Open house 2011 tara & peta
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Open house 2011 tara & peta Open house 2011 tara & peta Presentation Transcript

  • Grade 5 CORE Teachers
    Mrs. Cooling – Science/Math
    Ms. Henshelwood – English/S.S.
    Mrs. Cook– English/S.S
    Mr. Maclachlan - Science/Math
    Ms. Navar - Science/Math
    Ms. Elwell - English/S.S
    Ms. Powell- Science/Math
    Mr. Eric -English/S.S
    Mr. Bizely – ESL
    Ms. Abraham – LS
    Mrs. Thompson-Wellness
  • Shift Happens – Rate of Knowledge Growth
    The amount of knowledge today will be 1/16 of what the graduates of 2011 will face.
    The graduates of today absorb more information in their final year of school than their grandparents did in their entire lifetime.
    By 2020, some futurists predict the amount of knowledge will double every 35 days!
  • A bit about us…
    • Ms. Peta Henshelwood
    • I was born in Hobart Tasmania, Australia,
    • As an exchange student to Thailand (20+ years ago) I became captivated by cultures and varying customs.
    • I gained my degree at the University of Tasmania, Australia.
    • In my 16th year of teaching:
    • 4 Years teaching Pre-School in Victoria, Australia;
    • 5 1/2 Years teaching Library and IT; Grades Prep, Grade 1-2, and Grades 3- 4 in Primary Schools around Victoria.
    • 2 years in Norway teaching Kindergarten, then Grade 5.
    • This is my 4th year teaching Grade 5 at ISM and I’m really excited about this new school year!
  • A bit about us…
    Mrs. Tara Cooling
    I was born in London, England
    I gained my degree at De Montfort University in England.
    In my 13th year of teaching:
    3 years teaching Year 4/5 in London
    2 years in Jakarta teaching Year 3
    2 years in (Lincolnshire) England teaching Year 5
    This is my 6th year teaching at ISM. I am excited to be teaching in Grade 5 middle school again this year.
  • Information
    • Food- encourage students to make the right choice
    Remind students to eat before play
    • Middle School is a longer day-sleep is important
    • Backpacks are allowed to be carried around school
    • Uniform- PE kit can be worn to school if PE is the 1st subject, students are required to change
    • Classrooms- ISM jumpers/sweaters
    • Tutorials mandatory (
    • Homebase 2:35-3:00
    • Behavior policy in Grade 5
    • Planner checks (5 mins)
    • Students need ID with them everyday
    • Lost property-security office
    • Label everything
    • Students wear watches –organization
  • Teaching Philosophy
    SUCCESS for every student!
    Teach to the MULTIPLE styles of learning
    POSITIVE environment
    Fair, firm, and friendly
    Promote LIFE LONG LEARNING!!! 
  • Grade Level Concepts
  • Essential Questions:
    These open-ended “hook” questions are designed to guide student inquiry and focus instruction for “uncovering” the important ideas of the understandings.
    Q1 Why do we organize?
    Q2 What organizational structures work for you?
    • Q3 How are different organizational structures effective for different purposes?
  • Quarter 1 curriculum focus (check blog for upcoming learning)
  • Assessments:
    Performance Assessments:
    Performance Tasks
    Peer & Self Assessment
    Transdiscilpinary skills
    Levels of Proficiency:
    Exemplary (E) 100%
    Proficient (P) 88%
    Developing (D) 76%
    Emerging (EM) 64%
    Insufficient Evidence
  • Powerschool
    PowerSchool :
    New parent orientation of Powerschool by Admin on Thursday August 19th . Please contact the MS office if you would like to attend.
    Read parent bulletins for Power school training
    Additional orientation of Powerschool will be provided on September 30th . Please contact the MS office if you would like to attend.
  • Stay Connected!
    • Email (email blast re: parent email addresses)
    • If you wish to meet with us please make an appointment via the MS OfficeCommunicate with us via office-e-mail-check blog-double check phone tree numbers-email
    • Offer encouragement and constructive feedback
    • Go through the planner with your child daily in Q1
    • Expected Tutorial Attendance:
    – Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-2:50
    • Blogs
  • Homework Guidelines:
    Importance of age / social /play development
    The middle school has set in place the following guidelines in regard to homework:
    Grade 5:
    Approximately 40mins per week for each CORE subject
    Approximately 20mins per week for each ENCORE subject
  • Thank you! 
    Please contact us with questions
    or concerns as they arise
    so that we can work together to support your child
    Grade 5 Program Leaders: