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The students widening participation forgot? Continuing Education and community engagement


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The Centre for Lifelong Learning’s programme of Continuing Education short courses, lectures and workshops are effective in attracting students from a range of backgrounds and including them within the University. Many of these individuals have a record of educational achievement; others have not.

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The students widening participation forgot? Continuing Education and community engagement

  1. 1. The Students Widening Participation Forgot?Continuing Education and Community Engagement Claire Jones Centre for Lifelong Learning
  2. 2. “Elite universities fail to recruitpoorest students’ ”(published 4 June 2012)
  3. 3. • Share what Continuing Education is doing• Describe some partnership initiatives• Explore Continuing Education’s WP potential• Reflections and questions
  4. 4. ‘Then I would have a reality check, of course I wouldn’t enrol.How could I. These kinds of courses weren’t meant for me…..’‘I hadleft school at 16 with a few GCSEs … I hadn’t studied forover 20 years. I was too old. So how could I return to learning?What if I made a fool of myself? What if I couldn’t do it?’‘At first I didn’t feel confident enough to complete assignments,but with the gentle encouragement of the lecturers I decided toput my knowledge to the test.’‘Soon I found I was study 2 modules a week, one in Liverpooland one at Formby, Ormskirk or Southport. I suddnely foundthat I had obtained 120 credits and wanted to take thingsfurther’
  5. 5. Continuing Education: Reflections and Questions:•Non-school focused widening participation as well ascommunity engagement•Non-threatening first step to a degree programme•Sometimes a substitute for a higher education deniedearlier in life•Real benefits to individuals, their families andcommunities.•Mature, life-experienced people from a non-privileged background a great recruitment pool