How I Got 1000 Followers on Pinterest


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  • Unless you‘re already a celebrity or some well-known public figure it will take some effort to build up the number of followers you have. I‘ll share somethings in this presenation that will help you build your number of followers.
  • Steve Jobs was very persusasive at getting people to join him on his quests.
  • This pin can be found at ( It was originally pinned by Kimberly Bennent (
  • This means that more than one person is allowed to pin in it.
  • In many group boards there will be an email address where you can contact the creator of the group and ask if you can join. You can also put a comment on one of the pins stating that you‘d like to join. Invite others that are pinning things that you think would fit well into your group board. If you don‘t adjust your settings, you‘ll be notified anytime someone pins to a group board that you belong to. You can get a lot of notifications that way, but I prefer this setting so I know when there are new pins in the group board.
  • Huey Lewis had a song in the 80‘s called „Hip to Be Square“, there are lots of people pinning „Geeky“ or „Nerdy“ things or even having whole board dedicated to it. Why not join along. I‘ve started a group board called „*Our Geekness“
  • I noticed that there were quite a few people pinning things related to Michigan and I already had a Michigan board, so I decided to create a group board for Michigan. At the moment there are over 20 members and over 200 pins. Maybe you can create a group alumni board for the university that you went to, your favorite sports team, or any other of a host of other possibilities.
  • Depending upon the Board and the Pinner, you‘ll ocassionally find images that are not appropriate for every audience. If you see something about NSFW, you might want to avoid it while in the workplace our where someone might be offended. Because I feel that I need „clean“ images, I try not to follow any NSFW boards or pinners, they might have some very creative or artistic pins but to avoid controversy, I avoid these.
  • Everyday I think of more and more uses for Pinterest. How are you using Pinterest? I‘d love to hear.
  • How I Got 1000 Followers on Pinterest

    1. 1. How I Got1000 Followers onPinterest(in 9 months)Darryl Heron 8 October, 2012
    2. 2. About the PresentationI joined Pinterest in March 2012 and as of 8 October, 2012 I have reached 1000 followers.The purpose of this presentation is to share some of the things that I did to get that many followers in such a short period ot time.
    3. 3. 1000 FollowersThis is what 1000 followers on Pinterst looks like
    4. 4. There is no magic bullet!Unless your a celebrity, it will take some effort!I‘ll share some of the things that I have done
    5. 5. Share What Interests You! Chances are that other people are interested in these things too! Some people will follow you just because you‘ve pinned things that they like
    6. 6. Follow OthersFollow people that pin stuff you like. Many of them will followyou back.If someone likes or repins one of your pins, think aboutfollowing them.People like to see that someone has followed them or one oftheir boards and some of them will follow you back
    7. 7. Repin and Like oftenPeople like to see that they havebeen repinned or that their pins areliked.This pin has been liked 85 times andrepinned 197 times.You don‘t always know what peoplewill like.
    8. 8. Join Group BoardsWhen you look at the board above, the icon circled in red tells youthat it is a group board.
    9. 9. Group BoardsThink about joining group boardsThink about starting your own groupboards & Invite other pinnersFollow others in the group board
    10. 10. It‘s Cool to Be a Geek… A lot of people are pinning “Geeky“ or „Nerdy“ things on Pinterest
    11. 11. Create an Exciting Group Board Create a group board for your city, state, country, or something else that draws people together Here‘s one I created for Michigan
    12. 12. A Word About NSFWNSFW is an abbreviation for not suitable for workWhen in doubt „Clean“ is probably the best policyNot promoting censorship
    13. 13. Some Final Words..Its been fun getting to 1000 followersI look forward to hitting the next milestoneI hope to see you on Pinterest
    14. 14. Be Sure to Check OutI‘m on Pinterest at: Michigan Group Board:*Our Geekness Group Board: Heron‘s presentations on SlideShare out more About.me in my day, we had 9 planets
    15. 15. CreditsPinterest symbol on corkboard: Heron on Pinterest in my day we had nine planets:*Our Geekness Group Board Michigan Group Board