Progress Report on Government Linked Data Worldwide


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The W3C Government Linked Data Working Group is chartered for two years (2011-2013) to update the W3C Recommendations related to the publication of government open data as high quality "5 star" Linked Data. This progress report highlights the progress of the Government Linked Data Working Group.
* Best Practices and the Government Linked Data Cookbook;
* Recommended vocabularies specific to government use; * Guidance on handling legacy data, versioning and procurement; and
* Advice on the value proposition of publishing open government content as Linked Data to support project funding.

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Progress Report on Government Linked Data Worldwide

  1. 1. Progress Report on the Publication of Government Linked Data Worldwide Brief by David Wood on behalf of Bernadette Hyland, co-chair W3C Government Linked Data Working Group Email. Twitter: @BernHyland This presentation:, June 5, 12 1
  2. 2. Slide credit: Jennifer Bell VisibleGovernment.caTuesday, June 5, 12 2
  3. 3. What is driving us? “We’re moving from managing documents to managing discrete pieces of open data and content which can be tagged, shared, secured, mashed up and presented in the way that is most useful for the consumer of that information.” -- Report on Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American PeopleTuesday, June 5, 12 3
  4. 4. Tuesday, June 5, 12 4
  5. 5. The mission of the Government Linked Data (GLD) Working Group is to provide standards and other information which help governments around the world publish their data as effective and usable Linked Data using Semantic Web technologies.Tuesday, June 5, 12 5
  6. 6. Tuesday, June 5, 12 6
  7. 7. Tuesday, June 5, 12 7
  8. 8. Best Practices Vocabulary Guidance Community BuildingTuesday, June 5, 12 8
  9. 9. Deliverables Best Practices for Standard Vocabularies Publishing Linked Data Metadata, Statistical Procurement, “Cube” Data, People, vocabulary selection, Organizational URI construction, structures versioning, stability, legacy data issues Community Directory Cookbook for Linked Open DataTuesday, June 5, 12 9
  10. 10. Goal: Make Open Data, Content, and Web APIs the New DefaultTuesday, June 5, 12 10
  11. 11. Slide credit: Jennifer Bell VisibleGovernment.caTuesday, June 5, 12 11
  12. 12. RDF is a lingua franca for data exchangeTuesday, June 5, 12 12
  13. 13. Global participants ...Tuesday, June 5, 12 13
  14. 14. We seek to support Open Government advocates ... • Providing an ecosystem of products, tools & service providers --> W3 Community Directory • How to publish Gov Linked Data --> Best Practices • FAQs • For procurement, business & IT managers • Value proposition of RDF, SPARQLTuesday, June 5, 12 14
  15. 15. Tuesday, June 5, 12 15
  16. 16. Announcement on the importance of vocabularies ... The following went to A checklist for FPWD 5-April-2012: determining a “good” vocabulary is 1. Data Catalog Vocabulary incorporated in the Best 2.Data Cube Vocabulary Practices doc 3.Organization Ontology 4.Terms for Describing PeopleTuesday, June 5, 12 16
  17. 17. Progress report at a glance • remains the • EU talks the talk and walks leader with the most the walk published 5 star government LOD, see • US is making some solid progress with 4-5 star LOD in 2012 • European Commission is funding the creation of tools and datasets to • Join the 2012 International Open Government Data accelerate data reuse via Conference July 10-12, Linked Data approach 2012 World Bank Headquarters, Washington DCTuesday, June 5, 12 17
  18. 18. UK Environment Agency: Water Quality • Five star publication of • The data is live - updated assessments of the water at least weekly and quality for bathing sometimes daily as new ("swimming" for a US assessments arrive. audience) sites in England and Wales • See http:// • Links annual quality assessments, weekly in- season assessments and • Contact: Dave Reynolds profilesTuesday, June 5, 12 18
  19. 19. University of Southampton Open Data Service • Lists 5 star data sets for the • Datasets will mostly be university published under "Open Government License, or • Includes buildings, places, other licenses conforming to the Open Definition. (In educational resources, events, facilities & some cases this may not be equipment, calendar info, possible). student statistics & transportation info • See http:// datasets.html • Contact: Tope Imitola (University of Southampton)Tuesday, June 5, 12 19
  20. 20. Clean Energy data from Reegle • High quality information • provides info on renewables, energy to OpenEI, World Bank efficiency and climate Data and the UK Open change to help accelerate Data Portal the clean energy marketplace • See • Five star publication of • Contact: Martin data, manuals and Kaltenböck (Semantic endpoint for data re-use Web Company, Austria)Tuesday, June 5, 12 20
  21. 21. Something new is emergingTuesday, June 5, 12 21
  22. 22. Spanish Geospatial Linked Data • Five star publication of • See http:// diverse information from National Geographic projects/map4rdf/ Institute of Spain & Spanish Meteorological Office • Contact: Boris Villazón Terrazas (Universidad • The GeoLinkedData Politécnica de Madrid) Initiative released map4rdf • A mapping and faceted browsing tool for exploring and visualizing RDF datasets enhanced with geometrical Information.Tuesday, June 5, 12 22
  23. 23. ISA Programme Vocabularies • Includes the Asset • Currently in review Description Metadata within GLD WG Schema (ADMS) • See • Facilitates federation and ns/adms co-operation • Contact: Phil Archer • ADMS can act as a (W3C/ERCIM) common layer among repositories that want to exchange dataTuesday, June 5, 12 23
  24. 24. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) • Five star publication about • Additional pilots in 2012 the facilities and substances incorporating EPA and regulated by the EPA anonymized electronic medical records (EMR) • Links to 24 years of data data from Sentara Healthcare on major polluters from the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) program • 5 star LOD will be hosted & accessible summer 2012 • A proof-of-concept launched 2011 • Contact: Michael Pendleton (US EPA)Tuesday, June 5, 12 24
  25. 25. US Health & Human Services • Newly revamped • Announced at at Health Datapalooza, Washington DC on June 5, 2012 • Data sets from agencies across Federal government • See with the goal of using open data to improve the health of all Americans • Contact: George Thomas (US HHS) • US$35k round one HDP domain challenge runs 5- June to 2-Oct 2012 on challenge.govTuesday, June 5, 12 25
  26. 26. SEC Filings as Linked Data • XBRL data set for Edgar, • Companies linked to US Securities and Freebase Exchange Commission required filings. • See http:// edgarwrap.ontologycent • Project is called Edgar Linked Data Wrapper • Contact: Benedikt • Leverages the RDF Data Kaempgen, Cube Vocabulary (Forschungszentrum Informatik)Tuesday, June 5, 12 26
  27. 27. US Library of Congress Linked Data • This site includes • See see Vocabularies and Authorities owned and maintained by the • Contact: Tina Gheen (Library of Congress) Library of Congress made available as linked data.Tuesday, June 5, 12 27
  28. 28. Global requirements • “Comprehensively link legislation for more effective government” • “Link & explain inter- relationships” • “We need global standards for metadata”Tuesday, June 5, 12 28
  29. 29. Linked Data is simply sensible ... Answers the question, “how are we using technology to make a real difference in people’s lives ...” Data re-use for apps that matter Government Linked Data can help you navigateTuesday, June 5, 12 29
  30. 30. It is going to take active & thoughtful participation from individuals in research, government and private sectorTuesday, June 5, 12 30
  31. 31. Publishing Linked Data will require continual nurturing but the rewards are worth itTuesday, June 5, 12 31
  32. 32. Recommendations • Linked Data promotes goals of transparency & economic development during times of fiscal austerity • Publish in reusable format (RDF family of standards) • Use OPEN vs proprietary in data formats • Define a URI Policy and Strategy • Use best practices and vocabularies exist -- don’t recreate the wheelTuesday, June 5, 12 32
  33. 33. • Linked Data is about publishing and consuming data using international data standards • Based on 20 year old idea • A system of linked information systemsTuesday, June 5, 12 33
  34. 34. Resources •  Website • Hack,  Mash  and  Peer:  Crowdsourcing  Government  Transparency, Jerry Brito, George Mason University, • Blog on UK Environment Agency Water Quality, see datasets.html • Southampton Open Data Service, see • Blog post on Clean Energy data from Reegle, see reegle-info-linked-open-energy-data-cloud/ • Blog post on Publishing Linked Open Data in Tight Economic Times, 30-Jan-2012, http:// economic-times/ • Blog post on from US Health & Human Services, 4-June-2012, http:// • Blog post on US HHS Domain Challenge 1: Metadata, 2-June-2012, http://, June 5, 12 34
  35. 35. W3C Working Drafts • Data Catalog Vocabulary, see vocab-dcat/ • RDF Data Cube Vocabulary, see vocab-data-cube/ • Organizational Ontology, see vocab-org/ • People Vocabulary, see people/Tuesday, June 5, 12 35
  36. 36. Coming soon ... • Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data (editor’s Draft 20-Apr-2012), see default/bp/index.html • Linked Data Cookbook, see wiki/Linked_Data_Cookbook • Linked Data Directory, see • Attend the 2012 International Open Government Data Conference co-sponsored by & The World Bank 10-12 July 2012, Washington DC, see http://, June 5, 12 36
  37. 37. Bernadette Hyland @BernHyland Email Twitter @3RoundStonesTuesday, June 5, 12 37
  38. 38. This work is Copyright © 2011-2012 3 Round Stones Inc. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Full details at: You are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work to Remix — to adapt the work Under the following conditions: Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). Share Alike. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.Tuesday, June 5, 12 38
  39. 39. Credits Amelia Earheart, missrouge (CC-BY-SA) Jennifer Bell, (CC-BY-SA) 1-5 Star Linked Data image LOD Cloud Diagrams Richard Cyganiak, Anja Jentzsch, (CC-BY-SA) Landmark Supermarket Trinoma, bredgur (CC-BY-SA) Book covers © their respective owners and used under Fair Use for educational purposes © 2012 Bernadette Hyland, released under a CC-BY-SA licenseTuesday, June 5, 12 39