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Toastmasters Pinterest Banner Group Pinboard


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Pinterest just keeps growing and growing. With over 48 million unique visits in February, 2013, Pinterest is a social site that is on the rise Does your Toastmaster club have a picture of it's banner in the "Our Toastmaster Banners" group pinboard on Pinterest? Learn more about the pinboard in this presentation.

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Toastmasters Pinterest Banner Group Pinboard

  1. 1. Toastmasters: PinterestBanner Group Pinboard 22 March, 2013
  2. 2. Pinterest is growing at a tremendous rate:•comScore reported that in January 2012,Pinterest had 11.7 million unique monthlyvisitors in the U.S., making it the fastest siteever to break the 10 million mark•August 2012 it surpassed Tumblr in uniquevisits at just under 25 million•February 2012 Reuters and comScore report48.7 million unique visitors
  3. 3. 1. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world and keeps building momentum.2. Club Banners are visual and Pinterest is visual, so the two are a good match.3. Every banner tells a story.4. A Toastmasters group board has the potential to generate a lot of buzz
  4. 4. The idea: Collect Toastmaster clubbanners from around the worldin one location, harnessing the power of Pinterest
  5. 5. Here is a screenshot of the“Our Toastmaster Banners” group pinboard on Pinterest
  6. 6. This is a group pinboard:•Any Toastmaster in the world can join theboard•You can post a banner from your club•You can tell a story about your club•You can comment on banners that areposted in the pinboard
  7. 7. •If you travel, why not take pictures ofbanners from the clubs you travel to?•If you‘re an Area, Division, or District officerwhy not take pictures of the banners of theclubs you visit?•Why not create contests and challenges toget banners posted of all the clubs in…?
  8. 8. How can I get involved?•If don‘t already have a Pinterest account setone up•Leave a comment on the board indicatingthat you‘d like to join.•You can can email me. Be sure to let meknow what you Pinterest user name is orprovide a link to your profile.•You can send me a picture of your clubbanner via email
  9. 9. Lets get your club banner in the group! Why not join us today? Happy Pinning!
  10. 10. Why not checkout the “Our Toastmasters” group pinboard on Pinterest?
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