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AAC Education Session


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Presentation at the Education Session of the American Art Collaborative (AAC) Linked Open Data Initiative, 31 March 2015.

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AAC Education Session

  1. 1. Europeana Linked Open Data Use Cases Antoine Isaac R&D Manager, Europeana American Art Collaborative Education Session March 31, 2015
  2. 2. What is Europeana?
  3. 3. Europe’s platform to access cultural heritage Currently 41M objects
  4. 4. What Europeana makes available Metadata Link to digital objects online
  5. 5. Built on descriptive metadata from a broad, heterogeneous network Audiovisual collections National Aggregators Regional Aggregators Archives Thematic collections Libraries Musées Lausannois Culture.frThe European Library APEX European Film Gateway Europeana Fashion 2,300 galleries, museums, archives and libraries
  6. 6. Aggregating museum data Individual museums may provide data directly, but the vast majority goes/went through vast aggregators  EuropeanaLocal  ATHENA  Linked Heritage  various national aggregators
  7. 7. More than this
  8. 8. Multi-sided platform
  9. 9. Europeana and linked open data
  10. 10. Content (digital objects on the site of the provider) Metadata (descriptive object information) Different options Open Metadata CC
  11. 11.
  12. 12. database
  13. 13.
  14. 14. How Europeana uses linked open data
  15. 15. Prior to the Europeana Data Model: flat records in Europeana dc:contributor, dc:creator, dc:date, dc:format, dc:identifier, dc:language, dc:publisher, dc:relation, dc:source, dcterms:alternative, dcterms:extent, dcterms:temporal, dcterms:medium, dcterms:created, dcterms:provenance, dcterms:issued, dcterms:conformsTo, dcterms:hasFormat, dcterms:isFormatOf, dcterms:hasVersion, dcterms:isVersionOf, dcterms:hasPart, dcterms:isPartOf, dcterms:isReferencedBy, dcterms:references, dcterms:isReplacedBy, dcterms:replaces dcterms:isRequiredBy, dcterms:requires dcterms:tableOfContents europeana:type, europeana:dataProvider, europeana:provider, europeana:isShownAt, europeana:isShownBy, europeana:object, europeana:rights  No links between objects and context entities (persons, places)  Mixing data on real object and digital content  A lot of mapping quality problems
  16. 16. EDM: an example
  17. 17. More granular metadata
  18. 18. Harvesting thesauri as linked data
  19. 19. Contextual Resources – Places
  20. 20. Ready for metadata enrichment  Already re-using third-party sources • GeoNames, DBpedia, AAT, GEMET…  Enrichment by providers or Europeana • In collaboration! • Example: Getty vocabularies /vocabularies/lod/
  21. 21. Not just display and search All this exists at the data level Data is exported in our API So data re-users can provide enhanced display and search services to.
  22. 22. Not just AAT Getty will release other vocabularies as linked data Our partner projects use other linked data sets Geonames, VIAF, GND, Iconclass, DBpedia, MIMO, PartagePlus
  23. 23. Europeana Automatic Enrichment
  24. 24. Modeling, linked data style  Cross-community development  Data models that re-use several existing models Semantic Web paradigm just allows mixing them!
  25. 25. Different semantic grains  Semantic Web principle of specializing classes and properties  Enables extensions, “applications profiles”, based on needs and best practices from specific sectors or domains
  26. 26. Benefits of linked data for Europeana Vision matches well open data strategies Vocabularies and datasets to re-use for enrichment Making data work better for search and display Technical ease of publishing and connecting data Flexible approach to building & re-using standards More flexible approach to interoperability and granularity of the data model
  27. 27. Advocating LOD
  28. 28. Further development - Searching
  29. 29. Browsing Europeana Channels
  30. 30. Annotating Pundit @ DM2E project
  31. 31. Conclusions  Big opportunities and challenges for Europeana and its partners  Not implementing the full Semantic Web technical stack at once already bring benefits  Seeing where the general Linked Data vision can change things
  32. 32. Thank you Antoine Isaac