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Genetics Notes


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What exactly are alleles? What do they do? How are they related to chromosomes? How are they related to genes?

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Genetics Notes

  1. 1. 100100 100100 200200 200200 400400 300300 400400 Punnett Squares Genetic Vocabulary Word Problems Fun Stuff (unlocked once every 3 correct answers) 300300 300300 200200 400400 100100 500500 500500 500500 100 200 300 400 500
  2. 2. $100 Cross Rr with rr. % of RR: % of Rr: % of rr: RR: 0%, Rr: 50%, rr: 50%
  3. 3. $100 The genetic code of an organism. Consists of two alleles. Genotype
  4. 4. $100 Hair on the knuckles is recessive. Gertrude has hair on her knuckles. She marries Gregor, who is homozygous dominant for no hair. % of kids with hair: % of kids with no hair: 0% have hair. 100% do not have hair.
  5. 5. $100 “No more rhymes, now, I mean it!” “Does anybody want a peanut?” What movie are these quotes from? The Princess Bride
  6. 6. $200 BB crossed with bb. % of BB: % of Bb: % of bb: BB: 0%, Bb: 100%, bb: 0%
  7. 7. $200 Physical expression of the genetic code. (This is what the organism looks like) Phenotype
  8. 8. $200 Greta has brown eyes, a dominant trait. Her daughter, Griselda, has blue eyes, a recessive trait. What is the father’s genotype and phenotype? bb, blue eyes.
  9. 9. $200 What is the first thing seen at the beginning of all of the Star Wars Movies? A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
  10. 10. $300 25% of the F1 generation of pea plants are homozygous dominant for the tall trait. What is the genotype and phenotype of the parent (P) generation? Tt, Tall Advance to Final Jeopardy
  11. 11. $300 Who was the “Father of Genetics,” and what was his job? Gregor Mendel, Monk Advance to Final Jeopardy
  12. 12. $300 Yoda has long ears, a dominant trait. His father had long ears as well. His mother had long ears, too. Explain why Yoda’s genotype could be homozygous OR heterozygous. His mom could be Ll, but given Yoda the L. Same with the father. Advance to Final Jeopardy
  13. 13. $300 How many horns does Darth Maul have on his pretty head? Ten Advance to Final Jeopardy
  14. 14. $400 If a pea plant has the genotype TT, what are the possible genotypes of its parent? Show punnett squares proving your answers. TT, or Tt. Advance to Final Jeopardy
  15. 15. $400 What does the word “Homozygous” mean? The same alleles or letters – example: BB or bb NOT Bb Advance to Final Jeopardy
  16. 16. $400 Clarence has extra long pinky fingers (a recessive trait), and is married to Clarita, who has normal pinky fingers. They have 16 children, 9 of whom have normal fingers. What is Clarita’s genotype? Prove it with a Punnett Square! Pp or heterozygous. Advance to Final Jeopardy
  17. 17. $400 Does Dora the Explorer’s mother have the same color eyes as Dora? What color? Advance to Final Jeopardy Yes - brown
  18. 18. $500 25% Advance to Final Jeopardy Cross a homozygous dominant tall pea plant with a homozygous recessive short pea plant. Now cross all of the expected offspring of the F1 generation. What % of the F2 generation are Homozygous tall?
  19. 19. $500 What does the word “phenotype” mean? Physical expression of the genetic code. Advance to Final Jeopardy
  20. 20. $500 Mom and dad both have brown eyes, all their kids have brown eyes, and all the kids’ kids have brown eyes. What are mom and dad’s genotypes? Homozygous dominant for brown - BB Advance to Final Jeopardy
  21. 21. $500 Who did Han Solo owe a lot of money to? Jabba the Hutt Advance to Final Jeopardy Advance to Double Jeopardy
  22. 22. Final Jeopardy! What is the difference between co-dominance and incomplete dominance? Co-dominance Incomplete Dominance
  23. 23. Co-dominance Incomplete Dominance Both genes are fully expressed at the same time – example: white and red spots on a flower petal The dominant gene isn’t strong enough to completely overpower the recessive gene – there is a blend of the two – example: pink petals