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Here are some things that are going on in Social Media in Toastmasters in Europe. And here are some ideas to grow and strengthen the our clubs in Europe via Social Media.

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  • I wanted to share with you some of the things that are going on in District 59 in Social Media. I’m going to touch on these 6 areas.
  • Imagine a Youtube for presentations... Well SlideShare is it! This is what the homepage for SlideShare ( looks like when you’re not logged in... You see a “Top Presentations of the Day” as well as “Featured”
  • This is the SlideShare home continued… It shows what is „Hot on Facebook“, „Hot on Twitter“, and „Hot on LinkedIn“ As you can see there are a lot of presentations at SlideShare! LinkedIn acquired SlideShare earlier this year.
  • This is my SlideShare profile. The presenation box shows the latest presentation that you‘ve uploaded, but allows viewers to look at your other presentations as well. Because SlideShare is social you have the ability to follow others and others can follow you as well. There are many other features that you‘ve come to expect in our increasingly social world.
  • When you click on the „11 SlideShares“ you‘ll see all of my presentations listed. This can help you to look through all the presentations that a particular user has uploaded. 3 of my presentations have over 4000 views and several have over 200 views.
  • Here are 3 presentations that show up when you search on „Toastmasters“. You see that there were 697 results for „Toastmasters“
  • Having a presentation uploaded is a great way to be able to remind people what you talked about. You can share the resources used, provide links, and things that you didn‘t have time for. People can see your presentation that weren‘t there, long after you made the presentation (longtail effect). You can also embed your presenations in websites, blogs, and etc.. There are a variety of things you can do to utilize creative commons licensing (i.e set up your presenation so that it can‘t be downloaded and only viewed online)
  • If you‘ve given a speech or presentation, why not share it on SlideShare? Tag your presentation with „Toastmasters“ and other tags to help people find it If you‘ve already made your speech, why not go the extra step and upload it? If you and more people in your club upload presentations, it can help people find your club and Toastmasters I gave a speech to my club earlier this year “ Are You Sharing Your Slides? Why You Should Be Using SlideShare” There were maybe 20 people or so when I gave it, but it has since been looked at by more than 400 people on SlideShare! At every Toastmaster meeting we have so many interesting speeches made, if more people share slides related to their speeches this should be a boost for Toastmasters, our clubs, and members can look at presentations to see what they‘ve missed (another way of encouraging members that don‘t attend that often to come to more meetings). If you present material at training sessions, unless there is something confiedential, why not Share your slides! I uploaded 3 presentations for Project 2996 have have over 4000 views each. This is a new way to connect with potential members! I can‘t stress enough how awesome a communications tool SlideShare is! Why not find out?
  • LinkedIn is a growing „professional social network“, you might have heard of it. It‘s not as large as Facebook but it is rapidly growing and it is taken more seriously than Facebook. There aren‘t all of the online games and other distractions. It‘s a good place to connect with other Toastmasters around Europe and the world.
  • The basic service (including being able to join groups) membership is free, with expanded pay services available. The Official Toastmasters International Members Group has over 28,000 members Toastmasters International, District 59 has over 300 members Toastmasters International - UK & Ireland has over 200 members
  • There are lots of discussions at the global group. I posted a queston there and had over 70 comments within a couple of weeks. This is a great place to ask questions and get feedback from Toastmasters all over the world.
  • This is the LinkedIn group for District 59. It isn‘t active as the international group but it gives you the chance to interact with other European Toastmasters about things that concern us in Europe.
  • You‘ll need to request to join but I wanted to be part of European Toastmasters (including the U.K. and Ireland) and I plan to stay connected with the different parts of D59 as we expand and are reorganized into more and more districts.
  • Joining the Toastmaster groups on LinkedIn is a good way to see what other clubs around the world are doing. If you‘re club is having challenging times or even just has some questions, why not reach out to other Toastmasters to see what their advice is or how they‘ve handled that situation in the past. You might even find yourself in the position to help other clubs! LinkedIn is a powerful way to network outside of Toastmaster meetings and events, and it is open 24/7 365.
  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe in today‘s world a picture is worth a million clicks! Pinterest is an up and coming social site that is getting a lot of press. In August 2012 the site had just under 25 million unique monthly visitors, passing Tumblr for the first time (reported at Pinterest symbol on corkboard:
  • Pinterest is very visual with users „pinning“ photos and videos (from the web as well as presentations from SlideShare) to virtual pinboards with various themes
  • This changes all the time, so it is only a snapshot.
  • This screenshot shows 4 of the boards that I have @ Pinterest. In about 9 months I reached 1000 followers. You can check out a presenataton that I did on Pinterest at:
  • A group board allows more than one person to pin in it. You can see two boards for Toastmasters (more on this in the coming slides)
  • This group board can be found at: My goal is to have a banner from every Toastmasters club around the world! Lets get D59 and D71 rolling here. If you’d like to join this board let me know (you can add a comment to that effect). You can also sent me a picture of your club’s banner (or banners you’ve seen in your travels). You can also post the pictures it other locations where I can grab them (just let me know it is ok to use your picture).
  • This board can be found at: The idea of this board is to share material interesting to Toastmaster members. I've shared some presentations that are on SlideShare, and will go from there.
  • Toastmasters Podcast Europe:
  • Menu (circled in red)
  • Click on the speaker to play the podcast via your computer speakers Click on Download to download and listen later You can take the pocast with you like you might any other podcast or music that you load onto your MP3 player, smartphone, or other device
  • Ways to follow the podcast (circled in red) Can like us in Facebook, follow us on Twitter, can subscribe via email or rss feed. Be sure to let us know if you know of interesting Toastmasters in Europe with a story to tell. We’re always looking for good stories. You can help shine a spotlight on your club, area, division, and so on.
  • The front of the card is a picture of you (dog not included) or some other eye catching graphic or picture. Backside has your name, a headline, a webpage, email address, QRC code. There are tons of apps out there for iPhone, Android, and so on that can scan a QRC code (people like to do this) QRC brings the people to your page.
  • can be your online mission statement, your about me page… This is a screenshot of my page at This is now my homepage that directs people to the different places that I can be found on the web. The topline under my name is a headline, this is followed by a description and „tags“. You can link to your various social profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) as well as provide links to blogs and websites. I‘ve provided a link to my profiles at Pinterest and SlideShare. Be sure to see my presentation on at: I recommend also mentioning in your profile at that you‘re a Toastmaster. By the way, the dog is named Hobbit, he is a Bearded Collie.
  • Facebook is always making changes that push the boundaries on privacy, so I can understand and respect if you don‘t wish to use it. Lots of people are fatigued with all of the status updates you get and requests for this and that. But if Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world, which is the biggerst reason why you might want to use it! Even as early as November 1st, 2010 Facebook would have been the 3rd largest country… The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook had over 1 billion users on October 4th…
  • Currently has over 15,000 ‘likes’
  • There are over 700 members
  • Share information from speeches given, information about your club, training information and so much more with SlideShare. Bring your networking to new levels with LinkedIn. A picture is worth 1 million clicks with Pinterest Help shine spotlight on your club, area, division, and the great things that are going on in Toastmasters via the Toastmasters Podcast Europe. Create business card 2.0 & an online mission statement for yourself and let the world find you online, where ever you may be with Facebook can be a great tool for you and your club.
  • LinkedIn Toastmasters International Members Group Toastmasters International, District 59 Toastmasters International - UK & Ireland LinkedIn Icon
  • Pinterest Toastmaster Banners Board Our Toastmasters Board Toastmasters- Great Speeches
  • Toastmasters Podcast Europe On Facebook @ @Twitter
  • Facebook Toastmasters International Fan Page District 59 Facebook Group
  • Are You Sharing Your Slides? Why You Should Be Using SlideShare Are You LinkedIn? Why You Should Be Connecting With Other Toastmasters (Business Card 2.0) How I Got 1000 Followers on Pinterest
  • Social Media- Toastmasters District 59 Fall 2012

    1. 1. Social Media in ToastmastersDistrict 59: Bonn, GermanyNovember 16, 2012Darryl Heron
    2. 2. District 59: Social Media SlideShare LinkedIn Pinterest Toastmasters Europe Podcast  Facebook 3
    3. 3. Imagine a YouTube forPresentations 1
    4. 4. 3
    5. 5. 1
    6. 6. My SlideShare Profile 1
    7. 7. My Presentations (slides) 1
    8. 8. Search of the “Toastmasters” term 1
    9. 9. With SlideShare you can…Remind people what you talked aboutShare resources, links, and infoAdd the Longtail effect to your presentations 1
    10. 10. Why not share your slides?Upload presentations you‘ve givenTag your presentation to help others find itEncourage others to share 1
    11. 11. Are You LinkedIn? Professional Social NetworkWith Active Toastmaster Groups 1
    12. 12. LinkedIn TM GroupsThree Groups You Should Join! 28,000+ 300+ 200+
    13. 13. Here is “The Official Toastmasters InternationalMember Group 1
    14. 14. Here is the Toasmsters Internationa, District 59open to members in District 59 1
    15. 15. Here is the Toastmasters International – UK &Ireland 1
    16. 16. Why not connect with other Toastmasters?In Europe & Around the WorldShare & learn with other Toastmasters 1
    17. 17. Have you heard of Pinterest?
    18. 18. This is what Pinterest looks like to non members. Itshould be noted that what is displayed changesevery second.
    19. 19. Pinterest Home PageThe screen shot shows recent ‚pins‘ by people that I ‚follow‘ on Pinterest
    20. 20. I reached 1000 followers on Pinterst earlier in October
    21. 21. Join Group BoardsHere are some of the group boards that I‘m a member of.
    22. 22. Our Toastmaster Banners- Group board 1
    23. 23. Our Toastmasters- Group board 1
    24. 24. Toastmasters Podcast Europe 1
    25. 25. 3
    26. 26.  Menu Home, Educations, Interviews, Videos, Contact, & About Us 3
    27. 27. Play or download the interviews 3
    28. 28.  Follow us: Facebook, Twitter, email, rss 3
    29. 29. My New Business Card… Time to bring your business card into the 21st century…..
    30. 30. About.meThis is me @
    31. 31. Privacy IssuesOnline fatigueIf Facebook were a country 1
    32. 32. Here is the Global ToastmastersInternational Facebook Fanpage 2
    33. 33. Here is the Facebook group for District 59 2
    34. 34. Why not use these tools to helpus expand and grow stronger! SlideShare LinkedIn Pinterest Toastmasters Podcast Europe  Facebook 3
    35. 35. Be Sure to Check Out Find out more My presentations on SlideShare: I‘m on Pinterest at:
    36. 36. LinkedIn Links LinkedIn Toastmasters International Members Group Toastmasters International, District 59 Toastmasters International - UK & Ireland LinkedIn Icon
    37. 37. Pinterest Links Pinterest Toastmaster Banners Board Our Toastmasters Board Toastmasters- Great Speeches
    38. 38. Toastmasters Podcast Europe Toastmasters Podcast Europe On Facebook @ @Twitter
    39. 39. Facebook Links Facebook Toastmasters International Fan Page District 59 Facebook Group
    40. 40. My SlideShare PresentationsAre You Sharing Your Slides? Why You Should Be Using SlideShare why-you-should-be-using-slideshare Are You LinkedIn? Why You Should Be Connecting With Other Toastmasters (Business Card 2.0) How I Got 1000 Followers on Pinterest pinterest
    41. 41. Contact me I have a few different email addresses but you can reach me at: Feel free to contact me elsewhere in the onlineworld (be sure to let me know how you found me) …
    42. 42. 2 2