Get Connected with Central Desktop - April 2012


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Wondering where to go next with Central Desktop? Want to learn how others are innovating with Central Desktop? Great – because we have answers! Come to our next monthly webinar to interact with users like you.

In each session, we chat about collaboration, answer your questions and highlight some things you may not know about using Central Desktop. Most importantly, we give you the opportunity to discuss innovative usage with other customers.

Alan Bush, Central Desktop client services representative, and Susan Fujiki, implementation consultant, Central Desktop, discuss a timely topic and then take your questions.

During this webinar, Alan and Susan will cover some helpful hints for reorganizing your Central Desktop workspaces. This will also include topics such as archiving files, folders and workspaces; backing up old workspaces; using member groups; using Central Desktop product usage reports to determine what to keep and what to remove; and much more.

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Get Connected with Central Desktop - April 2012

  1. 1. Get ConnectedSpring CleaningApril 3, 2012
  2. 2. Who are these people?Alan Bush Susan Fujiki●  Implementation Team ●  Implementation Team●  Central Desktop ●  Central Desktop●  Former Central Desktop user ●  CD’s first Aussie employee
  3. 3. YOU?
  4. 4. Agenda●  Discussion topic: Spring Cleaning●  Q&A●  Community conversation
  5. 5. What are these calls all about?●  Vibrant, active user community●  Conversations o  Highlight: Central Desktop and specific customer(s) o  Informal dialogue: between all customers
  6. 6. What these calls are NOT●  Not a sales pitch. We won’t try to sell you on additional services or upgrades.●  Not a forum for feature requests. Use the Ideasphere
  7. 7. “I have a question”●  If you have a question, ask it in the question box.●  We will answer questions after the best practices.●  We will also have an open discussion session after the best practice session.
  8. 8. SpringCleaning#CDSpringClean
  9. 9. Save Space Under the limit Find it faster Correct/Up-to-daVersion te WHY? I still haven ’t found wh ther er r molooking for at I’m You ou bett stent ed y Consi rais this OCD Nav igation than
  10. 10. Get It CleanKeep It Clean
  11. 11. Get It Clean
  12. 12. Doing Everyone’s Dishes
  13. 13. Tools ForCleaning Up
  14. 14. Tools ForCleaning Up• Archive Folders• ArchiveWorkspaces• WorkspaceGroups• Reports
  15. 15. otG It CleanGet
  16. 16. Keep It Clean
  17. 17. Keep It CleanRULES OF ENGAGEMENT
  18. 18. A place foreverything…
  19. 19. … and everythingin its place.
  20. 20. Workspace Access PolicyFiles and Folder PolicyEnd of Project Policy
  21. 21. Workspace Access Policy
  22. 22. Workspace Access Policy• Who is the Admin?• Internal Vs. External Access• Establish Rules• Post Rules to Intranet• Revisit Policies Often
  23. 23. - Michael Sampson, Collaboration Roadmap Files and Folder Policy
  24. 24. Files and Folder Policy●  Cross-Workspace Standardization●  File Naming Schema●  Tags
  25. 25. End of Project Policy
  26. 26. Thoughts?Tips?Tricks?COMMUNITYCONVERSATIONS
  27. 27. Continue the Conversation● User Forums● Central Desktop Connections - Linkedin● Twitter #CDSpringClean
  28. 28. Next Get Connected Call●  Carl Frappaolo on Knowledge Management●  Have an idea? We’d love to showcase it!
  29. 29. Contact usWe don’t bite!Client Services626.689.4420success@centraldesktop.comAlan