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Predictive Dialler Brochure

  1. 1. Hosted DiallerSolutionTelephone: 08000588852Fax: 01792905059Web:
  2. 2. Hosted cloud diallerWe understand that your contact centre’s operations team require proactive, scalable, end to endsolutions to monitor and manage your customer contact.You shouldn’t have to change your processes to fit a dialler solution. The dialler that you choseshould be flexible enough to fit into your business and increase productivity from the get go.Blue Telecoms hosted dialler does just that. It’s a powerful predictive dialler which has beendesigned to automate the process of handling large volumes of both inbound and outbound calls,and to follow the workflow as defined by your business practices.The dialler uses complex pre-configured algorithms mixed with an array of user defined options tominimise the time that agents spend when waiting between conversations, and make sure thatcustomers are dealt with quickly and efficiently.It also ensures that you comply with Ofcom regulations for telesales and marketing, and also hasthe ability to make sure you are TPS, ICO, PhonePayPlus and FSA compliant as well.Introduction
  3. 3. Multiple data centresworldwideStrict criteria for datacentre security andredundancyReliable and fast datacarrier backbonesUnderutilised state ofthe art networkHosted cloud diallerBlue Telecoms hosted dialler is hosted in multiple nextgeneration data centres. We use multiple different datacentres and suppliers, which ensures both redundancy andfailover as well as our servers being closer to ourcustomers. We currently have servers in Manchester UK,London Docklands UK, Roubaix France, and Houston US.All our data centres meet a minimum criteria of: Redundant power feeds Maximum temperature of 24’C UPS protected power supply Automatic diesel backup generator failover Maintained 230 Volts supply VESDA smoke detection system FM200 gas fire suppression system 24 Hour on site security officers Two factor authentication 10 points of security between front door and servers 100% CCTV coverage Intruder detection and alarm systemsOur data network is built to provide the reliability andspeed to ensure voice services operate to the higheststandard. Standard data networks are sometimes notenough to ensure optimal voice quality, and so theconnection between the data centres and our servers mustmeet the following criteria: Maximum of 70% traffic load Maximum of 36ms ping within EU Maximum of 100ms ping outside of EU Multiple carrier backbonesOur data centres
  4. 4. Low start-up costsOverall cost effectivesolutionBoosts agentproductivityEnsures redundancyImproves call handlingAllows multiple sites tobe connected as if theywere in the same officeHosted cloud diallerBlue Telecoms hosted dialler uses multiple tools andfeatures to help your agents talk to as many people aspossible and handle each call productively.By using a hosted solution, the dialler is scalable tohundreds, or even thousands of agents without the need topurchase expensive additional hardware, licences and payhefty consulting and support fees to ensure a smoothupgrade.You only pay for what you need, when you need it, andyou’re not tied into any long term contracts or left forkingout for a solution which doesn’t suit your business.Nor do you have to pay expensive line rental fees or wait tohave additional lines put in as you would with oldersolutions such as ISDN.Advanced reports give you instant access to up to theminute information on the performance of your agents,campaigns, customers and contact centre as a whole, soyou can improve the small things to get big results.Because the dialler is internet based, it can be easily usedanywhere you have a stable internet connection, and caneven be configured to connect to landlines or mobileswhere there isn’t a reliable internet connection.The agent interface is completely web based and the layouthas been designed to ensure it is fast and easy to use, witha low learning curve.The management interface is also web based and offers theability to configure hundreds of options and settings, viewreports and manage your campaign from an array ofdevices anywhere in the world.Hosted dialler overview
  5. 5. Manual, Progressive orPredictive diallingOfcom and ICOcompliant DNC listCall back schedulingTransfers andconferencingHosted cloud diallerDialling methodsOur hosted dialler offers you a choice of manual,progressive or predictive dialling.That means you can either chose to let the agent controlwhen the next call takes place and view the customerinformation beforehand, or let the system automaticallystart dialling several numbers when the agent is ready totake a call.Do not call listCustomers who do not wish to be contacted again can beadded to an instant do not call list that complies withOfcom and ICO regulations.Individual DNC numbers can be applied system wide or to acertain campaign either at the end of a call by disposition,manually through the admin interface, or if using voicebroadcast, by pressing a key during the call.Call back schedulingAgents can set a date and time that’s best to call back acustomer.The call back can either be agent specific, group specific orgo to any available agent, meaning the customer will becontacted by someone who is best suited to deal withthem.Transfers and conferencingAgents can transfer and conference calls quickly with just afew clicks on the agent screen.This allows calls to easily be transferred to a manager,another agent, a quality control team or even hot keyed toanother department or company if required.Call features
  6. 6. Music on HoldWide range of callrecording settingsCall dispositions andhandlingHosted cloud diallerMusic on holdYou can easily upload music to the dialler to be playedwhile callers are on hold or in a queue. Different playlistscan be applied to different campaigns or call types.You can even define a live stream to be played, which couldbe a news broadcast or live radio station.This feature is also great for playing your company promo’sor important messages to callers while they wait.Call recordingsThe dialler has the ability to record calls according to yourpreference. It can be set to automatically record all calls,record only certain types of calls, record a certainpercentage of calls or to only record calls when the agenttells it to. Call recordings can also be paused when theagent is taking sensitive information.Recordings are then encoded into multiple formats forinstant listening, and can be automatically backed up tomultiple servers.The dialler also has an intelligent feature built in to deletecalls after a set period of time, recycle space if the serverruns out of space, or to automatically delete recordingswhich are of no use to you, such as answering machines.Call dispositioningOnce the call has ended, the agent is given the option tochoose what happened with that call and to provide anyfurther notes that could help with future calls.Call dispositioning allows the dialler to manage data moreefficiently as well provide detailed reports to managers.Custom dispositions can be setup based on yourcompanies criteria.Call features
  7. 7. Custom processmanagement andtriggersCall monitoring andintervention toolsAnswer MachineDetectionHosted cloud diallerProcess managementProcesses can be setup to trigger either automatically ormanually. These could include an SMS or email being sentto the customer, or a process being triggered on yourcompanies CRM.Dynamic details can be included in the process, so forexample an email could be sent to the customer after a callif the call was a sale giving the agents details, and filling ina template with the customer’s details and the productoptions they have chosen.Call monitoring and interventionCall monitoring allows a supervisor to listen into a call live,and if required either whisper to the agent or injectthemselves into the call with the agent and customer.Answer machine detectionThe dialler has the ability to detect answer machines, deadnumbers and busy tones automatically and quickly end thecall.The dialler automatically detects most answer machinesaround the world, however for those networks that don’tfollow standard practice of playing a silent tone before theanswer machine kicks in, a recording can be uploaded of astandard answerphone message for each network that thedialler will identify.Call features
  8. 8. Inbound and Outboundcall managementIVR FeaturesVoicemailPredictive dial speedHosted cloud diallerInbound, outbound and blendedThe dialler allows you to setup campaigns for inbound andoutbound calls, as well as blended campaigns that dealwith both.Individual extensionsThe dialler allows you to setup extensions that can belinked to a hard phone, soft phone or even divert to amobile or landline phone.This means even standard phone calls can be recorded andallows advanced PBX features.Interactive voice response (IVR)Calls can be passed to an IVR on either an inbound oroutbound call.IVR’s can be configured with interactive multi-layer menu’s,voice recognition, and the ability to update customerrecords or even pass the call to another IVR.Voicemail boxesThe dialler allows users, groups and extensions to havevoicemail boxes.Voicemail can be accessed either by dialling an inboxextension, dialling into the dialler on a specialised number,through the web interface, or can even be emailed to apredefined email address as an MP3 or WAV recording.Predictive dialling speedYou can configure the speed the dialler calls at to ensurethe right amount of calls are coming through, and tominimise agent wait time.It can also be configured to automatically choose the speedbased on the current answer success rate and averageagent wrap up time.Call handling
  9. 9. Advanced campaignmanagementLead recyclingAgent scriptsHosted cloud diallerData handlingData can either be uploaded manually in CSV, TXT or XLSformat or it can be automatically imported at set intervalsfrom a CRM, database or XML feed.Campaign managementMultiple campaigns can be setup to allow you to managedifferent products, teams, departments or have separateteams for inbound and outbound calls.Each campaign can have it’s own settings, databases andphone numbers.Lead recyclingThe system can be setup to recycle leads that you wereunable to contact, or wish to contact again.Lead recycling can be setup and tweaked to only dial a leadagain if it had a certain status such as answer machine, aswell as defining a minimum amount of time before thatnumber can be called again to comply with regulationssuch as Ofcom’s maximum once per day contact rule.ScriptsScripts can be defined on a per campaign basis for theagent to follow. The script can insert dynamic informationfrom the customers record as well as link to an externalwebpage or CRM, so agents are always poised to handlethe calls effectively and following procedure and bestpractice.Advanced scripts can be setup allowing a flow chart withoptions defining the next step in the call.Campaigns
  10. 10. Real-Time ReportingInbound and Outboundcall reportsAgent reportsTime clock reportsHosted cloud diallerThe dialler has the ability to produce up to date anddetailed reports for a wide range of features.Real-Time ReportsYou can watch a live report showing call, agent and salesstatistics. See exactly what agents are doing, and how longthey’ve been doing it for, as well as their average callhandling times, sales and total calls taken.Inbound and Outbound calling reports Inbound report Inbound report by DID Inbound service level report Inbound daily report Inbound DID report Inbound IVR report Outbound calling report Outbound summary interval report Outbound IVR report Fronter – Closer report List campaign statuses reportAgent reports Agent time detail Agent status detail Agent performance detail Team performance detail Single agent daily report User group login report User stats User time sheetTime clock reports User timeclock report Group timeclock report Detailed timeclock reportReports
  11. 11. PCI compliant paymentsystemCLI LocalisationLive TPS CheckingHosted cloud diallerPCI Payment systemBy adding a PCI compliant payment system to the dialler,you can ensure that your agents are not exposed tocustomers payment information and that your company isachieving the Payment Card Industry Data SecurityStandard.When the time comes to take payment information, theagent passes the call to the PCI IVR. The customer thenenters their payment information and the call is thenreturned to the agent.The system is fast and easy to use for both the agent andthe customer.CLI LocalisationAs an Ofcom registered numbering provider, we canallocate numbers from over 300 area codes in the UK. Byallocating multiple numbers and setting up our CLIlocalisation system on your dialler, you can present anumber that is local to the customer you’re calling.This can either be done by matching an area code or bymatching a localised number against post code data that isuploaded to the dialler.CLI localisation is proven to increase answer success ratescompared with dialling from a non-local number or an 08number that the person being called doesn’t recognise.Live TPS CheckingBlue Telecoms offers live TPS checking as you dial. Thismeans that regardless of how old your data is, you willnever accidentally dial a TPS registered number.It also means that you don’t have to check your lists beforeuploading them, and you don’t have to pay a per numberfee. We charge a flat fee which covers unlimited calls.This allows you to be compliant with Ofcom and ICOregulations without any additional work.Add on features
  12. 12. CRM IntegrationDatabase IntegrationCustom developmentFeatures developmentHosted cloud diallerDue to it’s modular design, almost everything on the diallercan be customised to suit your workflow and integrate withexisting systems.The dialler is written using open source solutions andindustry standard code.Modules and features can be written for the dialler usingstandard PHP, HTML, MySQL and Asterisk code, meaninganyone qualified to use the above standards can developfor it without having to learn new methods or software.Of course, if you’d prefer to use someone who is familiarwith the system, or don’t have your own in-housedevelopers, we offer development of custom features andsoftware, as well as integration with your existing systemsfor a fee.The dialler has been successfully integrated with thefollowing systems: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Brightoffice CRM Salesforce vTiger SugarCRM Real Time Claims CRM ZOHO Office MySQL Databases PostgreSQL Databases MS SQL Databases Microsoft Active Directory Systems that use XML, SOAP or HTTP standards fortheir API Cisco Call Manager Microsoft Sharepoint Microsoft Exchange Process Maker OpenBravo ERPDevelopment and integration
  13. 13. Access restrictionsUser securityNetwork securityDatabase securityCall recordings securityHosted cloud diallerAccess restrictionsAs a standard, all our servers are locked down to only beaccessible to IP addresses that have been authorised. Thismeans only people trying to access the dialler from one ofyour authorised IP addresses or internet connections will beallowed.If this isn’t possible, due to you having a dynamic IPaddress that changes regularly, or having home workerswho’s IP addresses regularly change, we can setup a VPNsystem whereby a secure connection will be made fromeither a single device or a network router directly to yourcloud dialler.The connection will be authenticated based on a secureusername and password, and all traffic to and from thedialler will be encrypted.UsersEach user is given defined access rights and privileges onthe dialler based on either group settings or individualsettings.You can restrict access to every part and feature of thedialler, as well as set time based restrictions so that usersonly have access to the dialler during their working hours.Network based securityIf the network you are using is open or part of a sharednetwork, we can implement HTTPS to encrypt allinformation and traffic sent to and from the dialler.DatabaseAs a standard, only we will have access to the databaserunning the dialler. All usernames and passwords held inthe dialler are encrypted to an MD5 hash.Call recordingsCall recordings are stored in a directory that is notaccessible without a unique key being generated. If furthersecurity is required, these can be stored on an external FTPserver that is only accessible by authorised personnel.Security
  14. 14. Scalable to any sizeRedundancy setupBackup and failoveroptionsHosted cloud diallerDepending on the size and requirements of your company,we can provide multiple solutions to ensure the scalabilityand reliability you require. The two often go hand in hand.ScalabilityBy clustering multiple servers together, we can create ascalable system that grows on demand. You can start with1 server to handle up to 50 agents, and if you decide youwant to expand past that, we can keep adding additionalservers to handle any number of agents.As you scale up, we’ll also increase the amount of SIPchannels you can use to ensure you can always make theamount of calls you need.RedundancyAs with the scalability, when it comes to setting up areliable system, we prefer to ensure there is a backup toeverything.Generally, from a server point of view if you wanted amission critical system for a hundred agents, we wouldprovide a solution like this:1 Database server hosted in Manchester, UK2 Call servers hosted in Manchester, UK1 Database server hosted in Roubaix, France2 Call servers hosted in Roubaix, FranceThe above servers would all mirror each other, so in theevent of one of them going down, the system wouldautomatically fail over to the other.We would also set up links to more than one of ourinterconnect servers for the same reason.Further reliability can be achieved by adding additionalservers in different data centres, ensuring multiple failoveroptions in different physical locations and on differentnetworks.Telephone numbers can also be set to automatically failover to alternative numbers in the event of contingency.Scalability and redundancy
  15. 15. One of the mostadvanced telecomsnetworks in the UKOfcom licencednumbering providerWorldwide connectivityHosted cloud diallerWe operate one of the most advanced telecoms networks inthe UK. By utilising cutting edge technology anddeveloping new methods of handling calls, we’ve beenable to build a reliable and advanced network that wouldhave previously taken millions of pounds to establish.We run a worldwide Voice over IP network with end pointsin multiple countries and have the ability to handle over40,000 simultaneous live calls and process over 500,000call requests at any given time.Our network is built to handle high volumes of diallertraffic, which most networks generally frown upon, restrictor block completely.Unlike most VoIP providers, we don’t charge per channel,we don’t charge a minimum call fee, we don’t charge aconnection fee, and we bill on a per second basis.Our network is built to be easily expandable, which meanswe can add capacity within hours, not weeks or months.By utilising a clustered cloud based system, we’re able toensure the best quality route of any call is always achieved,with servers in over 5 data centres.Our interconnect utilises a connection with BT Wholesale’sIP Exchange, Telefónica’s IP Voice network as well asmultiple backup carrier grade suppliers to that allows callsto be rerouted to another carrier within nanoseconds in theevent of a primary carrier failing.We are an Ofcom licenced numbering provider, withtelephone number ranges allocated in 01/02 localgeographical area codea, 03/08 business ranges, 08freephone ranges as well as premium rate 09 numbers.We also have agreements with major DDI providersworldwide to be able to provide international numberswhen required.If you have an existing number you’d like to keep usingwith our service, you can either port the number to ournetwork, or we can present the CLI on outbound calls afterwe have verified proof of ownership.Our voice network
  16. 16. Initial setup and trainingoptions to suit yourcompany needsRemote or onsitetrainingHosted cloud diallerAt the initial setup stage, we provide three options:Unmanaged setupThis is where we will setup the dialler for you, test it isworking and then pass it straight on to you to configure anduse. We provide training guides, a manual and trainingvideos as well as access to a knowledge base.However we won’t provide you with assistance or training.The unmanaged setup fee is dependant on the number ofservers you require.Managed setupWith a managed setup, we’ll configure all the standardfeatures and aspects of your dialler for you. We’ll also setupyour users, groups, inbound call routing, campaigns andupload an initial batch of data for you.We also provide remote training via telephone and TeamViewer, and provide you with a further 5 hours of supportthat can be used within your first month.The managed setup fee is dependant on the number ofservers you have, with an additional charge of £299 + VAT.Onsite trainingWith our onsite training option, we will send a technician toyour office to configure your dialler and spend the day withyou and your staff, making sure you get to grips with thedialler.You will also receive unlimited support for your first month.The onsite training fee is dependant on the number ofservers you have, with an additional charge of £799 + VAT.Initial setup and training
  17. 17. Multiple supportpackages24 Hour emergencysupportEmail, Ticket orTelephone supportHosted cloud diallerWe’re on hand 24 hours a day via email or telephone todeal with critical issues free of charge.For general support, we provide several options:Email and ticket support£199 per month + VATYou can send us unlimited emails and tickets via oursupport portal. This includes data uploading, and generalchanges to your dialler setup.The SLA on this package is 24 hours.2 hour block support£299 per month + VATOur 2 hour block support includes unlimited email andticket support, as well as 2 hours of phone support.The SLA on phone support is 30 minutes.5 hour block support£399 per month + VATOur 5 hour block support includes unlimited email andticket support, as well as 5 hours of phone support.The SLA on phone support is 30 minutes.Per incident£99 per hour + VATOur per incident support fee covers telephone support andcustom changes to your dialler. A minimum charge of onehour applies, with further charges in increments of 30minutes.Virtual Administrator£1500 per month + VATOur virtual administrator package covers unlimited emailand telephone support, as well as proactive advice andmonitoring of your dialler.The SLA on phone support is 5 minutes.Support
  18. 18. Recommendations:Softphones:3CX Softphone for WindowsSipLite Softphone for WindowsZoiper Softphone for Mac or LinuxVoIP Hardphones:Cisco SPA-303Headsets:Microsoft LX-3000 USB headset foruse with PC and softphonePlantronics EncorePro Binaural foruse with Cisco SPA-303Hosted cloud diallerComputer requirementsA PC capable of running a web browser will be required foreach agent. We generally advise the followingspecifications:Intel Pentium 4 or higher1GB of RAM20GB Hard DriveWindows XP or higherPhone requirementsYou will require either a VoIP phone and headset or asoftphone client running on the PC along with a headset foreach agent.Internet requirementsFor each agent you have connected to the dialler, you willrequire 175kbps of download and upload bandwidth.You can test your speed by going to, anddividing your download speed, and upload speed by 0.175if in Mbps, or 175 if in Kbps.Generally we recommend the use of a high bandwidth, lowcontention internet connection such as the following:ADSL Annex MSDSLEthernet First Mile (EFM)Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)Leased LineCall quality may suffer when using a standard contentionproduct such as home or business broadband.We highly recommend against the use of a 3G connection.Technical requirements