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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Student Page [Teacher Page] Cyberbullying: Title For Students Introduction Designed by Task Brittany Palmer, Julianna Huckriede, Devan Kobak Process,, Evaluation Conclusion Credits Based on a template from The WebQuest Page
  2. 2. Student Page [Teacher Page] Cyberbullying: What is it? • Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic devices, like Title cell phones and computers. A lot of the bullying takes place through Introduction social media cites, text messages, web chat, email and websites. Task • Types of cyberbullying include mean text messages or messages on social networking sites, rumors presented on social networking sites, Process email, or text message and embarrassing pictures posted on social Evaluation networking sites. Conclusion • Cyberbullying can be worse than traditional bullying because it is happening in children’s homes and invading their main sources of communication. It also can happen 24/7 any time of day. Night or day. The things posted (comments, embarrassing photos) can be instantly viewed by others and can be done unanimously. Deleting can be very hard to do after being posted. • Effects of cyberbullying • Use alcohol and drugs • Skip school • Experience in-person bullying • Be unwilling to attend school • Receive poor grades • Have lower self-esteem • Have more health problems Credits
  3. 3. Student Page [Teacher Page] The Task Title Your task will be to develop a skit on a cyberbullying Introduction incident and show either a situation where cyberbullying Task was handled correctly or situation where it wasn’t. Also, Process create a powerpoint highlighting the different points you Evaluation plan on making in your skit about cyberbullying and present it to the class after your skit. Conclusion Credits
  4. 4. Student Page [Teacher Page] The Process Title •Form into groups of 4-6 •Using these links research the topic of cyberbullying and how one should and Introduction shouldn’t handle a situation where they are being bullied through the internet: Task Process Evaluation Conclusion •Write a skit with a script using these characters: parent(s), teacher and/or principal (depending on how many people are in your group), student being bullied, and student who is bullying and create one of two situations: • A situation where the student experiences cyberbullying and handles the situation correctly (goes to the right people, talks to parents, etc.) • Alternatively, a situation where the student experiences cyberbullying and handles the situation incorrectly (doesn’t mention it to anyone, deletes nasty emails, etc.) •Develop a power point with at least 5 slides that highlights the major points that your skit has. •Hand in your script and perform your skit in front of the class. •After your skit, present your power point to explain the major points of your skit and to educate the rest of the class on what cyberbullying can do to people and how to properly stop it if it starts. Credits
  5. 5. Student Page [Teacher Page] Evaluation/Rubric Poor Fair Good Excellent Score Category 1 2 3 4 Title General Materials have Materials have some Materials are Materials are well Introduction Organization / Grammar minimum organization. organization. Materials can be organized. Materials can be followed along organized. Materials can be followed Materials are difficult followed along but are easily. Few grammar along easily and Task t to follow. Multiple weak at times. Some errors are found. flow well together. grammar errors are grammar errors are No Grammar errors Process found. found. are found. Evaluation PowerPoint The PowerPoint has The Power Point has The Power Point has The Power Point has less than five slides. five slides or more. five slides or more. five slide or more. Slides lack supporting Slides have some Each slide has Each slide has strong Conclusion resources, content, supporting resources, supporting resources, supporting and images. content, and images. content, and images. resources, content, and images. Script Script fails to go Script somewhat goes Script goes along with Script goes along along with along with performance. Roles of perfectly. Roles of performance. Roles performance. Roles of each person are clear. each person are of each person are each person are strong and clear. unclear. somewhat clear. Performance Skit is read mostly Skit is referred to Skit is acted out well Skit is acted out rather than acted out. frequently and with minimum realistically with no Performance is under somewhat acted out. referral to the script. referral to the script. the time limit of five Performance is just Performance meets Performance meets minutes. under the time limit of the time limit of five the time limit of five five minutes. minutes or more. minutes or more. Creativity/ Script , Power Point, Script, Power Point, Script, Power Point, Script, Power Point, Originality and performance lack and performance are and performance have and performance creativity. plain with few creative many creative ideas. each have multiple ideas. Each idea strong creative ideas. demonstrates Each idea is originality. supporting and demonstrates originality. Credits
  6. 6. Student Page [Teacher Page] Conclusion By the end of this “dramatic” experience, you will have learned what cyberbullying is, what Title it effects and who it effects, and how to stop it if it happens to you. Introduction Cyberbullying can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Don’t let cyberbullying go Task undealt with. Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits
  7. 7. Student Page [Teacher Page] Credits & References Title Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits
  8. 8. [Student Page] Curriculum StandardsTeacher Page (Teacher) Title Introduction Learners Contemporary World Issues State Standards Addressed Standards • Students will learn effective civic participation as it relates to identifying Process problems or dilemmas, proposing appropriate solutions, formulating action plans, and assessing the positive and negative results of actions taken. Resources In this presentation students are encouraged to use creative production skills, Evaluation comparison, teamwork, and compromise.Teacher Script Conclusion Credits
  9. 9. [Student Page]Teacher Page Resources (Teacher) Necessary Components: Title • Internet access Introduction •Computers Learners •Power Point •Websites needed Standards • • Process •Video or audio materials • Resources • Evaluation One teacher would be enough and possibly a principle/ school officer visit.Teacher Script Conclusion Credits