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Matrix Present a range of Hospitality IP-PBX that not just plays a role of a communication system, but also actively contributes in the routine functioning of the Hotel thereby increase the productivity of its staff. With features that facilitate to serve guests more efficiently without any human error, Matrix Hospitality Solution truly is a boon to hoteliers.

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Matrix Telecom Solutions: Hotel IP-PBX System

  1. 1. Warm Welcome
  2. 2. The Communication Lifeline of Hospitality Industry
  3. 3. Hotels – Requirements  Reduce Operational Costs and Overheads  Increase Staff Efficiency  Increase Staff Responsiveness to Customers  Enhanced Customer Satisfaction  Increase Revenue from each walk-out Customers
  4. 4. Matrix – Hospitality Solution • Matrix an established brand for Hotel Communication Systems for Hotels of small to medium sizes, worldwide. • Matrix Products are installed across 30 countries through the network of more than 500 channel partners in many leading Hotels and Hotel chains • Matrix Hospitality solution comprises diverse network support to enable hoteliers to better utilize their existing resources • A wise alternative for Hoteliers to protect their Investment for years
  5. 5. Matrix – Hospitality Solution Matrix ETERNITY – a comprehensive solution for Hotels Target Customers Ideal for Hotels, Motels and Hospitals (up to 400 Rooms) Full-Services Starred Efficient Call Management Hotels Innovative Guest Services Limited Services Hotels Value Added Hospitality Features Motels Support for Leading PMS and CAS Interfaces Quick Installation Using Innovative Installation Wizard Simple Front Desk Management Guest-Houses and Inns Hospitals Nursing Homes
  6. 6. Matrix – Hospitality Configuration Benefits Maintain Continuous Communication with Guests Quick and Impressive services to Guests Effective Room Monitoring Effective Management of Hotel Assets and Resources Optimized Staff Management Efficient Reception of Guests Solution for All Size Hotels Small Hotel & Motels ETERNITY PE •Up to 40 Rooms Medium Hotels ETERNITY GE •Up to 200 Rooms Large Hotels •Up to 400 Rooms ETERNITY ME
  7. 7. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology System Architecture •Digital 100% Non-Blocking Model Rooms Ports IP Users Universal Connectivity ETERNITY PE3SP 20 24 50 •CO-PSTN •ISDN BRI/PRI, T1/E1 •VoIP and GSM/3G •Auxiliary Ports ETERNITY PE6SP 40 48 50 ETERNITY GE6S 100 120 500 ETERNITY GE12S 200 240 500 ETERNITY ME10S 300 324 1000 High Level of Integration ETERNITY ME16S 400 516 1000 •Third-party PMS and CAS, Voice Mail Built-in Functionality •Hotel features, Auto-Attendant, Multi Channel Conferencing Flexibility •Modular and field expandable design Reliability •Field Proven solution with the alternative of Redundancy
  8. 8. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology ETERNITY GE12S ETERNITY GE6S ETERNITY PE3SP ETERNITY PE6SP Hotels up to 200 Rooms Hotels up to 40 Rooms ETERNITY ME10S Hotels up to 400 Rooms ETERNITY ME16S
  9. 9. ETERNITY - Universal Connectivity SLT IP Phones GSM 3G DKP Voice Mail CO DIP ISDN - BRI PSTN DOP ISDN - PRI Internet ETERNITY AIP VoIP AOP E&M VSAT Ethernet USB/RS-232C Sensor Door Lock External Music Public Address System
  10. 10. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology User Terminal Support Single Line Phones for Guest Rooms Digital Key Phones for VIP Guest Rooms IP Phones for VIP Guest Rooms Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console for Front Desk Operator PC Based Key Phone for Front Desk Operator
  11. 11. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology EON – a feature rich Digital Key Phone Swivel LCD 16 Programmable Keys 17 Touch-Sense Keys Touch-Sense Navigation and Feature keys Full Duplex Speaker Phone Headset Interface EON48P 6X24 Characters LCD Multi-language Support LCD Contrast and Brightness Control Multiple Call Handling – EON48P 3-Position Desktop Mounting Wall Mounting EON48S 2X24 Characters LCD
  12. 12. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology SETU VP – a feature rich IP phone Swivel LCD 3 SIP Accounts 2 Ethernet Ports Programmable Keys Touch Sense Navigation and Feature keys Voice Mail Key SETU VP248PE 6x24 Characters LCD Conference Message Wait Indication Auto Answer with Headset Interface G.711, G.722, G.723, G.726, G.729AB DHCP, PPPoE, NAT and STUN Auto Configuration Web based configuration SETU VP248SE 2x24 Characters LCD
  13. 13. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology DSS 16X4 For EON48 Direct Station Select (DSS) 64 Keys for Direct Station Selection Dual Color LEDs for Port Status DSS16X4 Use One DKP Port PC Based Digital Key Phone 20 Programmable Keys Use One DKP Port Dual Color Button Display for Port Status 148 Keys for Direct Station Selection EONSOFT With PC based Operator Console
  14. 14. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology Hotel Software – Overview Built-in Comprehensive set of Hotel Features Easy Installation Wizard Real-time information display e.g. Guest room status, service staff, alarms, etc. Easy to Operate Front Desk wizard – time saving feature for Front Desk Operator No need of additional application – web-based configuration and operation Works easily with third-party PMS and CAS (over COM port and Ethernet port) Multi-Language Support
  15. 15. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology Hotel Software – Front Desk Wizard Helps to Perform Guest Management Functions Such as:  Check-In/Check-Out the Guest  Set/Cancel Wake-Up Calls for the Guest  Block /Allow Room-to-Room Dialing  Set/Cancel Call Forward for the Guest  Set/Cancel Do-not-Disturb (DND) for the Guest  Enable/Disable Message Wait Function  Print Hotel Reports  Wake-Up Calls, Reminders, Occupancy and Room Clean Status  Print Hotel-Motel Activity Log  Re-Print Check-Out Reports  Delete Call Details on Check-Out  Shift Guests from One Room to Another
  16. 16. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology Hotel Software – Front Desk Wizard
  17. 17. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology Hotel Software – Front Desk Wizard
  18. 18. Matrix – Hospitality Solution – Technology Hotel Software – Hotel Features Check-In and Check-Out  Guest Shift Check-In Profile  Guest VIP Status Customer Profile  Hotel Name Call Block, Call Privilege  Hotel-Motel Activity Log Call Budget  Maid In/Out Status Call Forward  Mini Bar Do Not Disturb (DND)  Occupancy Status Clean Status  Alarms & Reminders Floor Service  Wake-up Calls Guest In and Guest Out  Voice Mail Guest Name and Title  Message Wait Indication Guest Number  Room Status Reports Guest Search  Room Types
  19. 19. Call Management Features
  20. 20. Internal Calls  Single-Digit Access to Important Stations such as Operator, Floor Room Services, House Keeping etc.  Name and Room Number Display on DKP and SLT  Voice Assistance for Call Status
  21. 21. Floor Service Destination  Each Floor has Service Extension  Common Access Code can be used to Access these Extensions  Guest gets Connected to the Service Extension of his Respective Floor  Helps to Provide Faster Service to the Guest
  22. 22. Extension Numbering of Rooms  Flexibility to Define Extension Number as per Hotel Choice and Convenience  Room Extension Numbering can be Matched to Actual Room Numbering Scheme  Flexible Numbering (Up to 6 Digits) to Define Extensions as per the Room Numbers and Floor-Wise
  23. 23. Guest Priority  Define Guest as VIP or NON-VIP at Guest Check-In  Calls of the VIP Guest will be Given Priority  Unique Ring Cadence for Calls from VIP Rooms
  24. 24. Call Block  Block Internal Calls Between Guest Rooms Permanently  Block Internal Calls Between Guest Rooms During Certain Period of the Day; for Example During Night Time  Allows Calls to Hotel Administration  Allows Calls between Guest Group
  25. 25. Call Forward  Option to Forward Calls to Voice Mail  Guest can Even Forward Room Phone Calls to Their Mobile Numbers  Set/Cancel the Feature from Guest Room Phone or the Front Desk
  26. 26. Do Not Disturb (DND)  Activate DND on Guest Room Phones  By Pressing a Single Digit Key from Guest Room Phone  From the Front Desk Terminals  Forward Incoming Calls to Mailbox while on DND Mode  Still Receive Wakeup Calls, Reminders and Auto Call Back Calls
  27. 27. Off-Hook Alert  System Alerts the Operator if the Handset of the Guest Room Phone has not Placed Correctly  An Appropriate Message is Displayed on Operator’s Console  Operator Can Thereby Send the Hotel Staff to Request the Guest to Correctly Place the Handset
  28. 28. Call Routing with Least Cost  Automatically Selects the Most Economical Route for Each Outgoing Call  3 Types:  Time Based  Number Based  Combination of Time and Number Based  Ensures Call Made Outside the Hotel are at Least Possible Cost
  29. 29. Call Privilege  Option to Define Various Toll Control Levels  Set Permissions on a Guest-by-Guest Basis  Four Types:  Internal – Allows Call Within the Hotel Only  Local – Internal and Local Area Calls are Allowed  Long Distance – Domestic Long Distance Calling is Also Granted  International – Complete Call Privilege. No Toll Control Applicable
  30. 30. Call Cost Calculation  System Calculates the Call Cost Based on:  Outgoing Trunk Used  Destination Number Dialed  Number of Units  Defined Service Charges  Hotels Can Define Pulse Rate, Per Unit Charges and Service Charge Differently for Different Outgoing Trunks
  31. 31. Call Budgeting  Set Call Budget as Desired by Guest or as per the Hotel Practices  Allocate Budget at the Time of Check-In or During the Guest Stay Period  Call Budget Can be Increased Before Allocated Amount Gets Exhausted  On Exhaustion of Call Budget Amount, Dialing Facility of Room Phone is Disabled  Allocated Call Budget Can Vary on a Guest-By-Guest Basis and can be Made Applicable on Administrative Phones Also
  32. 32. Emergency Call Detection and Reporting  Emergency Numbers (Like 100, 101, 911) can be Dialed from Any Extension Irrespective of Dialing Privileges  Credentials of an Extension which Places an Emergency Call is Immediately Passed on to the Operator  Helps an Operator/Administrator to Take Immediate Action
  33. 33. Built-In Call Reports: SMDR  SMDR Buffer with Call Storage Capacity of 12,000 Calls  Flexibility to Define Fixed Service Charges, Unit Wise Service Charges or Percentage Wise Service Charges  Define Special Charges for Special Days like New Year, Holidays, etc.  Define Call Rates Depending on Time Zones
  34. 34. Day-Night Mode  Program the System to Work as per Time and Day of the Week  Outgoing Calls Dialed by Guest Routed to Specific Trunk Based on Time  Flexibility to Receive Call on Operator’s Phone During Day Time and on Service Extension During Night Time  Automated Process
  35. 35. Auto-Attendant  Built-in Feature  Attend 5 Callers at a Time  Voice Assisted Direct Dialing (DID) to Guest Rooms  Call Status Information  Supports Dial-by-Name  Ensures Efficient Handling of Incoming Calls
  36. 36. Voice Help  Voice Based Dialing Assistance for Guests  Voice Guidance for Wrong Number Dialing  Voice Guidance for Busy and No Answer Status
  37. 37. Direct Inward Dial  Caller can Reach Desired Guest by Dialing the Room Number  Reduces Burden on Operator  Faster Transfer of Calls and Reduce Handling Time  On ISDN, T1/E1 Interfaces
  38. 38. Wakeup Calls  Option to Set Wakeup Alarms from:  Guest Room Phone  From the Front Desk  Alarms Can be:  Personalized (Operator Served Messages)  Automated (Pre-Recorded System Messages)  Unanswered Alarms are Forwarded to the Operator  Multiple Attempts to Serve an Alarm  Alarm Snooze Function is Also Supported
  39. 39. Reminder Calls  Option to Set Reminders from:  Guest Room Phone  From the Front Desk Management Wizard  Reminders Can be:  Personalized (Operator Served Messages)  Automated (Pre-Recorded System Messages)  Multiple Attempts to Serve Reminders  Unanswered Reminder are Forwarded to the Operator  List of Un-served Reminders can be Printed
  40. 40. Security Dialer  Connect Glass Break, Fire or Smoke Sensor to the Sensor Port of Matrix ETERNITY  In Case of Emergency, System Dials out Three Pre-defined Numbers  Plays Pre-recorded Messages and Waits for an Answer  If One of the Number is Found Busy, System Dials out Other Two Numbers One by One  Guaranteed Message Delivery and Confirmation Mechanism  Repeated Attempts to Deliver the Emergency Message
  41. 41. Hospitality Features
  42. 42. Check-In  Check-In Feature Automates Basic Functionalities Such as:  Disable Services Activated for Earlier Guest  Clearing Previous Call Details  Change Room and Guest Presence Statuses  Allocate Fresh Call Budget and Define Call Privileges on Guest Room Phones  Assign Voice Mail Facility and Other Such Functions  Multiple Options to Check-In the Guest:  Check-In the Guest from Front Desk using Front Desk Management Wizard  Check-In the Guest from Integrated PMS  Check-In the Guest from the Operator Console
  43. 43. Check-In Profile  Three Check-In Profile Options:  Single  Family  Budget  Customize Services as per Guest Profile at Check-In Itself Using Front Desk Management Wizard  Saves Operator Time, Automating Basic Service Provisioning as per Guest Check-In Profile
  44. 44. Guest Name and Title  Guest Name, Guest Title along with Room Number are Displayed on the LCD of Administrative/Operator and Room Service Phones  Option to Program Guest Name Using Front Desk Management Wizard or from the Operator Console  Knowing Credentials of the Calling Guest, Hotel Staff can Address the Guest by Their Names  Helps Creating a Friendly Environment and Comforts Guest
  45. 45. Guest Name and Room Number Display Good Morning Mr. John How can I help you? Mr. John Room No: 351 RECEPTION GUEST ROOM NO : 351
  46. 46. Guest Number  An Automatically Generated Number on Every Guest Check-In  Unique and Un-Alterable Number is Generated  Easily Reach-Out to the Current Guest Location using Guest Number  When the Guest Number is Dialed, Phone Number Assigned to the Guest Will Ring  External Callers too Can Reach the Guest by Dialing the Guest Number (in DID) without Being Aware of Guest’s Room or Pone Number
  47. 47. Guest VIP Status  Special Privileges Must be Offered to a VIP Guest  VIP Guest Extensions are Assigned as Higher Priorities  Calls from the VIP Guest are has Different Ring Cadence  Unique Ring Cadence for Calls from VIP Rooms Helps Operator/Staff to Differentiate between Calls from VIP and Non-VIP Guest  Options to Define Guest Status from:  Front Desk Management Wizard  Operator Console using Administrative Commands
  48. 48. Guest-In/Guest-Out GUEST - IN GUEST - OUT  Operator Can Activate Guest-In/Guest-Out  On ‘Guest-Out’, Room Dialing Facility is Locked Temporarily  Dialing Facilities are Re-Activated on Assignment of “Guest-In” Status
  49. 49. Guest-In/Guest-Out  In Temporary Guest Absence, House keeping and Room Service can:  Clean the Room, Replace Consumables in the Room, Replenish the MiniBar, Collect Laundry and So Forth  On Guest Arrival, the Operator can:  Make Courtesy Calls, Offer Services, Arrange to Send Complimentary Items to the Guest Room  Hotel Administration Thus Needs to Keep a Track of Guest Presence, Ensuring Non-Intrusive and Timely Guest Services  ETERNITY Offers the 'Guest-In/Guest-Out' Feature to Monitor Guest Presence  Guest-In/Guest-Out Can be Set from:  The Front Desk Management Wizard  Operator Console Using Administrative Commands
  50. 50. Guest Shift (Room Shift)  Ensures a Hassle-Free Shuffle of the Guest from One Room to Another  System Automatically Shifts the Properties of the Earlier Guest Phone/s to the Newly Assigned  Shifts Guest Room Properties Like:  Guest Number, Guest Name and Guest Group, Guest Phone User Password  Wake-up Calls and Reminders (if Set)  Calling Privileges, Call Budget Amount Allotted and Consumed  Call Forward (if Set), Message Wait (if Active), Do Not Disturb (if Set)  SMDR Records  Generates Consolidated Bill on Guest Check-Out  Guest Shift can be Performed Using:  The Front Desk Management Wizard  The Operator Console Using Administrative Commands
  51. 51. Guest Search  Guest Search Feature Helps Operator to Locate a Guest Effortlessly  Search Guest from the Front Desk Management Wizard
  52. 52. Suite Services  A Hotel Suite Room May be a Large Single-Room, or be a MultiRoom Unit, with Multiple Beds and Telephones  ETERNITY Defines a Suite Room as :  Room with More than One Room Phone  Allows Maximum 8 Phones per Suite Room  Suite Room Phones Can be Used by Each Occupant of the Room as per Individual Necessity  Generate Consolidated Billing Reports
  53. 53. Check-Out  When a Guest Checks-Out, ETERNITY Automatically:  Prints Check-Out Report  Makes Changes in Room(Clean and Occupancy) and Guest(Presence) Status  Clears Calling Budget and Privileges Defined Earlier  Cancels Do Not Disturb (DND), Wake-Up Calls, Reminders, Auto Answer, Auto Call Back, Auto Redial, Trunk Reservation, Call Forward Set for a Guest  The Check-Out of Each Guest is Recorded in the “Hotel-Motel Activity Log”  System Generates a Unique Check-Out Serial Number at Every Check-Out  Generating Unique Check-Out Serial Number helps Keeping an Easy Record of Checked-Out Guest
  54. 54. Check-Out  Records of Calls Remain Stored in the SMDR Buffer Even After the Guest Checked-Out  Facilitates Reprinting of the Call Records of Checked-Out Guests Post Check-Out  Perform Check-Out Using:  The Front Desk Management Wizard  The Operator Console Using Administrative Commands
  55. 55. Check-Out Reports  The Check-Out Report Includes the Following Information:  Name of the Hotel  Room Number  Check-In and Check-Out Date and Time  Guest ID  Guest Name  Check-Out Serial Number  Outgoing Call Details (Calls Made from the Room Phone with the Trunk Type, Destination Number, Date and Time, Duration, Units, and Amount)  Call Count  Total Duration of Calls  Amount to be Billed
  56. 56. Room Types  Attribute of a Guest Room in Hotels  Classification of Room Types Varies from Hotel to Hotel and from Country to Country  Maximum of 10 Different Room Types Can be Programmed in the System  Room Types can be Programmed Using:  Matrix Hotel Installation Wizard  Web-Based GUI  Specific SE Commands from the Operator Console  At the Time of Check-In, Using the Room Type (in Room Status Report), the Operator can Know whether the Room Type Desired by the Guest is Available (Vacant and Clean) or Not
  57. 57. Room Status Report  The Room Status Report Provides a Comprehensive Overview of all Hotel Rooms  Filter (as per Desired Information Fields) and Generate Room Status Report Using:  The Front Desk Management Wizard  The Operator Console Using Administrative Commands  The Room Status Report Can Also be Scheduled for Automated Printing
  58. 58. Room Status Report
  59. 59. Room Occupancy Status  The Hotel Administration Needs to Monitor the Room Occupancy Status to be Able to Rent Out Rooms Efficiently  “Occupancy Status” Feature of ETERNITY Provides a Quick Glance of Hotel Rooms Categorized as :  Vacant: The Room is vacant and Can be Rented  Occupied: The Room is Checked-In and Occupied by a Guest  Reserved: The Room has been Booked for a Guest (Expected to Arrive Shortly)  Guaranteed: The Room has Been Booked for a Guest with Advance Payment  Occupancy Status 'Vacant/Occupied' are set Automatically at Every CheckOut/Check-In Respectively  Occupancy Status of the Rooms can be Viewed from  The Front Desk Management Wizard  The Operator Console Using Administrative Commands
  60. 60. Room Clean Status  The Hotel Administration Needs to Monitor Room Conditions (For Cleanliness and Proper Functioning)  ETERNITY Offers the Feature 'Clean Status' to Meet This Requirement, Defining Various Room Statuses as:  Maid is in Room  Dirty  Clean  To be Inspected  Out of Service
  61. 61. Room Clean Status  Option to View Room Cleanliness Status Using Front Desk Management Wizard  Room Clean Status Can be Changed by:  The Operator from the Front Desk Wizard or Operator Console  By The Maid from the Guest Room Phone
  62. 62. Maid-In/Maid-Out  Helps the Hotel Administration to keep Track of the Room Cleanliness and Apt Functioning of the Housekeeping Staff  ETERNITY Identifies with Five Room Statuses:  Dirty: Indicating a Room is Dirty  Maid in Room: Notifying Maid’s Presence in the Room  To be Inspected: Indicating that Room is Pending Inspection from the Supervisory Staff  Out of Service: Status Denoting that a Room Fixture is Not Working  Clean: Indicating that the Room is Clean  The Current Room Status can be Keyed in by the Service Staff from the Guest Room Phone  A Consolidated Report of All Hotel Rooms can be Viewed from the Front Desk Indicating Current Room Statuses
  63. 63. Maid-In/Maid-Out: Execution 505 Maid Enters the Room Maid Dials a Code from the Room Phone to Identify her Presence in the Room ETERNITY Updates the Room Status from “DIRTY” to “Maid In Room” Room Number: 505 Room Status: Dirty Maid Now Dials the “CLEAN” Code from the Room Phone ETERNITY Now Changes Room Status to “CLEAN” 505 Maid Cleans the Room Room Number: 505 Room Status: Clean The Current Room Statuses can be Viewed from Front Desk in Room Status Report
  64. 64. Mini Bar  Guest’s Consumption of Mini Bar Items can be Keyed in by the Service Personnel from the Room Phone Itself  This Information will be Passed on to the PMS  PMS Further will Facilitate Generation of Bills in Accordance to the Consumption  Helps to Avoid Manual Calculations
  65. 65. PMS Interface  Hospitality Establishments Prefer using a Property Management System (PMS) to Perform Various Administrative Functions with Ease  The PMS and the PBX are Interfaced together and Intended to Exchange Information Such as:  Guest Check-In Details (Guest Check-In Date, Time, Room Number, Allotted Extension Number and Other Such Check-In Details)  Guest Check-Out Details( Check-Out Date, Time, etc)  Wake-Up Call Details (Date and Time a Wake-Up Call is Served)  DND and Other Facilities Set on the Guest Room Phone
  66. 66. PMS Interface  ETERNITY Support Advanced PMS Protocols Such as:  Type 1 : IDS-PMS Integration Protocol  Type 2 : Can be Customized as per PMS String of the Software Used  Type 3 : MICROS OPERA PMS Protocol Support  Set up PMS Interface Using RS232 Communication Port or Ethernet Port (TCP/IP)  No Additional Hardware or Software Required
  67. 67. CAS Interface  A Call Accounting System/Software Facilitates Easier and Faster Call Cost Calculation  Many PMS Software Do Not Support Call Accounting Functionality  Hoteliers May Intend to use a Third Party Call Accounting Software (CAS)  As Different CAS Interfaces Support Different Protocols, the PBX Should be Able to Send Call Detail Records in a Format Implicit to CAS  Station Message Detail Record-Posting of ETERNITY Provides Flexibility to Communicate with Different CAS
  68. 68. SMDR-Posting Feature  ETERNITY Sends Details Such as:  The Called Party Number, Guest Room Phone Number, The Date and Time at Which the Call is Made and the Duration of the Call  On Receipt of Above Information, the CAS Calculates the Call Cost and Sends it to the PMS  Else it Generates a Print-Out or Post Accessible Logs  CAS Interface (SMDR-Posting) is Supported on RS232 Serial Communication Port (COM Port) as well as on TCP/ IP Using Ethernet Port
  69. 69. Supported CAS Protocols  ETERNITY Supports 15 Different Widely-Used Posting Protocols for CAS  Each Posting Protocol has its Own Handshaking Protocol and Call Record Format  ETERNITY also Supports Customization of the Posting Protocol to Match the Settings Required by the CAS Used by the Hotel  Blind Send  MICROS A  Matrix  MICROS B  Holidex  Hilton  HOBIS A  Xiox  HOBIS B  Comm One  HOBIC  Call-Inn RSI-CMS  BELL HOBIC  Customized (protocol)
  70. 70. Hotel Installation Wizard  An Integrated Hotel/Motel Wizard Helps to Speed Up the Installation Processes of ETERNITY in “Hotel Profile”  All Features Specific to Hotel Requirements Can be Programmed Simply Using the “Hotel Installation Wizard”
  71. 71. Hotel Installation Wizard  The Hotel Installation Wizard Helps in:  Programming the Hotel Name  Specifying Whether Property Management System (PMS), Call Accounting Software (CAS) is Used or Not  Specifying the Type of Rooms in the Hotel and Subsequently Naming Them  Specifying the Number of Rooms in the Hotel  Access Code Programming  Assigning Room Numbers to the Hotel rooms  Assigning Flexible Numbers to the Room Phones
  72. 72. Hotel Installation Wizard  Associating the Rooms and the Room Phones  Designating Phones as Guest Phones or Administration Phones  Specifying Preset Values for Important Features like Call Privilege, Call Budget, Call Forward and Guest VIP Status  Trunk Landing Group Programming  Alarm Notification Group Programming  Front Desk Phone Group Programming  Floor Service Group Programming  Guest Phone Programming
  73. 73. Hotel Installation Wizard
  74. 74. Program Parameters Such as:  Hotel Name  Number of Rooms  Types of Rooms  PMS and CAS Details
  75. 75. System Engineer (SE) Programming  Allows the Installer/System Engineer to Program the Hotel Application Features, Which Includes All the Parameters that are Not Included in the Installation Wizard  The Installer/System Engineer Can Enter the SE Mode Via :  Web Pages of ETERNITY  By Dialing SE Commands from an Extension Phone Such as EON or an SLT Connected to the ETERNITY  Access to the SE Programming Mode is Protected by Means of Password  The SE Web Pages Can be Accessed Simultaneously by Four Users
  76. 76. System Administration (SA) Programming  Various Guest Management Functions Can be Performed Entering the SA Programming Mode  Perform Activities Such as:  Check-In/ Check-Out the Guest, Shift Guests to from One Room to Another  Set/Cancel Wake-Up Calls for the Guest  Restrict/Allow Room-to-Room calls  Set/Cancel Call Forward, Do-Not-Disturb, Message Wait Indication for the Guests  Change Guest Presence - Guest-In and Guest-Out  Print Hotel Reports (Reports of Wake-Up Calls, Reminders, Room Occupancy and Clean Status)  Print Hotel-Motel Activity Logs, Reprint Check-Out Reports
  77. 77. System Administration (SA) Programming  Option to Perform/Manage Hotel Activities in SA Mode by:  Web Pages of ETERNITY  By Dialing SA Commands from an Extension Phone Such as EON or an SLT Connected to the ETERNITY  The Administrative Phone Users Can Program Allowed Functions Simply by Lifting the Handset and Dialing the SA Commands  Access to the SA Programming Mode is Protected by Means of Password
  78. 78. Front Desk Wizard
  79. 79. Front Desk Management  Web Based Front Desk Management  Helps to Perform Guest Management Functions Such as:  Check-In/Check-Out the Guest  Set/Cancel Wake-Up Calls for the Guest  Block /Allow Room-to-Room Dialing  Set/Cancel Call Forward for the Guest  Set/Cancel Do-not-Disturb (DND) for the Guest  Enable/Disable Message Wait Function
  80. 80. Front Desk Management  Print Hotel Reports  Reports of Wake-Up Calls, Reminders, Room Occupancy Status and Room Clean Status  Print Hotel-Motel Activity Log  Re-Print Check-Out Reports  Delete Call Details on Check-Out  Shift Guests from One Room to Another
  81. 81. Remote Programming  Web Based GUI  Programming Over Internet  Use Desk Phone or Mobile to Program the System  Access Level for System Engineer and System Administrator  Remotely Upgrade System Software, Take Back-Up of SMDR Reports
  82. 82. Presets for Features  Presets : Pre-Configured Values for Certain Basic Facilities  When a Guest Checks-In Presets Values are Often Required to be Uniformly Allocated for All Guests  ETERNITY Offers Feature Named 'Presets for Features’ Saving Operator’s Valuable Time and Effort in Assigning Such Facilities
  83. 83. Presets for Features  Can be Configured by the Installer/System Engineer as per the Specific Hotel Requirement  ETERNITY Supports Configurable Presets for the Following Features/Facilities:  Call Budget Amount  Guest Group  Call Privilege  Priority (for VIP and Non-VIP Guests)  Call Forward to Voice Mail  Changed on a Guest-by-Guest Basis
  84. 84. Hotel Name  Offers Programming the Hotel Name (80 Character Field)  Hotel Name Appears on All the System Reports Generated by the ETERNITY like:  Room Status Report  Alarm Status Report  Check-Out Report  SMDR Report  Hotel Name Can be Programmed Using:  Hotel Installation Wizard  Web-Based GUI  Administrative Commands Using Operator Console
  85. 85. Hotel-Motel Activity Log  ETERNITY Logs the Following Hotel Activities:  In Depth Wake-up Call/Reminder Details  Check-In: Record of Each Guest  Check-Out: Record of Each Guest  Records of the Room Number/Phone Number for which Guest-In/Guest-Out is Activated  Dialed Maid Presence Access Codes Along With Room Phone Details  Call Budget Amount Consumption Details  Emergency Number Dialing Activity  PMS Interface: The System Also Records Health of the PMS (Link Down, Link Restored) and Communication Events Between the PMS and ETERNITY
  86. 86. Hotel-Motel Activity Log  Hotel-Motel Activity Log Report Can be Printed or Downloaded on to a Computer  Option to Generate Logs in Real-Time Also  Hotel-Motel Activity Can be Printed Using the:  The Front Desk Management Wizard  Dialing Administrative Commands from Operator Console  The Hotel-Motel Activity Log Can Also be Viewed on the LCD Display of the Digital Key Phone
  87. 87. Hotel-Motel Activity Log
  88. 88. Voice Mail System  In-Skin Voice Mail System  16 Incoming Calls can be Attended Simultaneously  512 Mail Boxes  Up to 36 Hours of Recording Time  Messages can be Easily Transferred to a PC
  89. 89. Voice Mail System- Features  Integrated Auto-Attendant  Broadcast Message  Call Transfer Types (None, Blind, Wait for Ring, Wait for Answer, Screened)  Ethernet Port  Dial by Station Number  Dial-by-Name  Distribution Lists  Flexible Graph  Forward Message
  90. 90. Voice Mail System- Features  Graph and Nodes (Menu, Transfer, Message and Information Nodes)  Greetings (System Greetings and Personalized Greetings for each Mailbox)  Individual Mailbox Size  Message Notification (Immediate, Scheduled)  E-Mail Notification  Message Verification  Message Wait Indication  Multiple Mailboxes on Single Station
  91. 91. Voice Mail Services  Store Messages for Guest  Access Mail Box from both Inside and Out Side the Hotel  Message Indication and Message Notification  Transfer Messages to the General Mail Box for Security Purpose  Send Voice Mail to Guest Email ID
  92. 92. The Complete Hospitality Solution Mobile Extension PMS Interface Web-based Front Desk Wizard Matrix ETERNITY Auto Attendant and Voice Mail System Digital Key Phone-EON Call Management Features and CAS Interface
  93. 93. Thank You
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