Upper School Annual Report 2010-11


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Highligh summary and data of Wheeler's Prescott Library Upper School program

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Upper School Annual Report 2010-11

  1. 1. PrescottLibrary2010-2011Report1Upper School Library 2010-2011 School Year At-a-GlanceProgram Highlights:The JStor database was added to our collection of databases, and was used by severalclasses that visited the library in Spring of 2010.In Fall of 2010, eLearning modules from Facts on File on Biomes and Global Exploration wereadded to our resource list as they directly supported research in the 9thGrade Science and Social Studies curriculum.In March, the Prescott Library created a document explaining howit would approach using social networking sites like Twitter andFacebook to connect with the Upper School Students and then began reaching out to students viathese networks. Each of the four Wheeler Librarians share in the process of regularly posting Libraryrelated information to our Facebook page, Prescott Library at Wheeler School. These messages arethen linked with Twitter.In April, Librarian Kate Covintree attended a conference hosted by BB&N’sLibrarians at Harvard’s School of Education called, “Independent SchoolLibraries and College Bound Students” which included a keynote address byJohn Palfrey, author of Born Digital, a panel of college librarians as well as smalldiscussions to discuss the best approaches to preparing our students for college.Librarian Kate Covintree built upon the Online Tutorials LibGuide begun byCarolyn Hilles by incorporating more specific How-tos for frequently useddatabases like ArtStor and JStor as well as the card catalog itself.http://wheelerschool.libguides.com/online_tutorialsThroughout the school year, Kate Covintree met with other departments to highlight libraryresources available and learn more about the needs of each department. This year, Kate met withthe English, Math, Modern Language, Science, and Social Studies departments.245 total class sessions occurred in the Upper School space. At times, three different classeswould meet in the library, requiring Upper School classes to use Middle School space.Throughout the year, Librarians Christine Smith and Kate Covintree investigated ways tointegrate eReaders and eReading into the Prescott LibraryProgram. In the Spring of 2011, the Library to follow theKindle loaning model. Four additional Kindles werepurchased. Amazon gift cards were purchased so that librarystaff could purchase items for these devices without difficulty.Kate Covintree worked to process the new devices as well ascreate protocols on how they are cataloged and circulated.
  2. 2. PrescottLibrary2010-2011Report2Library collection records for Middle & Upper School collection3368 total items circulated fromthe Middle & Upper School LibraryPeak Month of Library circulation:April with 514 itemsOver half of circulation is done byfaculty and staff24% of circulation is done byUpper School studentsOver 900 NEW Titles to the Middle& Upper School collection1,079 items removed—primarilyfrom the YA, Fiction and AVcollectionsUpper School LibGuides36 Total LibGuides are availablefor Upper School use with10 Guides for History6 Guides for Languages5 Guides for Science25 of these Guides were addedthis yearPeak months of usage:October (2498 hits)May (2081 hits)AdditionallyCreated LibGuide page for All School Read, with updates as neededKate Covintree joined the staff as Upper School LibrarianMet with consultant Rolf Erikson regarding revision of Library spaceBegan placing NEW tape to all titles added during the 2010-2011 school yearSent overdue notices via email to advisors, students and facultyKate Covintree was a member of the Rhode Island Teen Book Award committee
  3. 3. PrescottLibrary2010-2011Report3Library Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PrescottLibLibrary Twitter page: http://www.twitter.com/PrescottLibraryInstituted Senior Book Bundle display in MayCelebratedBanned Books weekTeen Read WeekTeen Tech WeekNational Library WeekBook displays for Best Sellers, Award Winning books, National Poetry Month, Banned Books Week,Valentine’s Day, Band Books, Titles with orange covers, December Holiday children’s books,Technology books, Senior picks, New books, Faculty recommendationsPrescott LibraryUpper School Statistical Snapshot 2010-2011 School YearTotal Number of Class visits 245 Total LibGuides for Upper School 36Class Visits 1stSemester 114 NEW Upper School LibGuides Created 25Class Visits 2ndSemester 131Total Hits to Upper School LibGuides 11035Total Circulation 3368 Total Hits to the 7 General Library LibGuides 2013Grade 12 254 Total Hits to the 4 Aerie LibGuides 455Grade 11 159 Total Hits to the 10 Social Studies LibGuides 5424Grade 10 176 Total Hits to the 5 Science LibGuides 1610Grade 9 213 Total Hits to the 2 English LibGuides 167Grade 8 101 Total Hits to the 6 Language LibGuides 1366Grade 7 114Grade 6 310 EBSCOHost Mobile Sessions 6Faculty 2041 EBSCOHost Research Database Sessions 2014History Reference Center Sessions 1198Facebook Followers 75 Science Reference Center Sessions 1055Twitter Followers 7 Student Research Center Sessions 281Looking Forward – Goals for 2011-2012Continue to build eReading options for faculty and studentsInvestigate mobile application options for the LibraryInstitute 1-on-1 research instruction for 10th graders during their research projectsUse TRAILS program to evaluate research skills of entering 9th graders