What is Project 2996 Doing for the 11th Anniversary Of September 11th?


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The 11th Anniversary of September 11th is coming up. Project 2996 couldn't let this anniversary go by without doing something memorable. Have a look at the presentation to see what we have planned!

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  • What is Project 2996? http://project2996.wordpress.com/what-is-2996/
  • "Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn" "Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers"
  • Be sure to check out the Project 2996 Group Board @ Pinterest… http://pinterest.com/darrylheron/project-2996/
  • This is a pin for Michael L. Selves http://pinterest.com/pin/28147566392198422/
  • The Project 2996 web page can be found at: http://project2996.wordpress.com/
  • http://pinterest.com/darrylheron/project-2996/ http://www.facebook.com/Project2996 http://project2996.wordpress.com/contact-me/
  • The list can be found at http://project2996.wordpress.com/we-remember/
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  • What is Project 2996 Doing for the 11th Anniversary Of September 11th?

    1. 1. What is Project 2996 Doing for the11th Anniversary of September 11th?Darryl Heron
    2. 2. What is Project 2996 Doing for the 11th Anniversary?The 11th Anniversary of September 11th is now less than a month away,what Project 2996 is doing to honor of this?First of all, we‘re continuing to pursue our goal of at least one onling tribute foreach and every September 11th victim (curently around 1300 tibutes are needed)Secondly, we‘re pleased to announce a Project 2996 Group Boardon Pinterest, where there will be pins for all of the victims.
    3. 3. What is Project 2996? On the left is the “about Statement“ from the Project 2996 web site
    4. 4. Why a Group Board on Pinterest?Pinterest has seen a lot of growth in the last year or so with reports thatPinterest Drives more refferal traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+Pinterest is very visual in nature. Pinterest users create virtual boards wherethey pin items related to various themes. Pins always include a picture,drawing, or something visual.Putting a face to all of the victims will help to humanize all of them, becausethey were all people.We believe that this will be a fun and exciting project and are looking forward towatch it grow and take wings of it‘s own!
    5. 5. Introducing… As you can quickly see, every pin puts a face to a victim. As time goes by more and more of the 2996 victims will have pins on this board.
    6. 6. What Does a Pin Look Like? On the left you can see that this is part of the „Project 2996“ board (notice the crest?) Here is a picture of Michael L. Selves along with a description of his occupation There is one comment below the pin with room for other comments
    7. 7. What is a Group Board?A group board basically means that the creator of the board can invite others to pinalong. We‘d like pinning to the Project 2996 board to be a group experience andwelcome those that would like to pin along with us.At the time that this presentation was put togehter there are currenty only twomembers in our group but we would certainly welcome anyone that has already posteda tribute or anyone else that would like to join us.Group boards are fun because you aren‘t just limited to the resources of a singleperson.With more and more people pinning, the group board gets more exposure, with moreand more chances for pins to be noticed and for people to decide that they want tofollow the board.
    8. 8. How Does This Affect Project 2996?Our main objective is to encourage online tributes for all the September 11th victims.Through our group board on Pinterest, we‘ll be able to put a face to all of the victims aswell.Pins will tell a little bit about the victim and in the comments that follow we‘ll be able toindicate if there is a Project 2996 tribute for them or not.People can comment on the victims (especially have they have their own story to tell)This group board should also bring some futher publicity to Project 2996.
    9. 9. Visit Project 2996‘s Web SiteBe sure to visit our web page athttp://project2996.wordpress.com/
    10. 10. How to ParticipateYou can leave a comment on the board in Pinterest informing us thatyou‘d like to participate.You can leave a wall post on the Facebook page.You can leave a comment on the Contact Me Page of our Web Page.Look for more information in the coming days about pinning and so onAnd don‘t forget that we still need roughly 1300 more tributes to reachour goal of a ‚real‘ online tribute for every victim by a ‚real‘ person
    11. 11. We Remember (a.k.a. The List) “We Remember (a.k.a. The List“ At the time of this screen capture there were 1274 victims without Project 2996 tributes. The list is broken down by flight #, Pentagon, and World Trade Center victims.
    12. 12. Be Sure to Check OutProject 2996http://project2996.wordpress.com/We Remember ‚The List‘http://project2996.wordpress.com/we-remember/Like Us on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/Project2996The Project 2996 Group Board @ Pinteresthttp://pinterest.com/darrylheron/project-2996/What is Project 2996?http://www.slideshare.net/darrylheron/what-is-project-2996Darryl Heron‘s presentations on SlideSharehttp://www.slideshare.net/darrylheronFind out more About.mehttp://about.me/darrylheron