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Every year Pay It Forward Day is held in April. I created this presentation for "Pay It Forward Day 2013". This presentation is based on a speech that I gave at Toastmasters on Pay It Forward. Imagine how much better the world would be if every day we paid it forward!

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  • This speech was special for me because of the material (which will become aparent after viewing it)and because it was the last speech that I needed complete the Competent Communication Manual (the basic manual as it is often times refered to by Toastmasters.
  • The Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012, well turns out that they were wrong! But they were right that the world as we knew in 2012 and in the past few decades has got to change!
  • September 11th had just changed the world, nobody knew what direction things were going to go yet. I had just attended my mother‘s funeral, so you can imagine some of the feelings going through my mind at this time I needed something positive to lift my spirits and to see the world in a better light.
  • The move stars Staring Haley Joel Osment, Helen Hunt, and Kevin Spacey. Eugene Simonet (Kevin Spacey) challenged his social studies class to change the world. Trevor McKinnley (Haley Joel Osment) comes up with the concept for Pay It Forward as part of this class assignment. The next three slides give you the basic idea behind the concept.
  • You can see how this can quickly grow!
  • Oprah gave over 300 people $1,000 and challenged them to come up with inspiring and creative ways to help others. Q100 Atlanta- The Bert Show - Oprah's Pay It Forward If you want to be inspired, have a look at the different videos on YouTube with Oprah & Pay It Forward or search on these terms in your favorite search engine.
  • Layaway is a program at some stores in the U.S. where people can put a deposit down on items they wish to buy but that they don’t have the cash to buy at that moment, not do the wish to use credit. Several families where money is tight put toys on layaway, hoping that they’ll be able to have enough money to pay it off before Christmas but for many families Christmas doesn’t happen, because they don’t manage to pay the layaway off before Christmas! The layaway angel decided to ask the layaway department about layaway accounts where people had toys and decided to paid down several of them. In some cases she only paid as little as $20 and this meant that a family could have a memorable Christmas!
  • The story Layaway Angel story spread like wildfire being carried by tradiational media (TV, Radio, Newspapers) and got a lot of coveraged online. Other Kmarts in Michigan and later on other states had copycat occurances and it spread to Walmart and Target as well. Other good deeds have been done at gas stations with some paying for the gas of others at the gas station, as well as people in grocery stores paying the bill of others in the store, in resturants some people would pay the checks of other patrons, and at some fastfood drive throughs people would pay for the orders of people behind them in line as well, with similar experinces at Starbucks as well.
  • Pay It Forward has spread beyond America’s boarders and has even been witnessed in Germany. The women with the stolen purse was the first person to receive and envelope. The envelopes typically had an article about the group receiving the money with some kind of explanation of what the group did acting as come kind of guidance as to how the money should be spent. The next two slides talk of a couple of programs running in Germany that people can participate in.
  • Deutschland Rundet Auf Video explaning what they're doing!video/mitmachen/1 Deutschland Rundet Auf- Facebook page
  • Austerity measures have pushed way more families into needing the services of SOS Children’s Village. Greece might be the only place where charities are taxed but this has meant that the organization has had to let people go as well.
  • Being kind to others is good for your health, happiness, and leads to longer lives.
  • How many times has your own heart grown bigger just big seeing a good act done by someone? Now imagine that you‘re the one doing the act of kindness!
  • Charley Johnson has a couple of good outlooks on life. Can you imagine how much better our world would be if everyone tried to live these principles!
  • I had a lot of fun researching the topic for my speech. While there is plenty of bad things going on in the world, there is a lot of good and hearing about some of the good things people are doing can really lift your spirits. Be creative and look for ways that you can help.
  • Pay It Forward Foundation log belongs to the Pay It Forward Foundation Pay It Forward Day log and sunflower logo belong to the Pay It Forward Day.
  • Pay It Forward

    1. 1. Pay It Forward-ToastmastersBasic Manual(Project #9) Darryl Heron Pay It Forward Day 25 April, 2013
    2. 2. About the PresentationThis is based on a speech given about Pay It Forward @Toastmasters Word Weavers clubWiesbaden, Germany on June 6, 2012…This was Project #9 out of the Basic ManualI decided to update this for Pay It Forward Day 2013
    3. 3. The World Needs to Change Mayan Calendar predicted end the world in 2012 Lots of problems in the world today We‘re going to change the world…
    4. 4. My StorySeptember 11th had just happenedI had just attended the funeral for mymotherI was inspired by & needed the Pay ItForward movie
    5. 5. Pay It Forward- The Movie Based on book by Catherine Ryan Hyde 7th grade class challenged to Change the World Haley Joel Osmend‘s character came up with the Pay It Foward Concept
    6. 6. You Help 3 People…
    7. 7. The Good Deeds Lay the Ground Work… They each pay it forward to 3 people
    8. 8. The Good Deeds Keep GrowingEach person helped is suppoed to Pay It Forward to 3 other peopleWe quickly run out of room when we go one level more!
    9. 9. Pay It Forward In AmericaOprah gave away $1000 to several viewers with the instructions to get creative in helping othersIn Atlanta this money went to My Sister‘s House and the $1000 that Oprah really grewThis created one of Oprah‘s most memorable moments that lots of people remember to this day and inspired lots of other people to Pay it Forward
    10. 10. Kmart Layaway AngelsNovember 2011- MichiganA women‘s husband had recently diedShe looked for a way to celebrate Christmas while remembering her husbandShe decided to pay down the layaway of several families so that they could have a nice Chrismas
    11. 11. Pay It Forward GrowsNews spread over traditional media & internetSmilar things happened @ other KmartsWalmart and Target had several similar eventsOther good deeds @ gas stations, grocery stores, restuarants
    12. 12. Paying It Forward in GermanyIn Braunschweig, Germany over €180,000 has been given annonomusly since November 2011Started with reports of a women’s purse getting stolenSeveral governmental agencies, charities, & other organizations have received envelopes with large sumes of money
    13. 13. Germany Rounds UpHow often have you been in a store and gotten back some small amount of change? What do you do with it?“Deutschland Rundet Auf” uses the combined consumer power across Germany as many stores for projects being done in GermanyThe have a Facebook page where you can recomend stores that you‘d like to see participate in the program
    14. 14. SOS Children‘s VillageFamilies involved in the program in Greece have shot up from 210 to 1230 within a single year!Some families are handing over their kids because they can’t afford to take care of them any longer!SOS Children’s Village in Greece has been hit pretty hard by economic timesCharity in Greece is taxed
    15. 15. It Begins With One Person..I don’t care what other people tell you. One person can make a difference!"The essential conclusion is that a strong direct correlation and high probability of causality exists between the well-being, happiness, health, and longevity of people who are kind and compassionate in their charitable helping activities."-Shu Pan, The Darthmouth Undergarduate of Journalistic Science 2009
    16. 16. Acts of Kindness“Acts of Kindness Change Peoplesmall acts of kindness change people in a small wayA big enough act of kindness can alter the course ofa persons life entirelyBut big or small, Ive never seen it fail”- Catherine Ryan Hyde Pay It Forward
    17. 17. Imagine If…“Imagine if every person before they went to bedasked the question of ‘how did I make the world abetter place today?’“Imagine if everyone viewed all those people thatthey came across as someone that they could helpinstead of what are they going to take from me!-Charley Johnson- Pay It Forward Foundation
    18. 18. Pay It Forward Day…In 2012, people from 52 countries participated in PayIt Forward DayPay It Forward Day started in Australia in 2007 andhas grown every year sinceThis year Pay It Forward Day is on April 25th. Whynot take part?Check out the website at:
    19. 19. I Challenge You…You don’t have to be rich or powerful to Pay ItForwardI challenge you to Pay It Forward- today, this week,in the coming weeks, and yearsWe can change the world, one good deed at a time!
    20. 20. CreditsPay It Forward Movie Poster It Forward- Oprah Style donors pay off Kmart layaway accounts business owner paid lunch for everyone in a popular diner It Forward in Starbucks It Forward 2013 It Forward- The Story Behind Catherine Ryan Hyde‘s Book
    21. 21. Credits ContinuedAnnoymer Wohltäter spendet 180.000 Euro Rundet Auf explaining what Deutschland Rundet Auf is doing!video/mitmachen/1SOS Children‘s Village Website on the situation in Greece for the SOS Children‘s Village
    22. 22. ResourcesWikipedia entry about Pay It Forward- The Movie entry about Pay it Forward- The philosophy It Forward- The Foundation
    23. 23. Be Sure to Check Out…About.me Heron‘s presentations onSlideShare
    24. 24. For More about Toastmasters…Toastmasters International Weavers- Wiesbaden, Germany (my home club)