtherNet/IP I/O communications in Version 18 of RSLogix 5000 This includes DIO* and drive* controls, and Produced/Consumed tag *Note that not all products will support unicast in V18, a knowledgebase technote (66324) is available to provide the list of supported products More efficient, less traffic – Unicast is one-to-one, multicast could look like an unexpected burst to IT Unicast allows messages to cross routers, multicast doesn’t Application Notes: Use switches with IGMP snooping enabled for EtherNet/IP applications previous to V18. All Stratix managed switches S6K and S8K are shipped with IGMP snooping enabled out-of-box. It is recommended that managed switches are used for all EtherNet/IP systems, IGMP Snooping is only one of many advanced features that offer user benefits (e.g.: VLAN, advanced diagnostics, QoS, security, etc.) See the EtherNet/IP Design consideration reference manual for more information on selecting the right switch features for your application. ControlLogix Redundancy releases with EtherNet/IP I/O capability starting with V19.50, will not support unicast I/O. IGMP snooping is recommended to help manage multicast traffic, or use Device-level ring for I/O system. Communication format of I/O connections will remain the same as previously configured when a RSLogix 5000 project is moved to a version that supports unicast. If unicast is desired, manually configure I/O connections to unicast after the upgrade Manipulation of the .L5K file may accelerate the process The implementation of unicast sets the TTL value to 64, this allows I/O communications across multiple subnets. Common application for this feature is interlocking between controllers in different Cell/Areas (produced/consumed tags) While this enables control of I/O in a remote subnet, good engineering practices must be used when deploying that functionality into a system.
  • PointGuard SIL3 CL analog input provides users the ability to use GuardLogix and Compact GuardLogix in safety related applications that have analog input variables. For simplex (non high availability) process safety applications GLX and cGLX can be used as the SIS (safety instrumented system). A TUV certified dual channel analog safety application instruction significantly eases the monitoring of two analog variables for safety purposes. Q: What about the (slow) rate counting capability? Will that be a separate future catalog number? Or a firmware / profile enhancement? Will that impact the data layout of the initial profile? A: The tach feature is built in as a standard feature
  • MDSC – Master Driven Speed control allows motion time based moves to be “driven” by a master axis position/velocity….similar to Gearing or PCAMing The External position can be any drive, feedback only, or virtual axis New move types that can now be driven by master axis position include – MAM (Motion axis move), MAJ (Motion axis jog), MATC (time based CAMing), MCLM (linear interpolation) and MCCM (circular interpolation) Customer value includes…. Solve a broader range of applications New axis synchronization functionality for solving complex functions in packaging, converting, assembly, High performance embedded functionality provides higher machine performance Complex, scan time intensive application code can be replaced by MDSC mode embedded functionality Ease of use features reduce development and commissioning time Easy to use configurable embedded functionality replaces complex application code
  • Interpolated Actual Position Acceleration Compensation Improved “accuracy” for “soft” time based registration functions Interpolation accounts for acceleration as well as velocity Customer value includes…… Eliminates need for costly, standalone hardware solutions for high performance registration Provides maximum machine flexibility via powerful “any” input to “any” axis registration/event position mapping
  • Rslogix5000v20externalppt 120113145710-phpapp02

    1. 1. RSLogix™ 5000 Design and Configuration Software What’s New in V20Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. Agenda 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 2. Expanded Scalability 2. Expanded Scalability 3. Broader Device Integration 3. Broader Device Integration 4. Enhanced Safety Features 4. Enhanced Safety Features 5. Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP 5. Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP 6. Other 6. Other
    3. 3. Agenda 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview
    4. 4. RSLogix 5000 V20 PreviewExpanded ScalabilitySupport for a broader range of controllers, I/O, and drives provides best-fit alternatives for a wider variety of applications• ControlLogix 5570 L71, L73XT, L72S, L73S• CompactLogix 5370 L1, L2, L3• Kinetix 350Broader Device IntegrationReduce downtime, improve speed of application development, and connect to a wider variety of devices• Large Device Auto Device Configuration• EDS Add-on Profiles• EtherNet/IP Quick Connect• Open Socket interface support for 1756-EN2x family• Security Extensions• Module Discovery 4
    5. 5. RSLogix 5000 V20 PreviewIntegrated Motion on EtherNet/IPAdvanced motion functions for a broader spectrum of applications• Master Driven Speed Control (MDSC)• Acceleration compensation for interpolated actual positionEnhanced Safety FeaturesNew safety components and programming features extend the performance of the 5570 family of controllers into safety-related applications• Floating Point in Safety Task• EtherNet/IP Unicast Safety I/O• Safety Instruction additionsNew Profiles• 1794 Flex on EtherNet/IP with DLR• Armorstart on EtherNet/IP with DLR• Motor Protection EtherNet/IP Adaptor• SLC-500 EtherNet/IP Adapter• Kinetix 350 EtherNet/IP CIP Motion• 5
    6. 6. Agenda 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 2. Expanded Scalability 2. Expanded Scalability
    7. 7. Expanded ScalabilityControlLogix 5570 PACs•1756-L71 (2MB)•1756-L73XT (8MB)•1756-L72S (GuardLogix)•1756-L73S (GuardLogix)Other Safety Hardware•PointGuard Analog Input Module The performance of the 5570 controllers extended to safety applications and hazardous environments
    8. 8. Expanded ScalabilityCompactLogix 5370 PACs•1769-L1 (3 new controllers) – Profile 1769-PP012A-EN-E•1769-L2 (3 new controllers) – Profile 1769-PP011A-EN-E•1769-L3 (6 new controllers) – Profile 1769-PP010A-EN-EKinetix 350•12 catalog numbers – Profile 2097-PP002A-EN-P High performance, scalable motion solution at a lower acquisition cost for value-driven applications
    9. 9. CompactLogix 5370 PACs: Expanding the Scalability of Logix ControllersThe CompactLogix 5370 PACs offer:•A wider variety of options to provide best-fit alternatives for specific applicationrequirements•A strong motion solution when combined with Kinetix® 350 for customers requiring highperformance in a compact and affordable package•Common and consistent features across all three platforms; scalability between the Logixfamilies 9
    10. 10. CompactLogix 5370 Features & CapabilitiesCommon Features & Capabilities L1 Features & Capabilities•300µs input driven event task execution (estimated) •Local expansion via POINT bus backplane• Built in USB for programming •24 VDC Power Supply, non-isolated, non-fused• Secure Digital Flash for program backup and data storage •Embedded 32 Discrete I/O• No Battery required for memory hold •Embedded DC Power Supply• Dual-port EtherNet/IP – DLR• Built in IEEE1588 (CIPSync) Hard Implementation• 24 VDC Power Supply, non isolated, non fused• Certification: UL/CSA, marine, ATEX/IEC-EX, GOST-R• CIP Motion Support: Scalable from 2 to 16 Axis• Support for all motion instructions (Including Kinematics)L2 & L3 Features/ Capabilities• Improved performance 2.5x over current platform•Local expansion via 1769 backplane• L30ER-NSE controller option with no stored energy• Embedded 32 Discrete I/O (L2)• Higher Analog I/O resolution (L2)• Embedded DC Power Supply (L2)• Smaller/optimized package (L2) 10
    11. 11. CompactLogix 5370 Family of PACs Controllers with no Integrated Motion Controllers with Integrated Motion General Purpose Machine Controller Small Machine Controller L36ERM 16 axis with Small Stand-Alone & Ancillary Kinematics Equipment Controller L33ERM 8 axis with Kinematics L27ERM-QBFC1B L30ERM 4 axis with 4 axis with Kinematics Kinematics L24ER-QBFC1B L33ER L18ERM-BB1B L30ER/L30ER-NSE 2 axis with L24ER-QB1B Kinematics L18ER-BB1B L16ER-BB1B Platform enhanced to provide better features and faster return onNote: NSE – No Storage Energy (No RTC SuperCap) investments 11
    12. 12. Agenda 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 2. Expanded Scalability 2. Expanded Scalability 3. Broader Device Integration 3. Broader Device Integration
    13. 13. Automatic Device Configuration (ADC)Reduce Downtime when Replacing a Drive•Configure your Logix system to automatically download a PowerFlex 755 drive configurationafter it has been replaced – Configuration data exists in the ACD file and the Logix controller, but the download was a manual process in RSLogix 5000 v16-v19•Works with Firmware Supervisor which flashes the drive and/or peripherals for the application 2:00 AM Stratix 6000 / 8000 EtherNet/IP Configuration Flash IP Address 13
    14. 14. Add-on Profile ExpansionLevel of Type of Profile Integrate with Integrated Interface for ProfileIntegration Architecture with:Best Add-on Profile for Rockwell • Automatic Device Configuration Automation Products including PowerFlex 755 drives • Descriptive tags • Excellent graphical interface • Configuration & start-up wizards • Embedded application executionBest Add-on Profile for Encompass • Automatic Device Configuration Partner Products • Descriptive tags • Excellent graphical interface • Configuration & start-up wizards • Embedded application executionBetter Electronic Data SheetAdd-on • Automatic Device Configuration Profile* (EDS AOP) for ODVA • Descriptive configuration tags devices on EtherNet/IP • Automatically populated connection data *new in RSLogix 5000 v20 • Other select configuration tabsGood Generic Profile (standard to • Automatic Device Configuration most devices in the automation • Tags available in unstructured data industry) array • Manually configured connection data • Basic user interface
    15. 15. Add-on Profile (AOP) ExpansionMore Choices for Integrated EtherNet/IP Devices• Addition of Electronic Data Sheet AOPs makes integration of EtherNet/IP devices easier than ever before• Use text-based Electronic Data Sheets• Add devices directly from RSLogix 5000 design environment• Provides configuration, connection information, I/O tags, and configuration screens, other pre-defined tabs 15
    16. 16. Encompass Partner Add-on Profiles now Installed with RSLogix 5000Encompass Partner Devices Easy to Findand Configure•No separate step for installation  installed automatically at the same time as Rockwell Automations AOPs•Easier to find  Encompass Partner AOPs show in the same Module Select Dialog as RA devices•Easier for users no need to download & install separate AOPs from Encompass Partner web sites 16
    17. 17. Device Discovery Improve Speed of Application Development •Online browse of backplanes and networks for devices •Supports virtually all devices that can be added online* •Improves accuracy of building the I/O tree •Easily add devices to the I/O tree without needing: – exact catalog number – slot # or address – firmware revision*exception - CompactLogix not supported in v20 17
    18. 18. Finding/Adding Devices to the Logix treeImprove User Experience and Speed of Application Development•More efficient to locate and select modules to add to Logix project•All registered devices now shown in Select Module Dialog•Improved user experience – New String Filtering – New Wildcard Search – New Favorites – New Category Filters 18
    19. 19. Socket ConnectionsConnect Even More Devices toIntegrated Architecture•Allows Logix connection to non-CIPdevices•Barcode scanners, vision systems,printers, robots, competitive controllers,databases, and more•Socket-specific messaging available inRSLogix 5000•Supported in: – 1756-EWEB and 1768-EWEB Non-Windows Based Workstations – CompactLogix 5370 L1, L2, L3 – 1756-EN2x and 1756-EN3TR Robots Socket Connection Scanners Printers Any Standard Ethernet Devices
    20. 20. Quick Connect on EtherNet/IPImprove Machine Cycle Time by Reducing Time for Tool Changes• Enable EtherNet/IP devices to quickly power up• Previously only offered via DeviceNet• Now expanded to EtherNet/IP• Often used in Automotive applications where a robot arm is required to "change tool" on the fly to switch task• 500ms Quick Connect timing to complete power-up process and start to communication and control I/O 20
    21. 21. Agenda 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 2. Expanded Scalability 2. Expanded Scalability 3. Broader Device Integration 3. Broader Device Integration 4. Enhanced Safety Features 4. Enhanced Safety Features
    22. 22. Performance of ControlLogix 5570 PACs now Expanded to Safety Applications Safety Enhancements •GuardLogix 5572S and 5573S PACs •Safety I/O Unicast •PointGuard Analog Input Module •Safety Analog input instruction (SIL 3 Certified) •Floating Point Safety Data •Certified Burner Management Instructions (planned) •Additional Ladder Safety Instructions22
    23. 23. More Efficient Communications Extended to Safety I/OLogix PACs communicate to otherEtherNet/IP devices via Unicast•Offers more IT-friendly communication method•Standard I/O in V18•Standard produced/consumed tags in V18•Safety Produced/Consumed tags in V19•Safety I/O in V20Allow communications to span multipleVLANs or subnets•Example application includes interlocking of remotecontrollers over plant infrastructure 23
    24. 24. GuardLogix SIL3 AnalogPointGuard SIL 3 Analog Input Module• SIL3 rated analog input module for Point I/O• 4 channels• Accepts ±10V and 0-20mA / 4-20mA signals• 12 bit resolution• Provides fresh analog data in under 50ms• Single Channel & Dual Channel• Supports 2, 3, and 4 wire sensorsCertified SIL 3 Analog Input Instruction• Integer instruction, DCA• Floating Point instruction, DCAF
    25. 25. Agenda 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 2. Expanded Scalability 2. Expanded Scalability 3. Broader Device Integration 3. Broader Device Integration 4. Enhanced Safety Features 4. Enhanced Safety Features 5. Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP 5. Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP
    26. 26. Master Driven Speed Control (MDSC)Simplify Development of More Complex Motion Applications•Achieve higher machine performance•Solve complex applications such as packaging, converting, assembly•Time-based moves can be driven by a master axis position/velocityReduce development and commissioning time•Axis position drives motion time-based moves•Use with MAM, MAJ, MATC, MCLM, MCCM Actual/Cmd/Virtual Position MAM, MAJ MCLM, MCCM MATC Using MDSC 26
    27. 27. Interpolated Actual Position Acceleration CompensationProvide Maximum Machine Flexibility•Provides global machine registration throughone input point•Eliminates need for costly, standalonehardware solutions•Apply acceleration compensation when readinginterpolated actual position•Improves accuracy of interpolated position byaccounting for axis acceleration•Useful for any application that uses registrationtimestamps to determine axis position – Drive registration inputs – 1756-SOE module inputs Read Actual Position w/ Interpolation Time Acceleration Compensation 27
    28. 28. Agenda 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 1. RSLogix 5000 V20 Preview 2. Expanded Scalability 2. Expanded Scalability 3. Broader Device Integration 3. Broader Device Integration 4. Enhanced Safety Features 4. Enhanced Safety Features 5. Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP 5. Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP 6. Other 6. Other
    29. 29. High Availability Recent Additions 5570 support can reduce scan time by2x Performance Increase 2x over 5560 controllers Common network backbone for redundant EtherNet/IP I/O architectures reduces development time Device Level Ring for no single point of DLR Network media failure Unmatched ease of use for Redundant I/O 1715 Redundant I/O requirementsFactoryTalk View SE 6.0 Native support for Alarms and EventsWhat’s Next ? V20.50 Logix Redundancy•Includes V20 features•Adds SIL2 for the L7 controllers•Adds EN2F support•HMI “Blind time” reduction•Adds Socket support in Redundancy
    30. 30. New Profiles Added to RSLogix 5000 V20 ArmorStart Flex I/O EIP w/DLREIP w/DLR SLC EtherNet/IP Adaptor Kinetix 350 EtherNet/IP CIP Motion Motor Protection EtherNet/IP Adaptor w/ DLR Kinetix Integrated Drive Motor (Sercos Interface) 30
    31. 31. Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-Motor SystemCombines the high-performance MP-Series™ food-grade servo motorand Kinetix® 6000 servo drive technologies into a single, compactpackage•Compatible with Kinetix 6000 and Kinetix 6200•Reduces the panel space required for each servo axis•Reduces the time needed to wire each servo axis•Reduces the time to add or remove servo axes•Minimizes the cabling required for each servo axis•IP67 Food grade design Integrated Drive- Motor Power Interface Module
    32. 32. Task Monitor Tool V3.0Improve Troubleshooting and EasilyEvaluate Controller ResourcesNew version merges RSLogix 5000 taskmonitor tool and Logix Diagnostics Tool andadds additional functionality•Graphical representation of data•Direct correlation of machine events tocontroller performance•More network diagnostics•New communication and connectiondiagnostics 32
    33. 33. Other Changes & UpdatesActivation Support• EVRSI is not supported after June 2011 for any new release of Rockwell products• RSLogix 5000 V20 can only be activated with FactoryTalk ActivationNew RSLinx Driver SupportThese drivers are now supported on Windows 7:• Virtual Backplane• USB CIP, 64 bit• PCIC, PCICS 64 bit 33
    34. 34. RSLogix 5000 Localization Changes• Starting December 15, 2011, the following NEW catalog Numbers for RSLogix 5000 localized languages will be introduced: NEW Catalog NEW Catalog Number Description Number 9324RLD000INTL RSLogix 5000 Service Edition International Languages 9324RLD200INTL RSLogix 5000 Mini Edition International Languages 9324RLD250INTL RSLogix 5000 Lite Edition International Languages 9324RLD300INTL RSLogix 5000 Standard Edition International Languages 9324RLD300NXINT RSLogix 5000 Standard Edition International Languages with RSNetworx 9324RLD600INTL RSLogix 5000 Full Edition International Languages 9324RLD700NXINT RSLogix 5000 Professional Edition International Languages• After December 15, 2011: – all EXISTING catalog numbers for ALL localized languages for RSLogix 5000 (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Chinese) will be eliminated and customers will be not able to order these – Any customer placing a NEW order for any localized language version of RSLogix 5000 Software will need to order the NEW catalog numbers shown above – Existing customers with a valid serial number will be able to go to the Software Download site and will be able to download the appropriate Localized language of RSLogix 5000 software
    35. 35. Copyright / Trademark NoticeCopyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation Inc., All Rights ReservedRSLogix, RSLinx, RSNetWorx, the RSLogix 5000 logo, and the Rockwell Software logo aretrademarks of Rockwell Software Inc. Logix5000, PLC-5, SLC-500 and Data Highway aretrademarks of Allen Bradley Company LLC., all other trademarks are the property of theirrespective holders and are hereby acknowledgedFor more information on the latest pricing or a demonstration of any Rockwell Software package,please contact your local Rockwell Automation sales office or authorized Allen-Bradleydistributor. For the very latest on Rockwell Software product development, visit our Web Site onthe Internet at: REPRESENTATIONArgentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, DominicanRepublic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel,Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macao, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan,Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Republic of South Korea,Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe 35