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proactive approaches in the travel industry via social media and how to integrate social media into campaigns

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Socialising travel socialtrippin-econsultancy

  1. Socialising the Travel Experience<br />Craig Hepburn<br />Global Director, Digital <br />Nokia<br />15.05.2010<br />
  2. Social can get you in all kinds of trouble!!<br />
  3. What does it mean…<br />Social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos, and audio.<br />
  4. Why do people do it…<br />It’s how people engage, participate, and share online…<br />
  5. Where is it moving…<br />The connected social web is moving away from ‘individual’ search to ‘social’ discover…<br />
  6. Facebook now the No1 Destination online<br />
  7. Social Business Design / Enterprise 2.0<br />
  8. Social Workplace = social marketplace<br />Social <br />Market Place<br />Social <br />Work Place<br />Social <br />Work Place<br />Travel Content<br />
  9. Social content is everywhere…<br />
  10. Gen Y no longer communicate via email <br />
  11. What does this mean for Travel?...<br />
  12. Social Publishing<br />
  13. Web Content management framework required<br />
  14. Publishable – Ensure you publish all marketing collateral to the web<br />Findable – Provide search friendly naming terms to the content<br />Social – By using slideshare, youTube, twitter, linkedIn to socialise content<br />Viral – Encourage colleagues, partners, friends, customers to share<br />Syndicatable – Allow people to subscribe to our content, events etc<br />Linkable – All marketing material should have appropriate links<br />
  15. Social Applications <br />
  16. Engage with your audience / community managers<br />
  17. Content syndication enables social sharing<br />
  18. Harness the social conversations!<br />
  19. Harness the social tag to amplify message!<br />
  20. Use Promoted Tweets…wisely!<br />
  21. Embeddable Tweets <br />
  22. Travel Blogs and Social Kudos<br />
  23. Its not what you know…its what you like!<br />
  24. Its not what you know…its what you like!<br />
  25. Social Sign On – Facebook Connect<br />
  26. Reap the social reward ROI in real $$$ -<br />
  27. Measure your social channels<br />
  28. 7 Steps to Social <br />Start with a plan, not tactics.  Research and build a Social Media Roadmap involving:  Audience, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Tools/Technology and Metrics.<br />“Give to get” – Successful social media marketing programs involve listening and participation. <br />Commit resources & time to be successful or you may very well fail. It’s important to forecast labor hours, who, what, when, how and where with the intention of succeeding, not just experimenting. <br />Be transparent with intentions & your identity or you may alienate the very audiences you’re trying to connect with.  <br />Understand, you do not control the message.  Old habits die hard and there’s a tendency to want to treat social media participation like advertising where the ability to control messaging is the norm. <br />Welcome participation, feedback and co-creation. As comfort levels rise with social web participation, companies will see opportunities to encourage participation with communications, especially with brand evangelists. <br />Metrics should roll up to objectives and objectives should be relevant to the channel.  <br />
  29. STA Travel - Worlds First Virtual Travel Agent<br />
  30. Thank You - Questions?<br />I blog at<br />Follow me on twitter @<br />Download presentations @<br />Join our conversations @<br />