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Demandgenprocessfueledbyresearchandcontentwithcasestudiesbyteleverde updated aug2018


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A proven and award-winning process to use voice of customer research to improve CX, increase engagement and improve lead close rates.

Published in: Marketing
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Demandgenprocessfueledbyresearchandcontentwithcasestudiesbyteleverde updated aug2018

  1. 1. Generate Demand Client Success Accelerate Sales What Televerde Does ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY CONSULTING: • Segmentation, targeting and buyer journey mapping • Demand generation and campaign strategies • Content strategy & creation • Sales and marketing process alignment DATA INTELLIGENCE: • Campaign data readiness • Account and buyer intelligence and sourcing • Data quality maintenance DEMAND GENERATION & TELESERVICES: • Integrated campaign execution across a variety of channels • Lead generation, online chat, event recruitment & appt. setting • Lead & Sales development representatives INSIDE SALES: • Expert sales representatives • Strategic engagement and operations planning • Full opportunity management Develop Strategy
  2. 2. How My Team Could Support Your Company • Customer + prospect preference research • Persona development • Buyer’s Journey mapping • Content marketing plan + execution support • Campaign development + design
  3. 3. How we will work together to figure this out
  4. 4. Title of Presentation | 4 Ask happy buyers what they did & where they went to get smart
  5. 5. Title of Presentation | 5 Voice of customer insight into buy triggers, objections & content
  6. 6. Customer Preference Insights Report A research report of 20+ more pages of customer insight and recommendations that reveal buying committee members, purchase triggers, purchasing process, content preference, preferred info gathering spots & marketing channels
  7. 7. Then we can help convert prospects with Strategy & Execution Support
  8. 8. What Is a Demand Generation Framework? A go-to-market strategy and execution plan based on customer insights, sales and marketing interviews and won/loss reports
  9. 9. Televerde’s Demand Generation Framework (Bundle or ala carte) • Customer & secondary market research • Persona Development • Buyer’s journey mapping • Content Marketing Plan • Campaign Design & Development
  10. 10. 10 Personas & Journey Mapping Sample: People we can find & communities we can join How they buy
  11. 11. 11 The questions we try to answer before we build a nurture program » 1st Why should a prospect care about your topic/product right now? » 2nd What challenges do prospects have that they can’t see? » 3rd How should they meet those challenges? » 4th Who’s doing what you are talking about & how did it turn out (using your product or service)? » 5th How do they figure out what to do next? (Enter your company) » 6th Why is your company & its products the right fit? » 7th What is the incentive to act now?
  12. 12. 12 | Demand Gen Framework + Content Overview We Audit Your Content & identify Gaps
  13. 13. 13 | Demand Gen Framework + Content Overview Email cadence & content map
  14. 14. 14 | Demand Gen Framework + Content Overview Selection & Production
  15. 15. What that looks like as a Marketing Automation blueprint What we talk about & When Who we talk to How we score and route leads
  16. 16. What that looks like as a multi-touch Demand Center Lead qualification human touch Social & inbound integration
  17. 17. Supplemental nurture tracks based on interests expressed online and off The point here: Themes/Hot topics or breaking news/hot buying seasons have the potential to become nurture tracks with human-touch integration.
  18. 18. Samples & Results
  19. 19. We Delighted Prospects with Relevant Information• A multi-touch email campaign in Pardot for 3 buyer personas • Integrated with our ongoing Teleservices campaigns to these personas for lead follow up and qualification
  20. 20. Email Working Title/topic of downloadable New / Existing Asset Type 1st Email (Email 0) Generic 5 reasons a waste and recycling services assessment should be on your radar New Supplemental Infographic (pdf) 2nd Email (Email 1) – All Personas Why Waste and Recycling is more important now than ever before for businesses New (pdf) eBook or white paper 3rd Email (Email 2) – All Personas Waste Stream Walkthrough on a whiteboard New Video 4th email (Email 3) – All Personas Did You Know Series #1 How visibility & centralized management help you manage costs, avoid surprises New 1-2 pg pdf intro& key points 5th email (Email 4) – All Personas Why Waste? Why Now? Webinar Use dyk #1 Webinar 6th email (Email 5) – All Personas Success Story eBook of named and unnamed businesses with use cases and benefits Existing Case Studies/Testimonials (unnamed) 7th email (Email 6) All Personas Did You Know Series #2 How a Waste & Recycling Brokers are Putting you at Risk New 1-2 pg pdf intro& key points Waste Management Industry
  21. 21. We Delivered on the Mandate
  22. 22. • MQLs +15% • Working pipeline +60% • Marketing-attributed revenue generated +300% • SALs +50% • Campaign & content more than doubled Televerde's average contact rate • Lead to 50% conversion-to-lead rate • Sales cycle went from 16 months to 4-6 months The Returns … so far!
  23. 23. More Creative: B2B2C Home Improvement Email design & copywriting Landing page design, copywriting & marketing automation form integration Downloadable asset design & copywriting
  24. 24. Cold Track Creative
  25. 25. Warm Track Creative Objection-handling landing pages Asset Download Landing Pages
  26. 26. Downloadables
  27. 27. Results So Far … • Oracle Eloqua Markie Winner 2016, Finalist 2017 • Sales Appointments-to-Purchase: 55.6 percent conversion rate. • Closed/Won deals: – 10 Never had an appointment converted solely via cold nurture ($250,000 in revenue) – People re-engaged by nurture: 189 customers ($4.7 million) – Total closed/won deals attributed in 2016: 251 – Total revenue attributed to nurture: $6.2 million • Those who went through the nurture twice as likely to become a customer versus the hold out group of unnurtured contacts. • Unique opens for the Cold Track Campaign: 30 percent • Warm Track Click-to-Open Rate: 70 percent or better since launch
  28. 28. THANK YOU! Mark Evertz Director of Demand Gen & Content Services M: 503.544.6661 E: T: @MarkAEvertz