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Socialising the consultation process 2012


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Public consultation helps clients gain planning consent and acceptance of their development proposals. How do we take this online using websites and social media?

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Socialising the consultation process 2012

  1. 1. Socialising the Consultation ProcessRemarkable Group remarkable digital
  2. 2. Remarkable GroupTHE IMPACT OF SOCIAL remarkable digital
  3. 3. The web was about reading information that companies putout there; it was a broadcast channelNow, the social web is about communities that talk, listenand share information by word of mouthB2C/B marketing on the social web is about long-termstrategy that involves the entire company across allboundaries. remarkable digital
  4. 4. Source: Paul Adams, The Real Social Network remarkable digital
  5. 5. Source: Paul Adams, The Real Social Network remarkable digital
  6. 6. Source: Paul Adams, The Real Social Network remarkable digital
  7. 7. You might not choose to integrate with twitter but when integration is controlled by the user, its out of your control. People are spending more time online interacting with other people. Its not about one particular network its about people connecting to people online.Source: Paul Adams, The Real Social Network remarkable digital
  8. 8. UNDERSTAND BEHAVIOUR NOT TECHNOLOGY People don’t care about technology, they care about the communication the technology enables. Think about the last time you consulted a friend on a purchase. Chances are, it was quite recent.Source: Paul Adams, The Real Social Network remarkable digital
  9. 9. Remarkable GroupTHE CONSULTATIONPROCESS remarkable digital
  10. 10. The current consultation process Development - Exhibition - Final plans - Submission remarkable digital
  11. 11. Enhancing the consultation processUnderstanding behaviour + the consultation process = The Consultation Framework remarkable digital
  12. 12. DIGITAL & SOCIAL - Network set-up (Facebook or Twitter) Development - Website deployment - Building followers / connectionsDIGITAL & SOCIAL remarkable digital
  13. 13. How does it add value?• Shows that you understand modern communications• Builds trust and confidence in your brand• Reaches a younger audience (those looking for a new home)• Makes information accessible to more people• Gives people the information at their point of need• Engages with key influencers who rely on online channels• Gives instant insight into what people really think• Opens up additional sales channels remarkable digital
  14. 14. Remarkable GroupTHE FUTURE remarkable digital
  15. 15. - Advocacy of new home - Uploading photos - Talking/shouting - Competitions/incentives - Mortgage advice - Video tips - Viewing walkthroughs - DIY - Watching videos - Reading content- Purchase process- Reserving new homes New- Choices- Options Home Prospect Cycle - Asking questions - Viewing images - Looking at local area - Asking friends remarkable digital
  16. 16. Questions? Emily Wilkinson Digital Account Director @ewilko remarkable digital