Upper School Annual Report SY1314


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Upper School Annual Report SY1314

  1. 1.   Prescott Library 2013 – 2014 Report  1    Program Highlights:  Updated Destiny patron information with patron 8 digit barcodes that correspond with their School ID numbers and can be used to access library resources like Overdrive. This moves us toward a self-check-out model.  Began providing eBooks through Overdrive, and promoted this new service to students and faculty.  Hired Chris Murphy to work part-time between all libraries.  Added 7 new databases: Britannica School, Britannica Image Quest, Oxford Language Dictionaries Online, Oxford Reference Premium, Oxford Music Online, Oxford African American Studies Center, and American National Biography.  Relocated carrels on the 3rd floor to increase access to lights and windows.  Installed 2 locked iPads specifically designated for searching the library catalog into collection areas.  Reorganized shelving so that fiction is all located along the same walls.  Recruited a small but mighty group of students to act as “Library Rangers” and assist the library.  180 students from all 4 grades responded to an Upper School student survey regarding library resources, use, and services. Individual quiet study carrels on the third floor, iPads, allowing covered drinks, and comfortable seating areas were key positives for these students. Instructionally:  310 classroom visits, including several held in Morgan.  During the month of November, met with 84 students in Grade 10 and 32 in Grade 11 to provide 1-on-1 research assistance.  Visited 9th grade Health classes in Fall and Spring, collaborating with Meg Kiley, to discuss issues of Privacy in the Digital Age and ways students can protect themselves and their information.  Supported curricular research projects in History, Science, English and World Languages through collaboration, cooperation, LibGuides, and other resources, two examples: o Upgraded our school Glogster access to improve collaboration with Betsy Nickerson (for French) on a project redeveloped last year. o Collaborated with Joanna Miller and Sean Kelly (for 10th grade English) on a brief research project around Chinese culture and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Upper School Library 2013-2014 School Year At-a-Glance
  2. 2.   Prescott Library 2013 – 2014 Report  2    Professionally:  Spoke at Education and Student Life Committee of the Board of Trustees to discuss the way LibGuides are used with classes and the BYOD initiative to help students access resources.  Attended the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) conference held in Hartford, Connecticut in November 2013.  Attended a three day a Teachers as Scholars course called “YouTube Nation” on teaching Digital Natives and implications of technology within education in the fall of 2013.  Collaborated with the entire department to create a list of 125 books to honor the school’s 125th Anniversary.  Attended the “Learning in the Commons Conference” at the Pingree School in Winter 2014.  Surveyed the Upper School students to discern the ways they use and want to use the US Library resources. Continued…  Work with 10th grade history classes to strengthen understanding of paraphrasing and notetaking during the research process.  Assessment of 9th grader information skills during their Library Orientation via the TRAILS program.  Kindle and iPad circulation— adding 2 iPads, upgrading 4 Kindles, and adding 4 Kindle Fires.  Book displays like those for Banned Books week and Senior Book Bundles, as well as displays for Valentine’s Day, favorite children’s books of faculty, historic profiles, hip hop & rap, and past Quill issues.  National Library Week trivia questions for faculty and students.  Handout on “Library Life” for graduating class regarding library use at the college level and beyond  To serve on Rhode Island Teen Book Award (RITBA) committee. Library Collection Records for Middle & Upper School  3,680 total items circulated from the Middle & Upper School Library.  299 circulations using our new eBook and Audiobook service, Overdrive with 372 titles added throughout the year to this new service.  813 videos, CDs, and print items and 45 Kindle eBooks added to the Middle & Upper School collection.  Removed 2,427 items from the collection including a large portion of our Reference collection which is now primarily online through various databases.  44 Total LibGuides available for Upper School use with 4 new guides created, 22 guides updated / revised, and 14 outdated / expired guides removed.
  3. 3.   Prescott Library 2013 – 2014 Report  3    Looking Forward – Goals for 2013-14  Implement self-serve check-out kiosks for students and faculty to use for borrowing materials.  Investigate options to move databases away from a common username and password and toward signing in with library barcodes.  Migrate LibGuides to the new beta version now available.  Revisit and expand library collaboration opportunities within academic departments. Prescott Library   Upper School Statistical Snapshot   2013‐2014 School Year       Sessions  Searches Total Number of Class visits   317  Academic Search Premier  1,084  1,467 Class Visits 1st  Semester  161  ArtStor  306  993 Class Visits 2nd  Semester  156  Biomes of the Earth Online  264  64   Britannica Image Quest  7,214  13,743 Britannica School  3,258  6,196 Total Circulation*   3,680  EBSCO Research Databases^   4,488  11,529 Grade 12   125  Essential Chemistry Online  73  13 Grade 11   175   Gale Virtual Reference Lib  179  299 Grade 10   224   Global Exploration Online  7  7 Grade 9   196   Great Empires of the Past  189  47 Faculty  1,894  History Reference Center  1,227  1,293     History Study Center+   617  1,856     JStor  702  421 Facebook Followers  109  Life in America Online  258  80 Twitter Followers  24  Literary Reference Center  492  598     Oxford Art Online  125  210     Oxford English Dictionary  4  8 Total LibGuides for Upper School   44  Oxford Language Dictionaries  256  2,271 NEW Upper School LibGuides Created  4  Point of View Ref Center  85  53 Existing LibGuides revised / updated  22  Pop Culture Universe  120  405 LibGuides expired / deleted  16  Science Online  503  748 Total Hits to Upper School LibGuides  12,813  Science Reference Center   1,122  1,651 Total Hits to All School LibGuides  28,864  Teen Health and Wellness  96  102 *  includes eBook as well as Middle School circulation  ^  sum total of 13 EBSCO databases  +  9th  grade did an entirely online project using this  service in May  Today’s Science  59  51 World Geography  132  396 World Hist: Ancient & Med.  8  35 World History: Modern Era  123  451 Respectfully submitted, Kate Covintree