Whitford Centre Visit Two


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Whitford Centre Visit Two

  1. 1. Whitford EARLY LEARNING CENTRECentre visit - 28th February 2011A huge thank you to Kathryn and centre to have everyone return this site to access any handoutsthe teachers of Whitford their feedback to me via email! or information you require, whenPreschool for the great visit this your need to. A summary of findings will bemorning. published on your centre wiki I briefly met with Head and in this centre visit report.Teachers again to discuss their All of the notes and resourcescentres progress with the accumulated over the year willBlogging Mission. be posted online at http:// Congratulations to the whitfordearlylearningcentre.wikisFaintails team for being the only paces.com. Please make use of Next Visit to Whitford Focus on: 16th March 2011 @ Basics of Mac 8am Learning stories Saving Files Working with Storing Files Preschool teachers
  2. 2. BLOGGING MISSION FEEDBACKThank  you  to  those  teachers  who  emailed  me  with  their  feedback  about  their    Blogging  Mission.    The  Fantails  win  the  award  for  the  most  effecient  team  with  lots  of  fantastic  feedback  (see  below). *The botany downs kindergarten 1. I like the mixture captures children’s learning superbly of media used in some of the *Great links to culture. blogsites.  For example there Tips for Whitford: Culture is an important factor in our teaching is a good balance between career and I was quite impressed with their learning stories, videos, and * Check current Cybersafety Policy links to culture. photo slideshows. * Use the *I quite like a mixture of videos and learning 2. Some sites have special * Ensure that there parents have the stories. passwords and logins that opportunity to give informed *I believe if the learning stories are short has to be set up through the consent for their childrens images and detailed then that would definitely centre in order to view the to be used. attract the parents. Parents normally don’t blog.  The privacy of this * Have you thought about asking have a lot of time to read big stories. appeals as not just anyone children for their permission for can see it. I do like carefully their images? selected posts made public Surprising use of creativity photos * What about students who visit the however the e-portfolios arevideos and technology centre on practicum, what kept private-just like normalObvious that the bloggers are passionate about permissions do they get? profile books on paper.their chosen subject. * What do you currently know about 3. I like how notices,Appear to be amazingly truthful! ICT outside of the centre? invitations, and newsletters can also be viewed on the * Have you dedicated a portion of site.  However I find it is your team meeting to Cybersafety better when there is a and ICT conversations? Blogging is useful for parents, families to * How have you organised ICT separate link to them andkeep in touch and share children learning Audits, Backing up information, not just in the middle ofjourneys together, would be interested to here Time and Teacher release? where all the learning storiesif through blogging it has strengthen are.  * Passwords on Computers, haverelationships and the value of documeenting and these been established?has it encouraged Whanau contributions? Somesay they not sure about anyone being able to Some of the blogs hadaccess photos of children, however as a teacher regular entries e.g weekly,I really enjoyed the wonderful opportuntity of fortnightly, and it becamevisiting their blogs and gaining new ideas. like a diary. Good for travellers to beI like the welcoming statement on Manaia familiar with countries Contact NaketaKindergarten and about why they blog and before visiting them byencourage posting of comments. blogging, googling, Tel: +64 21 594 825I like the combination of media, but not too twittering, flickr, tumblt, DDI: (09) 973 5695 ext 839wordy. facebook. iChat: naketa@mac.comI like the links to other blogging friends around The use of photos was great Skype: naketaferguson the world. but I enjoyed being able to see videos as I went through the different sites.