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Keywords: Small but mightly


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A revision of the Keyword Online Tutorial by the Pilgrim Library of Defiance College

Published in: Education, Technology
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Keywords: Small but mightly

  1. 1. An online tutorial brought to you by the Prescott LibraryAdapted from the Pilgrim Library online tutorials for Defiance College
  2. 2. Sum up your topicRepresent your main ideasCan be a word or phraseShould be used when searchingfor information
  3. 3. The world of online information isbeyond a locked door and keywords are how you get in.
  4. 4. On any map there are lots of roads to choose from. You don’t want to stray too from the path.It’s your job to and .
  5. 5. Lets try this together…
  6. 6. Below are two sample thesis statements.Try to sum each of them up into 2 or 3 keywords. What keywords are the strongest?
  7. 7. Teachers who implement technology intheir classrooms are most effective. WINNING Keywords: teachers, technology, effective 2nd place Keywords: implement, classroomsWhy choose these keywords?Keywords should say a lot about the FOCUS and PURPOSE ofyour work. This particular paper is going to discuss how teacherswho integrate technology are most effective. The main focus is notusing technology nor is the focus on classrooms, so those wordsaren’t as important as the others.
  8. 8. Small-town entertainment venues have beenbolstered by the recent economic downturn. WINNING Keywords: small-town entertainment venues & economic downturn 2nd place Keywords: bolstered, recentWhy choose these keywords?Keywords should say a lot about the FOCUS and PURPOSE ofyour work. This paper is going to discuss how small townentertainment venues (like movie theaters and bowling alleys)benefit from recent economic hardships. The two winningkeywords capture that the essence of the paper are entertainmentvenues and economic downturn.
  9. 9. Are there any synonyms for these keywords? Alternate terms? Other phrasings? Entertainment venues Broader terms? Narrower terms? TeacherEducatorProfessor Technology Movie Small-townInstructor theaterCoach Social Cinema networksTutor eReaders WaterSchool Regional park WikisDistrict Google Family- StateK-12 docs owned parkCollege Smart Local CountyHistory boards Small- fairSciences Web 2.0 scale Nightclub
  10. 10. The Asterisk * “Quotation Marks”When you put an asterisk at You can use the quotationthe end of a word, a search marks to tell a search thatwill find that word with a these words must appearvariety of possible endings. together exactly as they are inside the quotation marks.ex: Educat*A search like this will returnwith education, educate,educated, educates, educating, ex: “economic hardship”but be careful… A search will only return withLov*= love, loved, loves, results that show these twolovable, loving, lovely, words together in this EXACTloveless, lovelorn… with NO VARIATIONS.
  11. 11. With more keyword possibilities than before, howdo you possibly choose? Use the following criteria:  What best captures the big ideas of my topic?  What keywords are most likely to bring back the most useful information when I search for them? Remember: You can always change your mind!That’s what’s great about online searching. Start with keywords that seem best, and then adjust. If one term isn’t working, try another.
  12. 12. Take your carefully-chosen keywords and begin searching. Plug those WINNERS into a search engine or database and watch them SHINE!
  13. 13. For more research help, click to visit a Prescott Library LibGuide!
  14. 14. You’ve successfully finished the library tutorial Keywords: Small but MightyModified from the Pilgrim Library online tutorial, “Keywords, Small by Mighty” for Defiance CollegeIf you have any questions about this tutorial or need further research assistance, please contact Ms. Smith or Ms. Covintree in the Prescott Library