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  • 1. An Emerging Standard Andy Weissberg, Vice President of Identifier Services July 10, 2009 The Changing Standards Landscape: Creative Solutions to Your Information Problems
  • 2. “The pressing need for a standard tool for linking different printed and digital manifestations to a common title makes the ISTC potentially the most important standard for our industry since the ISBN.” -Michael Holdsworth The identification of digital book content – BISG White Paper
  • 3. The International ISTC Agency • Comprised of Founding Members representing rights/royalties management, bibliographic collections management and discoverability sectors – IFRRO, CISAC, Bowker and Nielsen • Responsible for the promotion, coordination and supervision of the International Standard Text Code (ISTC) standard and system. • Maintains an accurate register of the registration agency elements that have been assigned., including metadata and administrative metadata. • Facilitate the review and resolution of duplicate applications for or registration of textual works.
  • 4. ISTC – An Overview • International Standard Text Code (ISTC), provides a means of uniquely and persistently identifying textual works in information systems. • ISTC will facilitate the exchange of information between every point in the supply chain on an international level. • ISTC makes it possible to group products (physical, digital, etc.) containing the same content, or even in some cases, different content with the same origins. • ISTC will optimize discovery, improve collections management, sales and loans analysis. • ISTC will support emerging rights and royalties claiming and processing procedures.
  • 5. ISTC – Linking Works & Manifestations Textual work created by author ISTC #A Manifestation Manifestation Manifestation Manifestation published in published in published as published as hardback paperback audio-book e-book in PDF format format format ISBN #B ISBN #C ISBN #D ISBN #E
  • 6. ISTC – Structure “ISTC” only precedes the code for 4-digit “year element” Hyphens or spaces are for display purposes display purpose only & are not part of the ISTC value ISTC 0A9-2008-00000007-C 3-hexadecimal character 8-hexadecimal character Hexadecimal “registration agency element” “work element” Check digit
  • 7. ISTC – Assignments • In-copyright works rights-holders (publisher, author or agents) can request ISTCs from an authorized ISTC Registration Agency • Most registration agencies will be operated by bibliographic agencies and Reproductive Rights Organizations. Current RA’s (pilot opportunities) – Bowker – Nielsen – MVB (Germany) – September 2009 • ISTC assignments to out-of-copyright works may be requested by anyone, but most likely libraries, particularly within scanning initiatives. • ONIX for ISTC – standardized methodology for enabling assignments • Links between works (ISTC) and products (ISBN) will be captured on bibliographic databases utilized by search engines, libraries, retailers and other channels providing discoverability
  • 8. ISTC – Prospective Business Cases • Streamlined Consumer Search & Discovery • Efficient search behavior ● Refined results and accuracy in primary search vs. intensified faceting ● Make immediately available multiple format options ● Refined “happy accidents”
  • 9. ISTC – Prospective Business Cases • Book Rights Registry (BRR) Claiming Process • More efficient “pre-populated” sourcing and validation ● Intelligent, consolidated attribution of titles and manifestations •Validation use-cases ● Product-level (format) ● Work attributes ● Contributors • Future “contributor-level” identifier interoperability ● ISTC + ISBN + ISNI
  • 10. ISTC – Prospective Business Cases • Streamlined Collections Development & Mgmt. • ISTC enhances FRBR ● Metadata enables consolidated edition grouping within title-based display and retrieval ● Make immediately available multiple format options ● Optimized subject-level search and retrieval
  • 11. Thank You! Questions, Answers & Comments Andy Weissberg Vice President of Identifier Services 908.219.0206