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201148567 c. r tladi


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Watch and learn.

Watch and learn.

Published in: Education

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  • Good day ladies and gentleman please sit back and be prepared to enjoy.
  • Education is the key to success. As a matter of fact without a teacher, education will not take place at all. As we all know that when one has education is like opening doors to your dreams.
  • The following presentation will focus on the knowledge of the society agenda, the pervasiveness of technology, using (ICT) Information communication technology together with the educational goals and lastly the future strategies of the objectives.
  • Teaching is the mother of all professions. So therefore a teacher is a care giver who will ensure that the learners feel at home whenever they are in a classroom environment or at school. In addition a teacher must be the subject specialist meaning that she must be an expect in dealing with the subject issues, for example an English teacher must teach the learners how to read and write properly. As a matter of fact teacher may also appear as personal advisors in helping the learners choose their different career paths, yet they must under go a lot of training through workshops and meetings in order to improve as life long learners and ensuring that they upgrade their qualifications in order to produce the quality education. In support, the teacher must also take into account the prior knowledge of the learners when developing the new knowledge.
  • Most of the times the learners are around the teachers meaning that teachers are the guidance of the learners when their parents are away working. Whenever there’s a problem the teacher will attend to it yet act as a Doctor to ensure that the learners are in save hands and well taken care of.
  • It is true that in order for a teacher to be able to stand in front of the learners, He/she must be qualified with (SACE) South African Council of educators so that she can abide the rules and policies of the school. A teacher as a role model must act in an ethical manner.
  • It is true that knowledge is power, for example looking at the learners who are school dropouts and the learners that attend school, one will see the gap. For example the learners that attend school grow cognitively, and their reason abilities expand but in construct to the learners that do no attend school usually mature later than their normal age.
  • A teacher in the knowledge society will act as a tutor or rather a coach in a learner cantered environment. For example the curriculum must be hidden so According to (Pierre, 2000) an important tool that might be used to enrich learning can be an internet via computer was by there will interactions taking place in the social networks such as Google, cell phones in order to make communication easier and faster, for example even home works can be communicated via computers using Skype by means of exploring technologies. It is also true that an educator should always be present to ensure that education takes place smoothly. that diversity is encouraged in a democratic country because together we can do more. Not only will the learners explore yet they will also be building their knowledge through interactions and sharing of information.
  • If the whole society and learners could work together and achieve one purpose, surely the world will be a better place for all.
  • As a matter of fact it is also essential to take into account that learners learn differently yet the use of technology will help to accommodate all learners’ weather auditory, tactical or kinetic. For example, teaching should teaching can occur through poems, watching TV, learners making research (lifelong learners), grasp opportunities, and participating while developing the communication skills. The most easier part is that the information will be right on their finger tips, just by the click of the mouse information will be sent and received.
  • In order for the learners to learn they will need to be creative and pay attention, so therefore both learners and teacher must get training in using the electronic devices that advances with time to ensure the fact that the quality of education is achieved. Looking at the Brightside, whereby learners spend most of their times on social networks, the use of including the educational programs and games can contribute to the intellectual capacity of a learner.
  • Learning can occur through poems, watching TV, learners making research (lifelong learners), grasp opportunities, and participating.The technology has increased rapidly compared to the previous years and is taking over the world, most of the learners will devote their time an energy on electronics and sometimes gain weight. The point is that technology has changed our societies due to the fact that education is viewed differently. For example learners used to acquire knowledge through story telling from one generation to another, but today the television is influential together with the educational programs like Matrics Uploaded helping the learners to get good grades.
  • The above pictures are a clear example of how technology advances, now the learners leave in a technological error whereby they use smart phones, instead of computers the laptops are being introduced and there are no more cassettes and CDs but the disk drive play a crucial role.
  • However, in (Sandovac, 2009) point of view, the modern communication helps the learners to witness the things that happen around the world with the help of TV, Radio and Computers. Through the use of the communication tools, the interaction is taking place meaning that people learn from one another and explore together with expanding their own knowledge while developing communication skills. In support Ian outlined that the exposure of the massages create an educational value, yet keep the learners interested while entertaining them educationally. As a matter of fact through technologies the world is a global village and it is both easy and faster to communicate crucial issues too.
  • This figure indicates the percentage in which the learners exposed to the technology is increase from the first day they start school. A practical example could be the comparison between the learners from the model C schools and learners from the rural areas there's a huge gap. One will notice that learners in the model C schools will ba able to reason about the things happening around them because they are expose to the technologies and excel in school while the rural learner might struggle in the classroom sometimes it might be because of the lack of access to technology.
  • The whole world has one goal when it comes to education. Looking at the picture, one can see that some countries have more population than the others or rather advantages more than the others. In the next slide one will explore the one goal issue.
  • Looking at the Brightside whereby the educational goal for all is to ensure that the basic education is compulsory to all the learners and they will have the responsibility to reflect on their own learning. There will be an education that will be free for all yet there shall be equal opportunities together with fairness in the distribution of the resources such as books, furniture and buildings.
  • Even the South African President supports the one goal campaign and leading by example showing us that education is important.
  • In addition there shall be no discrimination against the colour of the skin, disabilities and the previously disadvantaged will also benefit. As a matter of fact for the educational goal to occur, the curriculum must be relevant, for example one cannot teach a rural child about a dolphin while the learner cannot swim, so therefore the rural learners must be taught how to farm. Meaning that the curriculum must be flexible, teach the learners some basic skills, on how to count and add because Maths is day to day life experience. Yet again teachers, learners and the whole nation must work together in achieving the educational goal.
  • The whole world is involved in this campaign because together we can achieve better results.
  • Everything has the start, middle and end but in this case, one has to stop for a moment and reflect about the importance of one goal, the value it can add to ones life, how it can benefit the disadvantaged people, how it can be achieved, how is it important to the world.
  • The following video about the one goal will ensure that people get an understand of the reason behind the one goal approach and how the objectives should be met.
  • When looking at the pie chart whereby the maximum portion of the learners need education is crucial compared to the other countries around the world.
  • When looking at the high rate of illiterates African countries take the number one spot, so therefore it is important for all the African countries to try hard an participate in the One goal campaign so that with success there will a reduction of poverty and political inequalities yet they will be able to participate in the global market share.
  • The following video will illustrate the point of view further by unpacking the use of pervasiveness of the technology by both the teachers and learners in the classroom or in a society at large.
  • According to (Trevor Manuel, 2011) there will be elimination of poverty and a reduction of inequalities in terms of wealth together with the increase in inclusive education which cater for all the eleven official languages in South Africa. The main aim is to improve the education system from the Apartheid era till now. It is also important to remember that learners must be the centre of attention at all times. In other words the learners will learn other peoples languages, explore the different cultures yet obtaining equal educational opportunities.
  • In the near future there should be skills acquired by the learners to prepare them for a better work force that will suit their needs and positions. As a matter of fact the plan outlines that the learners will all be accommodated regardless of their disabilities, race or color “inclusive education”.
  • Never mind the technology has taken over, yet the library still needs to be established so that the learners will be able to get good references and the culture will be passed on from one generation to the other. Again the use of multiple languages is essential for personal growth and brain. Life long learning also play a crucial role.
  • This picture outlines the importance of getting education because now the leaners are being prepared for their future positions in the work place and yet they are a major contribution to the economic growth and development. Maths and science together with technology are one of the important subjects that makes he world to go round in generating the economic growth.
  • The parents and the community must work together with the state to ensure that public schools get better resources, the tax payers money must also ensure that the school resources are well taken care of fir example the new computers must be purchased and the schools must be a good condition. The other thing is that more money will contributed in the national budget as a way of investing in the future.
  • Teachers use different types of the teaching methods, to ensure that the learners understand the contents , yet before the new contents can be introduced, the use of prior knowledge is crucial so that the learners will be able to build on the new knowledge.
  • In order for a teachers to be competent at all they must come to class prepared all the times with the lesson plans, as we all know that all the learners learn differently so therefore exploring new tools such as gadgets and Skype in the classroom can come in very handy. Not forgetting the teaching of basic skills is crucial, while reflecting on action and changing the teaching methods as a new way of adapting will be off great importance.
  • The chalk and a blackboard have been used many years ago yet when the technology advances there will an introduction to the touch screens, white boarders that will be effective in the 21st century and adapting to the change as well.
  • The world be a better place if all worked together, teaching each other computers and using computer games to stimulate our learning capabilities while training the mind. At the end of the day the learners must be assessed and be given feed back so that they will be able to see their strengths and weaknesses.
  • This are all the sources that helped me compile the presentation to be a success.
  • Thank you all for devoting your time into coming to the presentation and being a wonderful audience. Ladies and gentle man I hope that you have learnt a lot from today, hoping that the knowledge will be transmitted from one generation to the other. Remember together we can do more.
  • That’s all we have for today………………………..
  • Transcript

    • 1. DREAMSfuture
    • 2. Key issues : What is a teacher? The knowledge of the society agenda. The pervasiveness of technology. Using (ICT) Information communication technology . The educational goals and lastly the future strategies of the objectives.
    • 3.  Very experienced. Care givers . Life long learners. Subject specialist. Helps the learners. Adviser. The teacher must be qualified. Undergo a lot of training .
    • 4.  Effective teachers must be qualified The teachers must upgrade Teachers must go to work shops Attend training South African Council of Educators. Curriculum must be flexible Encourage learners.
    • 5.  Knowledge society- sharing and transferring of the knowledge in the society through the interactions of our everyday lives. Strengthen communication through advanced technologies. Interactions with social networks e.g Google, Facebook, tweeter.. Sharing of information with one another faster through internet and cell phones. Learning from one another to expand our knowledge. Exploring new advanced technologies(Skype, internet). Teachers use tools and develop the new teaching strategies.(hidden curriculum)
    • 6. The knowledge society video.
    • 7.  From story telling to television. Letters to emails and telephones.  Drawings and cameras and videos.
    • 8. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Creativity.  Some learners loose Faster communication. their roots and traditions Improvements of the along the lines. standards of living and  Inability to keep up with advancements. the advancement of Increase knowledge technology. capacity  Learners become obese. And lazy to think.
    • 9.  Learners are kept posted about what happens in the world. Exposure to educational programs and value. Entertainment while learning. Global village
    • 10. Free educationNo discrimination Equal opportunitie s
    • 11.  There shall be no discrimination against others. The curriculum must be relevant and flexible. Skills and knowledge development. Basic skills.
    • 12.  Think of ways in which the one goal can be achieved…. The purpose of one goal… How is this important to the world…..
    • 13. Watch and learn……………..
    • 14. Take a closer look. Education for all African countries Earstern countries Asian countries western countries
    • 15. Video time……
    • 16. o Inclusive education and no discriminationo Eleven official languages.o Elimination of poverty and inequalities.
    • 17.  More skills will be obtained. The state will be involved in ensuring that the resources are available for all the learners. The schools will be funded equally.
    • 18.  Public services such infrastructure. Public schools. Access to free education.
    • 19.  Different teaching strategies. Exploring new tools for learning. Lesson plans always up to date. Teaching basic skills. Learning new methods of teaching.
    • 20.  The importance of group work. Computer tutorials. Computer games to stimulate learning. Assessments and feed back
    • 21.  Technology advancement and teacher training is crucial The state is a helping hand. The one goal campaign is another strategy for good economic growth. Teacher training and upgrading qualifications is also essential. The need for communications and an educated society is also important. Strategic methods and tools for teaching.