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Upper School Annual Report 2012-2013


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Highlights programs and initiatives that occurred in the Prescott Library's Upper School division on The Wheeler School during the 2012-13 school year.

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Upper School Annual Report 2012-2013

  1. 1.  Prescott Library 2012‐1213 Report 1  Program Highlights: Updated Destiny catalog homepage withSymbaloo to include image hotlinks to variousresources. Hired Andrea DeMayo-Clancy to work part-time between Middle and Upper School libraries. Added 6 new databases: Essential ChemistryOnline, Great Empires of the Past Online, Lifein America Online, Teen Health and Wellness,Today’s Science, and Pop Culture Universe. Relocated Audio Video collection into the 3rdfloor general stacks, filing by 100’s and after books. Communicated to faculty, staff, and students regarding new acquisitions, useful apps, program highlights andmore via weekly emails. Continued Kindle and iPad circulation, adding 4 iPads (as well as wireless 8 Bluetooth keyboards) and 8 moreKindles to our collection. Assessed our print magazine collection via Google surveys to student and staff to determine current use andfuture acquisitions. Compared various ebook vendors and began contract with Overdrive for 2013-2014 school year.Instructionally: 268 classroom visits, including some held in Morgan. Revised Noodletools information on LibGuides to reflectprogram updates and flipped instruction. Revised ninth grade English class orientation to more directlytarget library and information skills using TRAILS assessment inthe process. Taught mini lesson on paraphrasing during the researchprocess for 10thand 11thgraders. Supported curricular research projects in History, Science,English and World Languages through collaboration, cooperation,LibGuides, and other resources, two examples:o Collaborated with Betsy Nickerson (for French) onrevising a research project and incorporating Glogster.o Collaborated with Leah Grear (for Painting) on a projectincorporating ArtStor and the Picha Kucha presentation style. Created a flyer for distribution to graduating seniors regardinglibrary use at the college level.Upper School Library 2012-2013 School Year At-a-Glance
  2. 2.  Prescott Library 2012‐1213 Report 2  Upper School LibGuides62 Total LibGuides are available for Upper School usewith: 6 new guides created 37 guides updated/revisedPeak months of usage: November (2,699 hits) May (2,757 hits)Continued Book displays for Banned Books week, SeniorBook Bundles, as well as displays for memoirs,spiders, infrequently borrowed books, and short stories. National Library Week trivia questions for faculty and students. Using faculty suggestions and recommendations to add materials to the collection.Professionally: Worked together with LS librarian Brooke Strachan to lead faculty and staff in a fall workshop on usingand creating movies for the classroom. Highlighted resources include Animoto and Curriculum on Demand. Spoke at with Upper School Parents Association meeting to discuss library programs and services. Continued to serve on Rhode Island Teen Book Award (RITBA) committee, the YALSA Blog AdvisoryBoard, and the YALS Editorial Advisory Board. All Wheeler librarians collaborated to lead a school workshop on Google searching entitled, “Search likea pro.”Library Collection Records for Middle& Upper School3,693 total items circulated from the Middle &Upper School Library, not including iPads andKindles; a 13% increase from last year.Circulated iPads and Kindles 648 times over the year.689 print titles and 149 Kindle eBooks added to theMiddle & Upper School collection.Removed 1,258 items from the collection includingbound National Geographic magazines, referencetitles, and science books.
  3. 3.  Prescott Library 2012‐1213 Report 3  Looking Forward – Goals for 2013-14 Implement a public view calendar of research classes in the library to aid teachers in library requests. Establish patron barcodes for users that will move us toward a self-check-out model. Launch Overdrive e-reading platform for the entire Middle and Upper School community. Attend the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) conference held in Hartford this November. Revisit and revise curriculum and resources as needed based on the Upper School BYOD initiative.Prescott Library  Upper School Statistical Snapshot   2012‐2013 School YearTotal Number of Class visits   267    Sessions  SearchesClass Visits 1st Semester  106  ArtStor  345  2,014Class Visits 2nd Semester  161  Biomes of the Earth Online  205  60Class visits in May alone  90  EBSCO Research Databases  2,602  31,840 Essential Chemistry Online  212  10Gale Virtual Reference Lib  400 Total Circulation  3,693  Global Exploration Online  82  67Grade 12   146   Great Empires of the Past  346  76Grade 11   196   History Reference Center   290  1,548Grade 10   293   History Study Center  266  490Grade 9   346   JStor  716  554Grade 8   201   Life in America Online  243  36Grade 7   244   Literary Reference Center  50  58Grade 6   375   Oxford Art Online  345  648Faculty  1,771  Oxford English Dictionary  287  4,638 Point of View Ref Center  121  132Pop Culture Universe  69  296Facebook Followers  101  Science Online  1,002  1,548Twitter Followers  20  Science Reference Center   804  3,864 Student Research Center   326  1,908Teen Health and Wellness  47  21Total LibGuides for Upper School   62  Today’s Science  40  134NEW Upper School LibGuides Created  6  World Geography  93  355Existing LibGuides revised/updated  37  World Hist: Ancient & Med.  5  8Total Hits to Upper School LibGuides  15,407  World History: Modern Era  414  1,193Total Hits to All School LibGuides  29,932     Respectfully submitted, Kate Covintree