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  • Importance of attracting international students increasing – cap on student numbers – cannot deny source of revenue for institutions
    Tighter immigration
  • Pressures on international students beyond course
  • Green – liverpool, blue – cohort
    Demonstrates importance of teaching and learning to international students
  • This reflects the high proportion of international students within these departments – statistics from Senate papers reflect this – more worrying the majority of disicipline cases that reached board of discipline were from Management School
    Signifcant no. of international postgraduates
  • Stu rep availability
  • Transcript

    • 1. International Students: More than a source of revenue LGoS Advice Service
    • 2. ‘The UK has over-taken the US as the most popular study destination for international students, despite their belief that it is also the most expensive… Market research firm i-graduate surveyed nearly 12,000 students from 143 countries for its 2007 StudentPulse survey. One of the most surprising results was that two-thirds of students select the university first before thinking about which country they will study in. The quality and reputation of the course and lecturers was of more importance than lifestyle, climate and culture’ “What global students really, really want.” Evening Standard, 29th April 2008
    • 3. Introduction • Current climate of HE • Fees • University of Liverpool expansion • Essential support services • Enriching international experience of all students
    • 4. UKBA Tier IV • Re-sit cap if not ‘highly trusted’ • 20 hour working limit • 6 month dependents limit
    • 5. How important were the following factors when deciding to study at this university? (ISB 2007) Base: 532 New Students
    • 6. Learning Experience (ISB 2009)
    • 7. Advice: Proportion of PGs 08/09
    • 8. Advice: International Students 08/09
    • 9. Advice: International Students 08/09
    • 10. To note... 1. The majority of international students seen come from ULMS, Engineering and Electrical Engineering. 2. The majority of international students seen are postgraduates. 3. The number of international students who seek advice with regards to impropriety and discipline issues is significantly higher than their UK/EU peers. 4. English language proficiency.
    • 11. Case study LGoS Representation & Advice Coordinator attended a disciplinary hearing for an International student on March 09. After returning to the office, she received a phone call from the Board of Discipline asking if she was available to represent another student at the next hearing. This was because the Board felt that the student’s level of English was not sufficient enough for her to fully understand what was happening and the questions that were being asked of her.
    • 12. National Context • Lack of coordination by institutions in resolution building/sharing • ISB (International Student Barometer) data which show dissatisfaction amongst international students towards assessment and feedback issues in particular • Debate over plagiarism link
    • 13. Academic Best Practice • University of Leeds induction period • Bradford University - Accelerated MBA courses for students with visa problems - Budgets for PhD students conferencing - Summer language courses - Personal tutor: regularly emails or appointments for international students • University of Edinburgh TANDEM Scheme
    • 14. English – the international language • 370m speak English as native language • 370m speak English as second language • 750m speak English as a foreign language
    • 15. English Language Unit • 750 students on part-time basis – 7 members of staff, buy in teachers on hourly basis • IELTS testing centre • New tests being trialled nationally – Longman & Pearson test
    • 16. Tandem • Learning languages in a fun and relaxed social environment • Supports Uni of Edinburgh strategic target “To increase the proportion of our students attending another international institution by 50%”. • Promotes integration • Promotes mobilisation
    • 17. “With a graduate labour market which is increasingly global, opportunities for students to develop language skills alongside cultural awareness and understanding are extremely beneficial. The innovative Tandem Language programme provides a valuable enhancement to students' employability and is an excellent addition to the already wide ranging personal development opportunities available to students through EUSA societies and activities." Lynda Ali, Director, Careers Service
    • 18. What LGoS can do... • Top rated ISB service • Student Representatives - course reps - SROs - international student working group • Police induction • Buddy systems
    • 19. Conclusions • Importance of international students to University of Liverpool • Diverse international student body • UKBA challenges • Positive contribution of international students
    • 20. Recommendations • Compulsory study skills • Increased provision of international student support • Increased provision of language support • Creation of student-led TANDEM project