War and peace student handout


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War and peace student handout

  1. 1. WAR & PEACE AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN Name: Directions: Read the examples and fill in the right term from the word bank. FOREIGN DOMESTIC VS.foreign language domestic flight foreign country domestic animals1. Americans often refer to a country that is not the 3. Cats and dogs are examples ofUnited States as a ________________________________________________________________________2. A language that is not English and comes from a 4. If you get on an airplane and fly from Seattle,country outside the United Sates is often called a Washington to Atlanta, Georgia, you are taking a____________________________________ ____________________________________““FOREIGN”” refers to things happening ________ ““DOMESTIC”” refers to things happening ““atthe United States. home”” or ______ the United States.A. Inside A. InsideB. Outside B. Outside Directions: Running a country means taking care of things at home (domestic policy) and around the world (foreign policy). Below are examples of both. See if you can figure out which are which! Write ““D”” for domestic policy and ““F”” for foreign policy. _____ 1. The government wants to make sure _____ 6. The United States is attacked, and the students are learning what they should be, so it President, in his role as Commander-in-Chief, requires standardized testing in certain grades. calls on the U.S. military to defend the U.S. by attacking the other country. _____ 2. The government operates national parks in different parts of the country. _____ 7. The government decides how much money Americans must pay in federal taxes. _____ 3. The United States is allied with coun- tries around the world, which means they are _____ 8. The government makes an agreement partners and look out for each other’’s interests. with specific countries that none of them will at- tack each other. _____ 4. The United States provides help to other countries when natural disasters, like _____ 9. The government cleans up land and earthquakes, occur. water areas that are severely polluted. _____ 5. The countries of the world meet to de- _____ 10. The government enforces federal cide how to handle climate change, and the laws and sends convicted criminals to jail. United States plays a role in the talks. 1
  2. 2. WHO DOES WHAT?!! or book f n, t he rule eign NOTE: For ““F stitutio h for oreign Aid,”” he Con ho has whic notes, let’’s ns: T says w the cards. S o, here’’s a h the answer is not clear in io ndDirect rnment, cards a en aid. If you kn int! Laws giv e out foreign vethe go wers. Usin g your yourself! Th in bills becom ow the presi dent and Co po this o ut w. ing a law, yo ngress’’s role s policy figure rs belo swer for fore u can figure o u can he answe ign aid! out the an- see if y s between t draw line Negotiates and President signs Military 2/3 must approve Congress Makes recommen- dations on laws he wants passed. President Signs bills into law Treaties or vetoes them. Congress Commander-in- (Senate only) Chief Can send troops around the world President Writes and Foreign Aid passes bills Congress Declares war Why do you think the Framers gave Congress a voice in most foreign policy decisions when they wrote the Constitution? A. so the President can make decisions on his own and not listen to Congress B. to make it really slow for the country to respond in a war C. to make sure that not just one person had all the power in making these important decisions, like whether to go to war 3