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Social media analytics in black and white

Social media analytics in black and white



A presentation given to the PRCA in April 2012.

A presentation given to the PRCA in April 2012.



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  • Background in digital marketingEML WildfireFollow me on Twitter, blog
  • Never been a greater opportunity than nowPR has had a bad rep until now
  • You cant divorce the two
  • Step by step guide – things you need to think aboutTools you can use
  • Analysis always been at the heart of marketingSocial media doesn’t change many of the reasonsWhy do we analyse?See what is workingHelps allocate budgetStrategyCan save time and moneyAnalyse the competition
  • Go into each one in more detail
  • Campaign planningAudience analysisWhere should we focusWhat channels should we useWhat networksWhere is our audienceWhat are they discussingWhat trends can we tap into – GOOGLE TRENDS, GOOGLE AD PLANNERPITCH PLANNING – ELEMENT 14 EXAMPLE
  • MonitoringWhat is being said about our brandCompetitionIts all about processesDOTMAILER EXAMPLEWhat do you want to monitor?What happens when you need to take action based on what you have monitored?
  • MeasurementAre we winningWhat is the effect of what we are doing?Linking online and offline
  • PR has a horrid reputationIts very annoyinngHard to measure PR effectively offlineSocial media and digital can help all of thatAVEAVE doesn’t work onlineAn integrated approach
  • The goals and objectives wont changeHow we approach it could changeSo much more opportunityA lot of what I’m going to talk about applies to offline, traditional, digital – its all integrated – or should be
  • This really is the first question that any marketer, PR or digital person should askIf you can’t answer this then there is no point carrying onBrings us to step 1 of any analytics strategy
  • You need to understand the business objectivesWhat is the business trying to achieve? - sales? - awareness - customer satisfaction - Increased engagementEXAMPLE – Client that measured everything – massive dashboards – wasn’t tied to anything business related – Could tell you everything but not business successSIMPLIFY – what is the bottom line… Prioritise…..
  • What will indicate whether you are successful or not?PRIORITISE
  • KPIS should fall into three main areas
  • Katie Delahayne PaineThis is the question you should ask whenever you think about a metricWe have xx facebook fans – so what?Keep on going until you get to the impact
  • 1. You can’t measure v
  • 1. You can’t measure v
  • 1. You can’t measure v
  • Do you want the truth?
  • Do you want the truth?
  • Do you want the truth?
  • Do you want the truth?
  • Do you want the truth?
  • Do you want the truth?
  • Google analyticsTwitter – TweetdeckFacebook analyticsYahoo pipesDEMO
  • Ask questionsAsk for demos/trialsDon’t get tied into long contracts
  • The single most important thing to think aboutAt the heart of everything you measure and analyseDigital and socail media is made for it(there is too much)Sometime access to data is hard
  • Hard to say but very important
  • You need three types of data which related to outcomes, output and impact referenced earlier
  • DOTMAILER EXAMPLEUnique URLsGoogle analyticsB2B – talk to the sales team

Social media analytics in black and white Social media analytics in black and white Presentation Transcript

  • SOCIAL MEDIAANALYTICS IN AND WHITE…and some golden steps @ whatmough
  • Hi.
  • Analytics is dull
  • But vital
  • Three things you aregoing to learn today
  • 1. Why digital is great foranalytics and measurement
  • 2. Why businessand analytics must go hand in hand
  • 3. How to put together ameaningful analytics strategy
  • What is social media analytics?
  • 1. Pre-campaign 2. Monitoring3. Measurement
  • 1. Pre-campaign
  • 2. Monitoring
  • 3. Measurement • Campaign analysis • Business proof
  • Let’s go back in time…
  • How do we measure PR? (AVE)
  • How does social media analytics differ?
  • How do we measure business success?
  • STEP 1: What does success look like?
  • STEP 2: Establish KPIs
  • OutputOutcome Impact
  • The ‘so what’ test
  • 8 mistakes everyonemakes about analysis
  • 1.You can’t analyse everything
  • 2.Counting isn’t measuring
  • 3.Don’t (just) analyse tojustify your existence
  • 4.Awareness, visibility, ac tion
  • 5.Last touch
  • 6.Size doesn’t (always) matter
  • 7.Only analyse at the end
  • 8.Avoid negatives
  • STEP 3: Select your tools
  • Don’t select toolsfor the sake of it
  • Start with free tools
  • Don’t get deceived by bells and whistles
  • DATA
  • What data do you need?
  • How are you going to get it?
  • Qualitative andQuantitative
  • 1. Content analysis – where and what2. What this achieved – traffic/awareness 3. Cash analysis – conversions
  • Unique URLs Influence CTR Traffic Conversions Sentiment Customer Mentions satisfaction Search Tone rankings Engagement
  • (offline social media analysis)
  • Think about the funnel
  • STEP 4: Turn analysis into action
  • STEP 5:Rinse, wash, repeat
  • What’s the process
  • OutputOutcome Impact
  • The golden circle of social media analytics Output Impact Outcome
  • 7 questions to ask yourself
  • 1. What are your(business) objectives?
  • 2.What are your KPIs?
  • 3. Who can webenchmark against?
  • 4.What tools are going to get the job done?
  • 5.How will you put yourfindings to good use?
  • 6.Are we winning?
  • 7.Do we need to change the programme?
  • Analytics is NOT (always) dull
  • But IS vital
  • Thank youdanny