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The C-Suite's Biggest Gripes about Data (And How to Fix It)

Join Chris Wintermeyer, Chief Advocate at Domo, to better understand the challenges modern executives are having with data and reporting, and explore new technology that is changing the way the c-suite is unlocking insights with the data they already have.
Topics of discussion include:
• Most Common Data Frustrations
• How Data Is Reported vs. How Leaders Want Reports
• New Executive Reporting and Dashboard Technology

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The C-Suite's Biggest Gripes about Data (And How to Fix It)

  1. 1. C-Suite’s Biggest Gripes about Data and How to Fix It
  2. 2. Today’s Presenter Chris Wintermeyer Chief Advocate Domo @ChrisAtDomo Keep the #DataProblems conversation going!
  3. 3. Poll Question #1 What is your biggest gripe when it comes to business data? • It’s inaccurate. • It’s out of date. • It doesn’t tell a story. • Too much of it. • Too hard to access.
  4. 4. Demographics
  5. 5. The Word on the Street
  6. 6. The Word on the Street
  7. 7. Confidence in Reporting?
  8. 8. Poll Question #2 How do you currently receive critical business data and reports? • Email • Printed Hard Copies • Presentations • Spreadsheets • Dashboard
  9. 9. Demand vs. Status Quo
  10. 10. Look Familiar?
  11. 11. Quick… How Many Open Cases?
  12. 12. Umm, What’s Current Total Revenue?
  13. 13. Bam!
  14. 14. The Demand Gap
  15. 15. The Mobile Data Gap
  16. 16. Reporting Frequency & Accessibility
  17. 17. The Executive Wish List
  18. 18. The Collaboration Gap
  19. 19. Poll #3 What is the current status of data and reporting at your organization? • • • • Fully automated—I don’t touch a thing. Some automation—some manual. Very time consuming—barely getting by. All manual—a total nightmare.
  20. 20. The Reality Manual reporting simply can’t handle the volume of data your organization is producing.
  21. 21. You Need An Executive Dashboard
  22. 22. The Domo Solution
  23. 23. The Domo Solution Brings all your data into a single view.
  24. 24. The Domo Solution Delivers information in real time.
  25. 25. The Domo Solution Scales with new data sources.
  26. 26. The Domo Solution Provides one version of the truth.
  27. 27. The Domo Solution Contact our team. See Domo in action. 801.805.9500
  28. 28. 801.805.9500