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Customer Success Summit 2015 breakout session:
Presented by: Mark Freeman, VP of Customer Success, Tradeshift

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  1. 1. Produced by Bootstrapping Customer Success
  2. 2. Produced by Co-Op Staff Recruiter Technical Recruiter Talent Acquisition Team Lead Global Project Manager Product Consultant / CSM Regional Manager, Customer Success Senior Manager, Customer Success 2005, BS Applied Psychology (HR) VP, Global Customer Success About Me…About me.. Raleigh, NC San Francisco, CA 2005 2011 2015 2008
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  5. 5. Produced by How we look at CS…
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  7. 7. Produced by Lessons on bootstrapping I’ve picked up from the road
  8. 8. Produced by SaaS companies are like restaurants in many ways. Customers have expectations for the food (the product) they purchase, but also the service they receive…together. • When was the last time you revisited a restaurant where the food was great, but the service sucks? • (Bonus Question) What about where the food was mediocre and the service was incredible? Lesson #1 It takes two to make a thing go right…
  9. 9. Produced by Lesson #2 Must navigate information well. Cut through the noise.
  10. 10. Produced by Are you having a constant dialogue around determining “is this something customer success should own”? There may not be a playbook for it. Your team feels that so long as it impacts the customer, you jump in and take accountability for the customer on behalf of the company. Do you find yourself building PowerPoint decks to pitch and reinforce your internal value? Your team is often known as the feisty group that cares as much for the customers’ interest as your own company, leading the way and facilitating voice of customer for everyone else Are you spending substantial time in analysis pouring over customer behavior to predict dissatisfaction / churn outcomes? You’d rather aggressively use data to back up a hypothesis your CSM’s have from spending time with customers. You also supplement with customer qualitative feedback from real customers Do you measure only by churn rates? Retaining customers is important, but to you this is baseline. Engaged and referencing customers, case studies, success stories, and healthy advocates are the goals your team stretches out for Be a pirate. Lesson #3
  11. 11. Produced by Lesson #4 Relationships are everything Relationship Opportunities • Service Reviews • QBR • Onsite Visits • Customer Meet Ups • LinkedIn Groups/Community • Social Media • Webinars • Mid Year / End Year Mailers
  12. 12. Produced by It is now an even playing field. Customers have now caught up to our technology and are well aware how we're all using the data we capture to understand everything about them. Since leveraging customer data is a baseline expectation, the cutting edge is now pushed further to a place where delivering a more savvy, contextual and personalized service is how you differentiate your company. In 2015 and beyond, our interactions with customers will need to explain not just "what is" but knows who you are, what this means for you, and why. Lesson #5
  13. 13. Produced by Lesson #6 Bias for action. Break your comfort zone.
  14. 14. Produced by Lesson #7 Don’t wait for the playbook to tell you.
  15. 15. Produced by Don’t wait for playbooks Break your comfort zone Have a bias for action Customers have caught up Relationships are key Be a pirate, matey! Navigate over-information Service + Product = Expectations
  16. 16. Produced by Thank you! Contact me: @markfreeman

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Customer Success Summit 2015 breakout session: Presented by: Mark Freeman, VP of Customer Success, Tradeshift


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