Heredity Jeopardy
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Heredity Jeopardy



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Heredity Jeopardy Heredity Jeopardy Presentation Transcript

  • Jeopardy The Monk Dominance Punnet Squares Vocabulary Potpourri Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $100 Q $100 Q $100 Q $200 Q $200 Q $200 Q $200 Q $300 Q $300 Q $300 Q $300 Q $400 Q $400 Q $400 Q $400 Q $500 Q $500 Q $500 Q $500 Final Jeopardy
  • $100 Question from H1 He is known as the “Father of Genetics”
  • $100 Answer from H1 Who is Gregor Mendel
  • $200 Question from H1 This occurs when a plant pollinates a different plant
  • $200 Answer from H1 What is cross-pollination
  • $300 Question from H1 The passing of traits from parent to offspring
  • $300 Answer from H1 What is heredity
  • $400 Question from H1 When a plant fertilizes itself
  • $400 Answer from H1 What is self-pollination
  • $500 Question from H1 An inherited characteristic is also known as
  • $500 Answer from H1 What is a trait
  • $100 Question from H2 When gene pairs are written, The dominant allele has what
  • $100 Answer from H2 What is a captial letter
  • $200 Question from H2 Using the letter “K”, what is The genotype of a heterozygous Individual?
  • $200 Answer from H2 Hetero means different… so Kk
  • $300 Question from H2 When the color orange (O) Is dominant in flowers, the Genotype of green flowers would be
  • $300 Answer from H2
  • $400 Question from H2 When there is incomplete Dominance, what is happening?
  • $400 Answer from H2 Each allele has it’s own degree Of influence. For example: crossing red and white Flowers to get pink
  • $500 Question from H2 What is co-dominance
  • $500 Answer from H2 Both traits are equally expressed For example: a persons blood type (A, B, AB, O) is determined by the Presence of multiple alleles. A person With AB blood exhibits co-dominance
  • $100 Question from H3 What is the percent chance that They will have a homozygous Dominant child T T t T
  • $100 Answer from H3 50%
  • $200 Question from H3 The ability to taste (T) is Dominant to non-tasting (t). Mom Is homozygous for PTC tasting. Dad is a non-taster. What is the percent Chance that they will have a homozygous Recessive child?
  • $200 Answer from H3 0%
  • $300 Question from H3 The allele for pink hair (P) in EMO Kids is dominant to green (p). If two Heterozygous EMO’s were to cross, what Would the phenotypes be and in what quantity.
  • $300 Answer from H3 Three pink and one green
  • $400 Question from H3 This is used to organize possible Offspring combinations
  • $400 Answer from H3 What is a punnet square
  • $500 Question from H3 Using the letter Q, what is the genotype Of a homozygous dominant individual
  • $500 Answer from H3 QQ
  • $100 Question from H4 The process of cell division found Only in sex cells which reduces the Chromosome number to one-half
  • $100 Answer from H4 What is meiosis
  • $200 Question from H4 A trait can be tracked from Generation to generation on a chart called
  • $200 Answer from H4 What is a pedigree
  • $300 Question from H4 An organized profile of a persons chromosomes
  • $300 Answer from H4 What is a karyotype
  • $400 Question from H4 Change in the genetic material
  • $400 Answer from H4 What is a mutation
  • $500 Question from H4 A person that passes on, but Does not themselves show a trait
  • $500 Answer from H4 What is a carrier
  • $100 Question from H5 The mathematical chance that Something will happen. Used quite Often in genetics
  • $100 Answer from H5 What is probability
  • $200 Question from H5 Sex-linked disorders are more common In males than in females. Why?
  • $200 Answer from H5 Males only have one X chromosome Females have two
  • $300 Question from H5 Carries the genes that determine sex
  • $300 Answer from H5 What are sex chromosomes
  • $400 Question from H5 The different forms of a gene that Decide a characteristic (ex: brown or blue) Are known as
  • $400 Answer from H5 What are alleles
  • $500 Question from H5 A picture or map of a chromosome Is called
  • $500 Answer from H5 What is a karyotype
  • Final Jeopardy Mendel called the trait that appeared in ALL of His first-generation plants this
  • Final Jeopardy Answer What is a dominant trait