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Digital Citizenship & the Class Blog 2011

  1. 1. 9/13/11 9:02 PM8Y Social Studies Edublog Say YES to cyber safety!Blogging Guidelines Why Blog? • Access and review class lessonsThe Internet has a global audience and online safety is of the (videos, handouts, slideshows,utmost importance. Through blogging and use of web 2.0 tools, etc.)you will practice digital citizenship in an authentic and • Get caught up on missed worksupervised setting. The blog and linked web 2.0 tools are an • Respond to & comment onextension of the classroom and school rules apply. Teachers curriculum topicsmoderate the class blog and embedded web 2.0 tools. We will • Showcase student worknot approve comments that are not school appropriate. Ask • Share study tools / strategiesyourself, “Would I say this to the principal?” If the answer is, • Discuss current eventsyes, feel free to post. If the answer is, no, keep in mind, BIG • Practice digital citizenshipBROTHER IS WATCHING. • Earn extra credit • Conduct research Create and collaborate onDigital Citizenship • projects • Improve content based literacyCyber ethics: Use the habit of mind, Managing Impulsivity. Post skillscomments that are respectful and relevant to the topic. Strive • Practice historical thinking skillsfor Accuracy, use complete sentences, check your spelling, and • Communicate with a globalbe succinct and considerate.Cyber safety: As Tim and Moby remind us, be safe! Don’t postpersonal information like your full name, address, phone #,email, etc. Do you remember playground rules like “StrangerDanger?” Think of the Internet as a global playground. Let’skeep it safe.
  2. 2. THE LOREM IPSUMS FALL 2012 PagesPlease read the info on the Pages at the top of the blog by clicking on each tab. We especially recommend"Blogging Guidelines."Commenting• Under the post, click, "Post a Comment.”• AVOID using your last name, address, phone #, school, and additional identifying information (i.e., name of a sports team).• Enter your FIRST NAME ONLY and class period (Example: Ramya Cpd), email, anti-spam code, comment and click "submit." All comments are sent to the moderator (teachers) for approval prior to appearing on the blog. Comments must adhere to school rules and blogging guidelines. 2
  3. 3. THE LOREM IPSUMS FALL 2012Side BarsView the sidebars for: • Videos from lessons and for review • Links for news sources, research, study skills, projects, and blogs we like • Slideshare widget to view or print handouts and slideshowsExtra CreditExtra credit will be awarded for sharing learningbeyond the classroom. 1) Pop Culture Points: Social Studies is all around us. Earn Pop culture points by making connections to TV shows, movies, music, poetry, video games, photography, journalism, novels, comic strips, cartoons, clothing design, etc. Connections must relate to class content. How do I earn Pop Culture Points? • Leave a comment or post "stickies" on wallwisher. Write a brief description of how it relates to the content, and provide a link to the photo, TV show, music video, song, movie scene, etc. • To view examples on our blog, type, "pop culture" into the search bar. 2) Leave A Comment: Write relevant comments that further the discussion, ask questions, make connections, provide feedback, etc. 3
  4. 4. Digital Citizenship Guidelines THE LOREM IPSUMS FALL 2012 I will think •  I agree not to post information and before I images that could put me or others at risk. post. I will •  I will not post anything offensive, respect rude, or threatening. •  I will not send or forward images/ others information that might embarass, hurt, or harass someone. online. I will •  If someone is rude, offensive, or protect hurtful, I will not respond. I will save the evidence and tell a trusted adult. myself •  I will report offensive activity to the and others website (remember Tim & Mobys lesson). online. 4