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Tips for Effective Presentations



Tips and tricks on how to create a more effective powerpoint presentation

Tips and tricks on how to create a more effective powerpoint presentation



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Tips for Effective Presentations Presentation Transcript

    DOs &
  • 2. Your best to remember the following…
  • 3. DON’T
    Choose Serif fonts like
    Times New Roman
    They are harder to read on a screen
  • 4. Use san-serif fonts like
    Ariel, Gil Sans, or Century Gothic
    They are easier on the eye
  • 5. DON’T
    Underline words for emphasis
    People mistake these for hyperlinks and
    they are harder to read.
  • 6. DO
    Vary a font’ssize, styleorcolor for emphasis
    or group words together *
    *But avoid doing it all on one slide
  • 7. DON’T
    Use visually complex fonts
  • 8. Choose easy to read fonts
    Stay in a font family
  • 9. DON’T
    Use fonts that are smaller than
    24 points
    Any smaller and it can’t be read easily from a distance
  • 10. DO
    Back up about 2 feet
    Watch your presentation
    See if you can read everything
  • 11. DON’T
  • 12. DO
    Choose a color palette & layout style
    And stick with it
  • 13. DON’T
    Fill up the screen with lots and lots information written in sentence form. Or even bullet after bullet after bullet. The visuals in your presentation should help guide your speaking, not replace it. People can read faster than they can speak, and they don’t want to hear you just read from the slides. Plus, the more you put on a slide, the smaller the text will get and the smaller the text gets, the harder it is to read. Then, you will annoy your audience as they try to follow along, but falter in their attempts. An annoyed audience is not a happy audience and an unhappy audience won’t really give you the attention your hard and carefully researched presentation deserves. In other words, did you really read all of this? Would you expect your audience to?
  • 14. DO
    Choose only key points to highlight
    Follow a 7 words / 6 lines guideline
    Make every slide matter
  • 15. DON’T
    Use visually complex backgrounds
  • 16. DO
    Change the pace by adding
    relevant video and website links*
    *Just make sure you’ve loaded those pages ahead of time
  • 17. DON’T
    Go crazy with sound effects and animations*
    *Imagine many things spinning & whizzing around on the page
  • 18. Use backgrounds that don’t compete with the message
  • 19. DON’T
    Include werds that are spellledincorractly
    Include incorrect information
  • 20. DO
    Check your spelling
    Proofread each slide
    Make sure all information is correct
  • 21. DON’T
    Overload slides with images
    Copy and paste images from the Internet
  • 22. DO
    Choose images
    that match
    your message
    p.s. That‘s jazz great Dizzy Gillespie looking for the right picture
  • 23. DON’T
    Simply read off the screen
  • 24. DO
    Practice ahead of time
    Make notes for reference
    Look at the audience
  • 25. DON’T
    Forget to review your main points
  • 26. DO
    Credit your sources*
    Web Resources
    Works Used & Consulted
    Colourlovers.com – great for finding color palettes
    Flickr.com – find free images open to public use
    Slideshare.net – see how others approach the same idea
    Huber, Elaine. “PPT Dos and Don’ts.” accessed Oct. 25, 2010. http://www.slideshare.net/elainehuber/ppts-dos-and-donts.
    Desjardins, Jesse. “Steal this presentation.” accessed Oct. 22, 2010. http://www.slideshare.net/GlobalGossip/ steal-this-presentation-5038209.
    Marcello, Tom. “Dizzy Gillespie – contact sheet.” accessed Oct. 26, 2010. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tommarcello/435710613/in/faves-78239079@N00/.
    *Images can be sited throughout the presentation or on the very last slide
  • 27. Created by K. Covintree
    Fall 2010
    That’s it!Thanks for Watching!