Media Publisher Finds File and Content Management Tool


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Growing media publisher Olympia Media Group chooses Central Desktop as it's primary content management and sharing tool, and successfully connects over 100 employees and 300 writers across the country.

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Media Publisher Finds File and Content Management Tool

  1. 1. Growing Media Publisher Easily Organizes and Manages COMPANY Content Online Olympia Media Group The Challenge: Managing Thousands of Pieces of Content INDUSTRY In nine weeks, Olympia Media Group produced 106 issues of The Odyssey, which translates to 1,700 Publishing pages, 800 ads and 1,450 articles. With so much content being produced at such a rapid pace, Olympia Media Group needed a single place to store files and manage the production of each issue. The company needed an online solution to help connect its 100 employees and 300 writers based HEADQUARTERS across the country in various universities. Olympia Media Group also had plans to expand to 27 Indianapolis, IN universities by the end of the academic year and 40 additional universities the following year. Olympia Media Group initially used 37 Signals’ products but quickly outgrew them as the company continued to expand into more schools. Olympia Media Group needed a file-sharing tool that would allow its staff to access its files regardless of where they were located. In its first year, Olympia Media Group was producing four papers with three people on the creative team, but quickly grew to producing 18 papers with only eight people on the creative team each week. Each issue of The Odyssey required the coordination of dozens of people including publishers, sales managers,ABOUT Olympia Media Group designers and editors. The company needed a solution that would help them manage all of these Founded in June 2009, moving parts. Olympia Media Group publishes The Odyssey, a weekly lifestyle paper The Solution: Central Desktop as a File Sharing and Communication Tool targeted at the Greek community, fraternities and sororities. As of Fall 2010, Olympia Media Group’s Chief Creative Officer Adrian France selected Central Desktop as its The Odyssey is being collaboration solution and began using it immediately. Using Central Desktop’s cloning feature, she published in 18 universities, created workspaces for each school that publishes The Odyssey. Within each workspace, she including Indiana organized folders for each type of material – articles, photos, ads, illustrations, etc. This allowed University, Texas Tech Olympia Media Group to easily locate any file that was needed. University, Penn State University and the From an operations perspective, Central University of Southern California. Desktop’s tasks feature was heavily used by “We literally spend all day in Olympia Media Group to ensure that internal Central Desktop. It has increased deadlines were met. Any changes that needed to our productivity by about 45%.” be made to The Odyssey in the proofing process were assigned as tasks so that they could be tracked and recorded. Additionally, Olympia ~ Adrian France, Chief Creative Media Group used online documents to develop Officer outlines for each issue and the online calendar for tracking upcoming issue dates. Using Central Desktop helped Olympia Media Group be more organized and efficient. Central Desktop played an extremely important role in facilitating communication between Olympia Media Group’s publishers, sales and creative team. Central Desktop gave the publishers based at each school and the staff at Olympia Media Group’s headquarters in Indianapolis a way to keep in constant contact with each other. It gave them the freedom to access their work at any time, as well as a secure place to save their files. For more information, contact Sales at 866-900-7646 or