Tools to leadership - Education


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A look at 10 helpful hints to working in educational leadership. Many of the 'hints' can be used for anyone in manage.

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Tools to leadership - Education

  1. 1. Tools to Leadership
  2. 2. Leadership in education is no different than leadership in business... except that it is completely different. Tools to Leadership
  3. 3. The more authority a leader is willing to share, the more influential he or she becomes. Tools to Leadership
  4. 4. Effective leaders awaken the leader within each member of the organization. Tools to Leadership
  5. 5. The primary job of the leader is to prepare those who work for her or him for their next position. Tools to Leadership
  6. 6. Despite a succession of ever-increasing leadership responsibilities, I am still a teach; only my students havechanged – from children, to high school students, to teachers, to principals, and finally to superintendents and network leaders. Tools to Leadership
  7. 7. The model for adult learning must parallel the model of student learning, and always does. That is, the way you work with anddevelop teachers invariably finds its way into classroom practice. Tools to Leadership
  8. 8. Conventional wisdom is that teachers talk and learners listen.However, the most effective teaching and leading can come from listening; and when the learner is active and talking, she or he learns more and retains it. Tools to Leadership
  9. 9. All organizations attract the quality of leadership they are designed to attract. Tools to Leadership
  10. 10. As Mas DePree advised in his book “Leadership Is an Art,” good leaders absorb pain, they don‟t inflict it. Tools to Leadership
  11. 11. Leadership is not the highest level of moral development or authority. At times, leaders may find it necessary to balance theneeds of an individual with the greater good of the organization. Such decisions must be made thoughtfully, and with humility. Tools to Leadership
  12. 12. There is no textbook, book, law, regulation, policy, procedure, code of conduct, or tool that can effectively know yourmotivation for leadership. Only you can provide that knowledge. Tools to Leadership
  13. 13. What questions do you have?Tools to Leadership
  14. 14. „Leadership image‟ created at Daniel Boyer, BA, QMed, CDTP Thank you.