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The purpose of this talk is to explore critically what 'a student-centred culture' might mean. Drawing on evidence from two research projects I currently lead and on the notion of a student charter, I hope to raise a number of questions relevant to this exploration, namely: how can we best define the student-teacher relationship? Is it a partnership? A sibling relationship? A contract? A gift relationship? An apprentice-master relationship?

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Glynis cousin keynote

  1. 1. Student centredness• Responsibility Against banking• Active learning Facilatator Co-inquiry• partnership
  2. 2. At Liverpool• Centralise all signposting and services, including a ‘how-to guide’, from pre-registration to alumni for students and for staff.• Conduct module based appraisal within a module as opposed to at the end.• Feedback on Feedback must be a priority to maintain dialogue with students at all levels and in all affairs• Assure research-led teaching
  3. 3. 2• Define and police terminology and how it is used both on campus and in prospectuses. We should be using the same language as the NSS, PTES and PRES.• All student services in the University should focus on the needs of students – from opening times, to processes. Apart from quality of teaching, this is the area where the idea of value-for-money was most debated.• Develop the role of students as partners in the design of curricula – through module review workshops and in the curriculum review process.Student as customer
  4. 4. Contrast and compare
  5. 5. Overall, I was satisfied with myexperience at this Pizza Hut.I am likely to recommend this PizzaHut restaurant to a friend orcolleague.My experience made me want toreorder from/visit this Pizza Hutlocation again.I received great value for what Ipaid.
  6. 6. The food tasted great.I received enough toppings with myselection.The portion sizes were generous.The food was the right temperature(hot food was hot, cold food wascold).The food looked really delicious.My food was presented/packagedwell.The server/order taker listened tounderstand my order.The server/order taker wasknowledgeable and helpful with mymenu selections.
  7. 7. The server/order taker was polite,warm, and welcoming.The employee(s) I dealt with wereneat and professional inappearance.The employee(s) who served mesmiled and made eye contact.The employee(s) I dealt withmade me feel like I was talking toa friend.It seemed like everyone who wasinvolved in my order did their bestto make it a great experience.The employee(s) made me feellike a valued guest.
  8. 8. NSS• The teaching on my course Staff are good at explaining things Staff have made the subject interesting Staff are enthusiastic about what they are teaching The course is intellectually stimulating• Assessment and Feedback The criteria used in marking have been made clear in advance Assessment arrangements and marking have been fair Feedback on my work has been prompt I have received detailed comments on my work Feedback on my work has helped me clarify things I did not understand• Academic support I have received sufficient advice and support with my studies I have been able to contact staff when I needed to Good advice was available when I needed to make study choices
  9. 9. NSS• Organisation & Management The timetable works effectively as far as my activities are concerned Any changes in the course or teaching have been communicated effectively The course is well organised and is running smoothly• Learning Resources The library resources and services are good enough for my needs I have been able to access general IT resources when I needed to I have been able to access specialised equipment, facilities, or rooms when I needed to• Personal development The course has helped me to present myself with confidence My communication skills have improved As a result of the course, I feel confident in tackling unfamiliar problems
  10. 10. Mid-module evaluation• What are the key things you have learnt so far?• Is there anything that remains difficult to understand?• What changes might improve your learning?
  11. 11. Student feedback• Animation lectures are amazing… they push you to achieve your best• Brilliant teaching… lecturers were very supportive and opened up doors into the art world• My mind went up and down with ideas and I came across work I never had before which inspired me• The staff teaching on my module are very creative and helpful; they have pushed me all the way and I am very thankful to them• My confidence has grown since I commenced university when I was a timid little thing. Thanks to the constant group tutorials and presentations, this forced me to ‘ get out there’
  12. 12. • I have been able and encouraged to be a more independent person and this has not only affected me academically but also on a personal level• The lecturers really care and are passionate about what they are teaching
  13. 13. • The pizzas are amazing… the staff push you to achieve your best pizza experience• Brilliant service - staff were very supportive and opened up doors into the pizza world• My mind went up and down with ideas and I came across pizzas I never had before which inspired me
  14. 14. A gift relationshipPerhaps one way of clarifying how gifting differs from economic exchange is toexamine what parents are doing when they invest in a college education for theirchildren. In what is usually the most expensive as well as capstone purchasemost parents make… few would say it is simply like buying their child a new coatonly on a grander scale.most in fact probably would be terribly disappointed if alltheir children got was a product… people sense that college is a gift, abequeath of culture wherein their child takes major strides inbecoming a person. As with all gifting, the risks are great because theoutcomes are unpredictable. And at up to $30000 per year it is small wonder thatmore and more people are emphasising the secondary, instrumental andmeasurable goals – knowledge and skills acquisition and job preparation.Sessions, 1994:14
  15. 15. The Dove project
  16. 16. • If you are educated in the Jewish narrative, you are born in it, and that’ s what they teach you, you don’ t have a choice. The programme allows that there are different narratives, and then make up you mind about those different narratives. R2• I never had the confidence to express my views because they were not based on knowledge of the history of the conflict and of the region; and also because of my own my cultural heritage, the things I was born into, that I grew up with but never really analysed academically and spiritually as well. R7• When you live in Gaza, all that you think about is how to pass your day, how to manage to think about your evening, the maximum you will do is think about tomorrow. You will never think about the future. So life in Gaza makes your ambitions very limited. So the fact that I came here, I managed to do many things that I would never have been able to do in Gaza, it opened my eyes on the world. R1
  17. 17. The lecture theatre