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Mesh Labs Introduction June 2012


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MeshLabs is a pure-play developer of text analytics software. Our core product is a hybrid text analytics engine, that combines linguistic (NLP), statistic, and semantic approaches to process large volumes of unstructured and structured content. Built to enterprise performance standards, the engine offers flexible integration capabilities including content connectors and APIs. We are a team of information retrieval professionals who are passionate about solving complex unstructured data processing problems for a variety of industries. Our product is deployed at large enterprises globally. We specialize in developing products using emerging content processing technologies to solve complex customer experience management problems. I can discuss with you specific ideas, best practices, and case studies.

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Mesh Labs Introduction June 2012

  1. 1. MeshLabsText Analytics © 2012 MeshLabs Software Private Limited
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONMaking Text Analytics Easy to Solve Complex Problems2
  3. 3. Text, Text, Everywhere…3
  4. 4. And Not a Single Insight.Too much volume and variety Missed Opportunities Multiple Channels, Topline and Sources and Types Bottom-line Impact Cost / Quality concerns Current BI tools won’t work over manual methods Structured data Limited Analysis, only and too Product Managers Ad hoc, Scalability complicated Customer Insight Managers Issues Research Analysts Customer Care Reps Sales & Marketing Leaders HR Leaders Senior Executives4
  5. 5. Text Analytics powerful technology Semantics to automatically… Statistics Linguistics 1 Ingest all text data/content 2 Extract valuable assets 3 Deliver actionable insights5
  6. 6. Our Product Custom Solutions Search Interface Dashboards APIs • On-Premise • SaaS • API eZi Semantic eZi Sentiment eZi Reco ™ Search ™ Analyzer ™ MeshLabs eZi CORE ™ Unified Semantic Index / Triple Store POS Entity Rules Inference / Tagging Extractor Classifier Clustering Engine Reasoner eZi Connectors ™ and Crawlers Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, Alfresco Enterprise Content Web Content6
  7. 7. How it Works Gather your data – Text 1  Connectors to Enterprise Content Stores, (Unstructured) and Facebook, Twitter etc. Structured  Crawlers for getting data from websites  Upload files & documents – Excel, Word, PDF etc. Process your data – 2  NLP – Natural Language Processing Extract  Taxonomies & Custom Ontologies entities, classify, cluster, a  Machine Learning nd score sentiment Analyze output - 3  Dashboards dashboards, reports, work  Charts & Reports flows, and alerts  Exports7
  8. 8. Problems we have solved Opinion Auto- Intelligent Mining Categorization Agents “ How do I gain “ With so much “ As a actionable information retailer, how do I insights from overload, how display market & do I transform categorized customer the effectiveness listings in the interactions of my most efficient across channels? knowledge manner? “ ” workers? “8
  9. 9. Case Study • How to systematically mine large volume of consumer opinion on leading brands from social mediaChallenge and other online channels… • How to transform analyst productivity – do more in less time and cost… • Developed Analyst Workbench solution powered by MeshLabs eZi CORE™ Text Analytics Engine to process vast amounts of content Solution • Sentiment analysis, feature detection, entity extraction, content categorization, faceted search • Standardized workflows and processes • Dashboards and advanced reporting features for better analytics • Increased execution and delivery speed Benefits • Complete Automation - Elimination of manual and laborious processes • Reduced costs through significant productivity gains9
  10. 10. Ready? Points to PonderCategory QuestionsBusiness Insights: Knowing “what” but not the “why”: Do you often feel that you run intoChallenges problems that you know of, but have hard time discovering “why”? E.g. Increase in customer complaints, but have hard time explaining why? Repeating Mistakes and Recreating Solutions: Fairly common in service organizations. Findability: Can your customers, employees, and partners find the content they want? Compliance Concerns: Is your business regulated? Do you have compliance burden that you are unable to meet?Volume How much text data/content do you have? # of documents, articles, verbatims, call center notes, problem records – average size in MB, GB etc.Velocity How frequently does your data change - by the minute, hourly, daily etc.?Variety What types of data do you have? From what sources and channels?Process Who is responsible for analysis? Do you have enough skilled resources? Is the processControl too complex? Are you satisfied with the speed and quality? What is the overall cost? What is the data lifecycle ?10
  11. 11. About USProvider of text analytics software products  Unified Content Access  Entity Extraction / Tagging  Categorization  Summarization  Recommendation  On-premise  Faceted Search  SaaS  Sentiment Analysis  API  Dashboard & Reporting Information Management | Customer Experience Management | Business Intelligence | Regulatory ComplianceFeaturedCustomers:11
  12. 12. Contact Us @meshlabs 1-602-617-9370 | India: 91-89718 2092512