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A copy of the slides I did for Glen Eira City Council on Designing the customer Journey

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  • Play Video : From computer I want you to just go with the story. Note down what you are feeling, insights and things you might do differently
  • Power of Empathy Everyone’s perception is different A day in the life we are going to explore and how you can apply the insights, empathy and actions to your business
  • Humanising Service Journey What is a buyer persona? What is the Customer Journey? Mapping Your Customers ’ Journey? "Key you need to understand what matters to your customers and more importantly why. Without learning about their decision making cycles, without empathy, you cannot create a meaningful and engaging experience for them."
  • 71% of business leaders believe that customer experience is the next battle ground. Shaw and Ivens It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for an unresolved negative experience Understanding Customers, Ruby Newell-Legner
  • In 2011 86% of customers quit doing business with a company because of bad customer experience Harris Interactive customer Experience Impact Report Probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% The probability of selling to a new customer is 5-20% Marketing Metrics
  • Sally
  • They care more about opinions than companies
  • Mobile
  • What happened to trigger What were the moments of truth that could make or break the situation
  • New Landscape New touch points
  • Experience Map E.g
  • Be aware of: Feelings Thinking Actions Hearing With Whom Environment
  • Map this out for each person What does a poor experience look like What does a Great Experience Action/ Opportunities to design the service journey
  • Cheat Sheet for what to think about
  • Be Human Listen intently Be empathic Be contactable Be honest Strive to understand Keep your promises
  • Touch Map Example for the wall
  • Review the design
  • Online Reviews Search Friends Apps Past Experience Books
  • Booking process. What do you use?
  • Decision and impact
  • Chance to wow
  • Suitability
  • Atmosphere
  • Unsuitability
  • Tone
  • Energy
  • Attention
  • Consequences of actions
  • Reactions
  • Positive?
  • Outcomes
  • Disappointments Being late Being early Being dressed inappropriately Poor Hygiene Good venue Talking too much Not talking Enough Transport Rudeness Being cheap
  • Adventurous Out of your comfort zone Surprises Insight Collaboration Fun Personality
  • Fun Laughter Spontaneous
  • Different expectations Different communication styles Not trying Not understanding Bad mood
  • Models
  • E.G of model
  • 1.Customer Journey – Experience Mapping Assess and map current customer journey Evaluate Key Components Develop strategy for new campaign or product Customer journey design and implementation 2. Customer and Employee insight Assess existing customer and employee feedback mechanisms Create new customer insight and models Set up and facilitate customer immersion Conduct Research Set up and customer and employee advocates Set up continual learning & innovation Establish and facilitate customer advisory boards 3. Customer Persona ’ s Assess existing profiles and personas Develop personas Develop high value account profiles and qualification guidelines 4. Nurture goals for each stage of the customer and employee journey Assessment of goals for each stage (staff induction first 90 days) Define metrics to track prospect progress Assess content and experience contribution Content design, strategy and development Customer engagement experiences 5. Systems and processes alignment Assess existing systems, analytics and processes Define and facilitate updates and enhancements
  • Tools and apps
  • My details and next steps
  • Brian Solis
  • B2B Example
  • B2B Example
  • Shift - from Jagan Neman
  • MARS model for customer experience
  • Outside In model
  • Best thought leaders in Customer Experience, Employee Experience Customer Centricity and Service Design
  • Strategic service design workshop

    1. 1. Designing for Growth•Empathy•Insight•ActionDanielle MacInnisCustomer Centric
    2. 2. InsightsFeelingsActions
    3. 3. Agenda1. Why CustomerExperienceMapping2. Persona’s3. Insight4. Date Night5. Application toyour business
    4. 4. Why invest inCustomer Experience?It takes 12 positiveexperiences to makeup for an unresolvednegative experienceUnderstanding Customers, Ruby Newell-Legner
    5. 5. Rewards
    6. 6. Sally WhiteReal Quotes:Key Questions:Goals:Challenges Problem/Pain points:InfluencersConsiderations or factors:TimingPersona’s
    7. 7. Our new personasThey live a digitallifestyleThey live and breathesocial networks andmobile devices
    8. 8. Personas75% if the workforcewill be Gen Y in 2025
    9. 9. Before Scenario After ScenarioSub-taskScenarioConsideration/InfluencersPain PointsFunctionality* inspired by Todd Warfels task analysis grid
    10. 10. Customer ExperienceMapping
    11. 11. The Journeyhas changed
    12. 12. Designing the journey
    13. 13. Our Journey
    14. 14. Stage of Journey Stage of JourneyPersonna 1“girl”Personna 2“guy”Poor Experience Great Experience OpportuntitiesWhere Research and PlanningHow BookingWhat ExperienceCommunication Post ExperienceGood Bye Feeling/ ActionsA first date with “theone” – Gen X.
    15. 15. Our JourneyThe dateActionsWhat people aredoingEmotionsFeelings andPerceptionsNeedsWhat people aretrying to satisfyPeopleWho is involvedContentPlace andEnvironmentProducts and Services
    16. 16. What is theCustomer Journey?+-Research Try BuyEvaluateBuying a TVBooking a HolidayTrying a restaurantActionsEmotionsQuestions or NeedsTouchpointsjourney
    17. 17. Reviewing the journeyTouchpoints
    18. 18. Reviewing the journey
    19. 19. Designing for GrowthResearch and Planning
    20. 20. Designing for GrowthBooking
    21. 21. Designing for GrowthTouch point
    22. 22. Designing for GrowthMoments of Wow
    23. 23. Designing for GrowthFun
    24. 24. Designing for GrowthAtmosphere
    25. 25. Designing for GrowthSuitability
    26. 26. Designing for GrowthAdventure
    27. 27. Designing for GrowthEnergy
    28. 28. Designing for GrowthAttention to Detail
    29. 29. Designing for GrowthBehaviours
    30. 30. Designing for GrowthReactions
    31. 31. Designing for GrowthMemorable
    32. 32. Designing for GrowthOutcomes
    33. 33. Designing for GrowthDisappointments
    34. 34. Designing for GrowthWow Moments
    35. 35. Designing for GrowthWow Moments
    36. 36. Distance between twoexpectations
    37. 37. Designing for GrowthDifferentCustomerJourney Models
    38. 38. Customer ExperienceMapping
    39. 39. Humanising ServicesMy systemIdentify thecurrent JourneyDiscoverCollect InsightIdentifyPatterns andEvaluateBuild profileAnticipateVisionSet goals andAlign theExperienceTechnologyProcessPeople
    40. 40. Tools to Audit• Customer Empathy Audit• Customer Service Aptitude• Test your customer Centricity• Humanize online Asssessment• Customer Culture tools• Buyer Persona Institute – Persona Template• Mltcreative -Up-close and-persona tool
    41. 41. Next Steps:Ready to learn how to grow your business withEmpathy, Insights and Actions?•Take the customer service test•Book in a Customer ExperienceMapping WorkshopMore info MacInnisCustomer Centric on LinkedInDanmacinnis
    42. 42. Reviewing the journeyTouchpointsBack Up SlidesCustomerJourney Models
    43. 43. Reviewing the journeyTouchpointsB2B Example
    44. 44. Reviewing the journeyTouchpointsExample
    45. 45. Reviewing the journeyTouchpointsCustomer Experience Model• by Jagan Neman
    46. 46. Reviewing the journeyTouchpointsLevels of CustomersExperience(MARS) Forrester
    47. 47. The CustomerExperience Pyramid
    48. 48. Thought Leader Books