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16 Customer Centric Commitments for 2016


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Here are 16 customer centric commitments that organisations should make in 2016 to MASSIVELY improve customer experience. Would love to hear what more customer centric promises you are committing to in 2016.

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16 Customer Centric Commitments for 2016

  1. 1. 2016 16 customer centric commitments for Customer Guru
  2. 2. Treat your customers as you would like to be treated
  3. 3. Actively listen to what your customers have to say
  4. 4. Empathize with your customers’ concerns
  5. 5. Innovate constantly to provide better Customer Experience
  6. 6. Never break your customers’ trust
  7. 7. Provide the best customer service that you can
  8. 8. Understand the customer’s complaints and take them as a feedback
  9. 9. Make an effort to connect with your customers, and connect consistently across all channels
  10. 10. Ensure that your employees are adequately trained to help your customers
  11. 11. Empower your employees to deliver nothing but Exceptional Customer Experience
  12. 12. Always set your customers’ expectations right
  13. 13. Be transparent and effective when communicating with your customers
  14. 14. Be thankful to your customers because they are the ones who run your company
  15. 15. Treat your customers as a stakeholder in the company
  16. 16. Pay attention to the little details to make your customers happier
  17. 17. Take ownership of things gone wrong
  18. 18. 2016 Have a fabulous New Year Customer Guru