Metamorphic rocks p. elsa clive


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Metamorphic rocks p. elsa clive

  1. 1. Metamorphic Rocks By Elsa Gartenmann and Clive Co
  2. 2. IntroductionHave you ever wondered what ametamorphic rock is? Are you aboutto explode, because you don’t knowhow a metamorphic rock is formed?Well if you read on, you will find outeverything about a metamorphicrock that you’ve been wanting toknow!
  3. 3. What Is AMetamorphic Rock?A metamorphic rock is a rock that has beenchanged in shape.Before the components of a metamorphic rocksare Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic or othertypes of rocks pushed together by gravity andpressure.The texture might even have no sign of itscomponents, but will have crystallizations.
  4. 4. One Kind Of Metamorphic Rock- MarbleMarble is a metamorphic rock that comes frommetamorphosed limestone, calcite, or dolomite.Color: Various but usually gray or white.Marble is usually used for making sculptures and flooring.Marble tends to be considered an elegant material. It is alsotied closely to the classical Greek and Roman periods. Arelatively expensive, and difficult to maintain stone, it is mostoften used in delicate and upscale applications.
  5. 5. Another Kind Of Metamorphic Rock- QuartziteQuartzite is a coarse-grained metamorphic rockderived from sandstone.Color: Usually white, light gray, yellowish, or lightbrown.Quartzite is used for floorings, construction materialsand is part of the ingredients in glass.It has a uniform texture and is very hard, 7 on the MosScale.
  6. 6. Last Kind Of Metamorphic Rock That We Will Define- GneissGneiss is a medium to course grained metamorphic rock.Color: Usually black and white.Gneiss is used for gravestones, and flooring material.Gneiss is found in New England, the Piedmont (Part ofNorth America), the Adirondacks, and the Rocky Mts. Somegneisses are used as facing stone on buildings.
  7. 7. Properties Of A Metamorphic RockMetamorphic rocks are composed of Ingenious,Sedimentary, Metamorphic or any other kind ofrock pushed together by gravity, heat, andpressure.
  8. 8. GlossaryMetamorphic- A metamorphic rock is a rock that hasbeen changed in shape.Heat- Heat is when something turns very hot andmelts into hot liquid.Crystallization- When hot liquid freezes. Thishardens into different shapes and lusters.Pressure- Is when something or someone is usingmuch force to push or move an object and is thefriction from pushing or moving the object.
  9. 9. TestHow is a metamorphic rock What is a metamorphic rock?formed? Rocks that are SquishedGravity and pressure together.List two properties of ametamorphic rock.Sculptures, flooring and statuesWhat is marble used for?Sculptures and flooring
  10. 10. ResourcesInformation and photos from: