Here's What You Might Have Missed in the World of PPC


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A run down of recent changes to Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Topics range from extensions, Enhanced Campaigns and new Google Display features.

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Here's What You Might Have Missed in the World of PPC

  1. 1. PPC, Display Advertising and the Ever-Growing World of Online Marketing LEXISNEXIS / REED ELSEVIER SUMMIT
  2. 2. John A. Lee Managing Partner of Clix Marketing – search marketing agency specializing in PPC, display and social media advertising. Internet marketing professional for 7 years. Speaker: HeroConf, SES Conference, DFWSEM Conference. Author: Search Engine Watch, ClickZ, Clix Marketing Blog, PPC Hero, SEO Boy, Website Magazine, Wordstream Blog and more.
  3. 3. “ ” The only thing constant is CHANGE. - HERACLITUS It was true in ancient Greece and still rings true today.
  4. 4. Blink and You May Miss It  Google and Bing continue to evolve their search engines.  The PPC and display advertising platforms change even faster.  Targeting features. Ad innovations. Deeper segmentation.
  6. 6. Ad Innovations  Ad Format  Ad Extensions  Product Listing Ads  Exciting Beta Programs
  7. 7. Ads in the Search Results Days of the plain text ad are long gone.
  8. 8. Morphing Ad Formats  Google and Bing test placement of headline, body and display URL.  When ranked in the top 3 positions, core text is very similar to the organic listings below.  This has lead to improved click- through-rate when in the top ad positions.
  9. 9. Location Extension  Great for local business with physical locations.  Displays address, phone number and link to directions.  Available in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.
  10. 10. Call Extension  Track phone calls from the Google or Bing Search Results.  Available in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.
  11. 11. Sitelink Extension  Expand your ad copy.  Send clicks to deeper content on your website.  Available in Google AdWords* and Bing Ads. *AdWords also allows for Expanded Sitelinks with 2 additional lines of copy.
  12. 12. Seller Ratings Extension  Increase sales for e-commerce by displaying relevant 3rd party ratings.  Available in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.
  13. 13. Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns  Mobile Targeting  Bid by Geography and Time  Flexible Bid Strategies  Effect on Bing Ads
  14. 14. A Multi-Screen World  Mobile and Tablet adoption continues to increase.  Mobile search and website usage is changing.  Google has a vision for a “multi-screen world” where your online actions are the same regardless of device. *Images courtesy of
  15. 15. How Did Mobile Targeting Change in Google AdWords?  Mobile, tablet & desktop targeting brought together.  Loss of bid control.  Desktops and tablets share a bid.  Mobile has a bid adjustment option.  Loss of device specific ads.  Create text ads with a “mobile preference.”  Utilize URL variables to direct traffic to mobile specific landing pages.  Bing Ads still provides full device segmentation.
  16. 16. Positive Changes from EC  Geographic bid adjustments.  Simplified ad scheduling and bidding.  Flexible Bid Strategies.
  17. 17. “ ” There are multiple causes for concern with Google’s enhanced campaigns. - BING ADS Bing Ads responded in a big way to provide advertisers with options.
  18. 18. Enhanced Campaigns and Bing Ads  Import Enhanced Campaigns from Google AdWords seamlessly.  Bing Ads still provides device segmentation and bidding by device.
  19. 19. Changes to Google Grants  Maximum cost-per-click bid increased from $1 to $2.  Grant campaigns now governed by different algorithm that defers to other “paying” advertisers.
  20. 20. Remarketing and Search Advertising? Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) is a match made in heaven.
  21. 21. Big Changes for E-Commerce  Merchant Center to Product Listing Ads (PLA).  PLA e-commerce ads now dominate the SERPs.  Increased click-through-rate, conversions and revenue.
  22. 22. Product Listing Ads  Customize product feed.  Upload to Merchant Center.  Create segmented ad groups.  Use targeted promotional copy.
  23. 23. Import External Conversion Data to Google AdWords Lead to sales data. Phone call attribution. The possibilities are endless.
  25. 25. Contextual Targeting • Great for prospecting new visitors/customers • Group keywords thematically to target your products & services • Get granular! • Layers to build on: • Demographics: Age, Gender • Device Segmentation • Site & Keyword Exclusions
  26. 26. Placement Targeting • Great for prospecting new visitors/customers • Find Placments: • Placement performance reports, Placement Tool, AdPlanner • Just target the placement. Or… • Layers to build on: • Demographic: Age, Gender • Keywords • Device Segmentation • Test performance at domain level vs. specific URLs
  27. 27. Topic / Category Targeting • Great for prospecting new visitors/customers • Select relevant topics & categories from Google’s lists • Layers to build on: • Demographic: Age, Gender • Keywords • Device Segmentation • Exclusions • **For topics & categories, this is a MUST**
  28. 28. Remarketing Remarketing!!! Visitor Who Abandoned Cart New Product for Previous Customers Visitor Who Browsed Product X: No Purchase• Great for closing the conversion loop, customer retention, and more… • Segmentation is KEY • Remarket to visitors who do not convert • Remarket to previous customers for repeat business • Segment products, categories, on-site actions, etc. • Tag ENTIRE website. Create audience segments using URLs within AdWords or Google Analytics • Layers to build on: • Demographics: Age & Gender • Placements • Keywords (hyper targeting) • Device Segmentation • Exclusions
  29. 29. Display Ad Builder  Lowers barrier of entry for image ad creation.  Easy to use.  Static and animated ad units.
  30. 30. Display Campaign Optimizer  DCO automates the management of Display campaigns.  Adjusts bids.  Automates placement research and exclusion.  Very much “auto pilot” – tread lightly.
  31. 31. Try Out These Exciting Betas • Beta #1 • Beta #2 • Beta #3 • Beta #4 • Contact your Google AdWords rep & ask!
  32. 32. Thank You! Want to Chat? Twitter: @john_a_lee Email: Grab a business card!