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It's time to bring your business card into the 21st century, let people know about your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and find you with about.me.

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  • The front of the card is a picture of you (dog not included) or some other eye catching graphic or picture. Backside has your name, a headline, a webpage, email address, QRC code, and whatever else you might want to put on it There are tons of apps out there for iPhone, Android, and so on that can scan a QRC code (people like to do this). Business cards were an offer that I had when I signed up wiith About.me QRC brings the people to your About.me page. There was a special offer that I used when I set up my profile to order some cards.
  • But unlike you old standard buiness card, you have a web business card at about.me. This is a screenshot of my page at about.me. This is now my homepage that directs people to the different places that I can be found on the web. By the way, the dog is named Hobbit, he is a Bearded Collie.
  • You choose a headline for yourself and put it under your name. Under your headline is place for a description of yourself, it can be whatever you want to tell the world.
  • Under your description you can add some „Tags“ to describe yourself and your skills and knowledge.
  • I‘ve linked to my Twitter account, a Tumblr I have, my LinkedIn profile, and my Flickr account. You have other possiblities which I‘ll show later.
  • I‘ve posted links to 3 different blogs that I operate, my Facebook profile, my SlideShare profile, my Pinterest profile, as well as my Blip.fm profile. This is a great way for people to be able to go to your various social profiles and whatever websites you might want to have tied to your name.
  • About.me has a special email account that you can set up (if you choose to do so)
  • I‘ll cover the „favoriting“ about.me sites later on, but this gives you another chance at exposure that you would not have had without having an about.me account.
  • But this is not required, it is only optional.
  • Page Statistics will show you how many people have been to your about.me profile Your influence is related to your Klout score Favorites are other about.me users that you have favorited (you can see that I have favorites 129)
  • You can get here by clicking on the „Edit Page“ tab in the upper right-hand corner and then clicking on the „Apps“ tab within the box that will open up. You can see that I have Twitter, Favorites, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Twitter populated.
  • I‘ve selected Twitter and LinkedIn already but you could also slect Facebook, WordPress, Goggle+, Blogger, and Instagram as well
  • Foursquare, Last.fm, YouTube, and Flickr are some of the applications available on the 2nd page. There are still 2 other pages with applications that you can add.
  • From the „Edit Page“ tab, we‘ve now moved to the „Links“ tab. I‘ve linked to 3 different blogs that I operate as well as my Facebook profile, SlideShare profile, Pinterest profile, and Blip.fm profile. You can add a variety of links here and only need to put in the address in the box under „ADD A NEW LINK“ and then click „add“.
  • From the Dashboard you can click on „Page Statistics“ to see some analysis of traffic at your about.me site.
  • I had 364 visitors and you can see graph showing visitors I have since later in February. I‘ve had 7 visitors arriving via the iPhone app.
  • The „Clicks On Your Apps“ shows the number of clicks people have done to the apps you‘ve tied to your profile. „Clicks To Your Other Sites“ shows the clicks made to the links that you‘ve set up. You‘ll see that 9 people have clicked on my Pinterest profile and so on. The 14 links shows what has brought people in.
  • By clicking on your Influence, you can see your Klout score.
  • I haven‘t set up anything on Klout but you can see that my score is 33 and I‘m described as a Socializer. Klout doesn‘t make it‘s formula publically known but I believe that it is strongly influenced by your Twitter activity and interaction.
  • About.me has an app for the iPhone, Ipad, Android, and other devices. You can look through other About.me profiles and favorite ones that you like. Maybe you can connect with them or just use their profile as a template for what you can do to yours.
  • Imagine going to the biggest conferences where you have the best opportunity of meeting people and handing out hundreds of business cards. Now imagine doing these mega conferences everyday without actually travelling to them! Your new business card can go places you can’t and meet people that you wouldn’t have met! Having all this information about you available in one location that can be shared with others will only get more and more powerful and utilized throughout facets of your life that you would not have thought possible before. Not only will it help you in your professional life but it can be beneficial in your social activities as well, and in a variety of circumstances that you can’t even imagine now. Why not signup at About.me today?
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  • About.me (Business Card 2.0)

    1. 1. About.me(Business Card 2.0)Darryl Heronhttp://about.me/darrylheron16 October, 2012
    2. 2. About the PresentationI discovered „about.me“ several months ago and just love it. I just thought that I‘d share some things about the site and how you can use it.
    3. 3. My New Business Card…Time to bring your business card to the21st century…..
    4. 4. About.meThis is me @ about.me
    5. 5. The topline under my name is a headlineThis is followed by a description
    6. 6. You can then put in a series of tags todescribe yourself (i.e. father, writter, etc)
    7. 7. You can link to your profile in variousapplications
    8. 8. Under the applications you have room to provide some links.
    9. 9. You can enable an „email me“ button, so that people can send you email from the webpage.
    10. 10. The star allows others with „about.me“ accounts to favorite your site (as you can do with others)
    11. 11. When logging into about.me you can tie it to Twitter or Facebook
    12. 12. Here is the Dashboard Overview
    13. 13. Here are the applications that are tied to my about.me page
    14. 14. Available Apps Page 1
    15. 15. Page 2 of available Apps
    16. 16. Links from my about.me page
    17. 17. Click on page statistics to see some traffic analysis
    18. 18. Here are some page statistics from my about.me
    19. 19. Statistics continued…
    20. 20. From the Dashboard you can also see your influence
    21. 21. My Klout score
    22. 22. Favorite other About.me profiles
    23. 23. Bring Your Business CardInto the 21st Century…..Help people find & connect with you onlineThe idea of about.me is very powerful
    24. 24. Be Sure to Check OutAbout.mehttp://about.me/darrylheronFind out more About.mehttp://about.me/darrylheronDarryl Heron‘s presentations on SlideSharehttp://www.slideshare.net/darrylheronLook for the About.me app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and elsewhere