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BullsEye NJ


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1.  
  • 2. About Us
    • Leaders in the digital space since 2003
      • Seasoned Print, Radio, TV and web professionals
    • Patent pending proprietary algorithmic systems
    • Recipients of the National ADM award
    • Featured on Google Agency-Land
    • Measurable results with business intelligence previously unattainable .
      • Control, Targeting & Transparency
  • 3. Back Office API ’ s To Major Networks *Application Programming Interface
  • 4. Challenge # 1
    • There are literally millions of potential search results to choose from …
  • 5. Our Solution
    • Sponsored Results – Targeting First Page
    * Ultimately, campaign management and advertising budget determines placement. Sponsored Links FAST, ACCOUNTABLE RESULTS
  • 6. Organic Optimization
    • SEO Based on Statistically Significant Results …
    • Use of actual campaign data.
      • specific down to IP Address activity
    • Complete analysis delivered to you.
      • Laser specific keywords for individual site pages
    • On going SEO management.
  • 7. SEM / SEO Working Together * Ultimately, campaign management and advertising budget determines placement.
  • 8. Challenge # 2 There are numerous places to search Online…
  • 9. The Old 2005 Search Market Two search engines powered virtually all Internet search.
  • 10. An Evolving Local Marketplace
  • 11. All Properties Are Targeted Our Solution: Total Saturation…Reach 95% of Your Market Locally, Regionally or Nationally
  • 12. Content Networks Users spend nearly half of their time viewing content Users spend nearly half of their time viewing content
  • 13. Targeted Ads
    • Poorly Targeted ad
    • Low Relevancy
    • Higher CPC
    • Highly Targeted ad
    • High Relevancy
    • Lower CPC
    • Better Conversions
    Mattress Center Local stores in your area Call today! Great Bed For Back Pain Relax Your Back At Night With An Adjustable Bed. Free Catalog! Mattress for back pain Electric mattress Hospital Beds Memory foam bed Best bed for back B est bed for back pain B est bed for back problems B est bed for back support
  • 14. Challenge #3 Reaching only the local prospects, in your market… Our Solution : A combination of IP-targeting technology, keyword modifiers and properly designed ads target your specific market. Target your Region, City or Local Area.
  • 15. Target Specific Areas
  • 16. Target Specific Cities
  • 17. Drive Traffic With Local Business Listings
  • 18. Promote Business Locations With Local Business Ads
  • 19. Targeted Results on HTML Phones I-phone, T-mobile G1 and others
    • Ability to track mobile HTML web pages
      • user path making a purchase from start to finish
    • Mobile-specific calls-to-action
    • Exclusive campaign creation
    • Accountable results
    “ Last Christmas, the iPhone drove more traffic to worldwide than any other mobile platform.” Source Inside AdWords crew
  • 20. Expand Your Reach With Image & Video Ads
  • 21. Push to Social Networks
  • 22. Social Networks Facts
    • From 2007 to 2011, US adult usage will rise from 37% to 49%
      • US teen usage will increase from 70% to 84%.
    • Changes in technology are expanding social networking experiences.
      • User profiles offer highly targeted advertising opportunities
    • US social network advertising will rise from $920 million in 2007 to $2.7 billion in 2011
  • 23. Social Networks
  • 24. Challenge #4 No way to accurately track activity or results… online sales impressions conversions repeat clients phone calls walk-ins new customers clicks offline sales site activity R.O.I.
  • 25. The “ Proxy ” Process How Is It Done?
  • 26. The “ Proxy ” Process Remote Call Forward Numbers Automatically Assigned.
  • 27. Log In Access To Reports
  • 28. Daily Reports Track All Activity And Leads
  • 29. Statistics Per Network
  • 30. User IP Address
  • 31. Phone Call Data
  • 32. Enhanced Call Reports
  • 33. Detailed Caller Information
  • 34. Call Activity
  • 35. Caller Demographics
  • 36. Site Activity
  • 37. Conversion Based Optimization
  • 38. Conversion Based Optimization Path
  • 39. Converting Demographic Keywords
  • 40. Conversion Based Optimization
  • 41. Thank You!
  • 42. Project
    • Drive quality traffic to the website
      • Form submissions
      • Phone call leads
      • Track all online activity down to IP Address
  • 43. Objective
    • Drive the Cost Per Order ( CPO ) down from the current average through the use of:
      • Targeting Directed Ad copy A/B Testing
      • Deep Linking
      • Deep Linking
      • Relevant Keywords
    Get Better Rest You Deserve A Better Night's Sleep. Learn More About Adjustable Beds! www.Sleepy' A Bed For Better Sleep Your Search For Better Rest Ends With Contour Adjustable Beds! www.Sleepy' Sleep More Soundly Adjustable Beds Can Rejuvenate Your Body. Experience The Difference! www.Sleepy' Adjustable Beds From Sleepy's Sleepy's Beds Can Rejuvenate Your Body. Experience The Difference! www.Sleepy' Small Office Internet Provider Internet Service Provider Internet Service Business Internet Service
  • 44.
    • Extremely Competitive Marketplace
      • Offline Efforts affect online results
    Challenge Offline Efforts
  • 45. Measurement
    • A lead will be recognized as a Phone call or Form Submission
  • 46. Key Metrics
    • Impressions
    • Clicks
    • Form Submissions
    • Calls
    • Revenue
  • 47. Targeting
    • Demographic area supported by Optimum Services
      • IP Targeting (proprietary to BullsEye)
      • Current targeting mechanisms via each network
      • Ongoing negative implementation based on referring strings
  • 48. Keywords & Ad Copy
    • Initial Launch
    • Current Optimum campaign keywords and ad copy
    • BullsEye and Network specific keyword and ad copy
    • Deep Linking for all ad groups
    • (all copy submitted for approved before launch)
    • Post Launch
    • A/B Testing on all ads
    • Ongoing algorithmic removal of non converting keywords
    • Ongoing updates/additional keywords to maximize conversion
    • Continued tweaking of ad copy
          • (with Cablevision’s approval)
  • 49. Schedule Meeting schedule after launch: Week 1: Review of Impressions and Clicks Week 2: Review of Week 1 Site Activity/Pages Per Click/Pages Viewed Week 3: Review of Week 1 and 2 Plus CPL Data Conversion Report Week 4: Full Month Report: Mapping, Top Keywords, Path Tracking