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Canterbury Tales Jeopardy


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Canterbury Tales, Characterization, Literature, British, Chaucer

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Canterbury Tales Jeopardy

  1. 1. Canterbury Tales Review
  2. 2. Jeopardy Prologue Nun’s Priest Pardoner’s Literary Terms Characterization Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $100Q $100 Q $100 Q $200 Q $200 Q $200 Q $200 Q $300 Q $300 Q $300 Q $300 Q $400 Q $400 Q $400 Q $400 Q $500 Q $500 Q $500 Q $500 Final Jeopardy
  3. 3. $100 Question from Prologue Whom do the Pilgrims agree to set Up as the judge of the friendly Competition?
  4. 4. $100 Answer from Prologue The Host
  5. 5. $200 Question from Prologue In the early lines of the Prologue how Many pilgrims does Chaucer Say meet at the inn and plan to go on The pilgrimage before the host and Chaucer decide to join them?
  6. 6. $200 Answer from Prologue 9 and 20 OR 29
  7. 7. $300 Question from Prologue Why were the pilgrims going to Canterbury?
  8. 8. $300 Answer from Prologue To visit Thomas Becket’s shrine
  9. 9. $400 Question from Prologue What does the Host say the person Who tells the best story win?
  10. 10. $400 Answer from Prologue A banquet or feast in their honor
  11. 11. $500 Question from Prologue What are the details of the competition That the host proposes?
  12. 12. $500 Answer from Prologue Each pilgrim will tell two stories On the way to Canterbury and two Stories on the return journey
  13. 13. $100 Question from the Nun’s Priest’s Tale Which character trait almost leads To Chanticleer’s downfall?
  14. 14. $100 Answer from Nun’s Priest’s Tales Tendency to boast OR boastful pride
  15. 15. $200 Question from Nun’s Priest’s Tale How does the fox trick Chanticleer Into lowering his guard?
  16. 16. $200 Answer from Nun’s Priest’s Tale He compliments Chanticleer’s singing And persuades him to sing.
  17. 17. $300 Question from Nun’s Priest’s Tale What is the moral of the Nun’s Priest’s Tale?
  18. 18. $300 Answer from Nun’s Priest’s Tale Beware of flattery
  19. 19. $400 Question from Nun’s Priest’s Tale In what way do Chanticleer and Pertilote follow the rules of courtly Love?
  20. 20. $400 Answer from Nun’s Priest’s Tale They refrain from touching
  21. 21. $500 Question from Nun’s Priest’s Tale The narrator of the “Nun’s Priest’s Tale” portrays himself as a man who…
  22. 22. $500 Answer from Nun’s Priest’s Tale Dislikes and mistrusts women
  23. 23. $100 Question from Pardoner’s The moral of the Pardoner’s Tale is… (besides “if you go looking for death, You will find it”)
  24. 24. $100 Answer from Pardoner’s Greed is the root of all evil
  25. 25. $200 Question from Pardoner’s What do the two of the rioters decide To do to the third rioter upon his return To increase their share of the gold?
  26. 26. $200 Answer from Pardoner’s Stab the other rioter upon his return
  27. 27. $300 Question from Pardoner’s In the “Pardoner’s Tale” the three Rioters are sure that they can destroy Death, and yet they fail to see that they Are falling into his trap. This is an Example of ________.
  28. 28. $300 Answer from Pardoner’s Irony
  29. 29. $400 Question from Pardoner’s The “Pardoner’s Tale” is an example Of what type of short anecdotal story meant to illustrate a point?
  30. 30. $400 Answer from Pardoner’s Exemplum
  31. 31. $500 Question from Pardoner’s What basic storytelling elements Are found in the “Pardoner’s Tale” That are found in folk literature Around the world?
  32. 32. $500 Answer from Pardoner’s Archetypal narrative elements
  33. 33. $100 Question from Lit Terms A brief tale usually involving animals That is told to point out a moral truth
  34. 34. $100 Answer from Lit Terms Fable
  35. 35. $200 Question from Lit Terms A humorous imitation of another Piece or of a type of writing
  36. 36. $200 Answer from Lit Terms Parody
  37. 37. $300 Question from Lit Terms Information about a character that You must infer by their actions or dress
  38. 38. $300 Answer from Lit Terms Indirect characterization
  39. 39. $400 Question from Lit Terms The style of writing where language Of an epic is parodied applying it to Trivial terms
  40. 40. $400 Answer from Lit Terms Mock-heroic style
  41. 41. $500 Question from Lit Terms Writing that offers insight into Society, its values, and its customs. The Canterbury Tales is an example.
  42. 42. $500 Answer from Lit Terms Social commentary
  43. 43. $100 Question from Characterization: Direct or Indirect “… he was not gaily dressed.”
  44. 44. $100 Answer from Characterization: D or I? Indirect
  45. 45. $200 Question from Characterization: D or I? “There was a knight, a most Distinguished man.”
  46. 46. $200 Answer from Characterization: D or I? Direct
  47. 47. $300 Question from Characterization: D or I? “He was not too fat”
  48. 48. $300 Answer from Characterization: D or I? Direct
  49. 49. $400 Question from Characterization: D or I? “He could make songs and poems And recite.”
  50. 50. $400 Answer from Characterization: D or I? Indirect
  51. 51. $500 Question from Characterization: D or I? “A medal of St. Christopher he wore.”
  52. 52. $500 Answer from Characterization: D or I? Indirect
  53. 53. Final Jeopardy Which word best describes Pertelote’s attitude toward Chanticleer in “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale” when she tells Chanticleer when he is afraid, “How dare you say for shame, and to your Love./ That anything at all was to be feared? / Have you No manly heart to match your beard?” (lines 98-100) a.Vain b.Playful c.Derisive d.thoughtless
  54. 54. Final Jeopardy Answer C. Derisive- which also means scornful