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Link Building Campaigns
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Link Building Campaigns


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One of my older presentations about link building campaigns and how to build new links to your web site on a regular basis.

One of my older presentations about link building campaigns and how to build new links to your web site on a regular basis.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design


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  • 1. WebmasterWorld PubCon 2006 Link Building Campaigns
  • 2. Company Overview
    • Founded in 1994
    • Full service interactive solutions provider - Marketing - Strategy - Creative Services - Web Site Development - Web Application Development - Search Engine Marketing - Web Analytics and Reporting
    • Clients include TXU Corporation, Amerisource Bergen Specialty Group, Pilgrim’s Pride
  • 3. Overview
    • Your Website’s Content
    • Internal Linking
    • External Links - Linking in 2006
    • Finding Links Checklist
    • Checklist for New Sites
    • Checklist for Older or Established Sites
    • Link Dos
    • Link Don’ts
    • Links “Outside the Box"
  • 4. Your Website’s Content
    • Your website’s content is ultimately responsible for its ability or inability to get links
    • Bad content or no content = no links
    • Great content = the potential to get links
    • You have tell everyone you have great content on your site
  • 5. What is Great Content?
    • Great content is anything that people will link to with an unsolicited link.
    • Examples of great content: - Content that stirs emotion – if they love it or hate it they’ll link to it - Rich-media content that’s informative, humorous, or silly - Tutorials, niche dictionaries/glossaries, or other content like a blog or news related to your industry
    • Other sites must have a reason to link to you. Give them a reason and they will link to you.
  • 6. Internal Linking
    • Take care of your internal linking first then deal with external links
    • Search engine friendly – crawlable links with descriptive anchor text as appropriate
    • All pages need at least one link from another page to stay in the index
    • Don’t forget internal links to related topics, related products, hot product links are helpful (on topic)
    • Links from other sites to your internal pages
  • 7. External Links - Linking in 2006
    • Read the recent WebmasterWorld thread titled “Link Development vs. Traffic Development and Staying with the Times” by sugarrae
    • Get on topic links
    • Buy links that will result in clicks (i.e. traffic)
    • Write "800 word" articles that add value
    • Write useful articles based on your keywords
    • Diversify your anchor text
    • Contribute to a select few communities online and make yourself known
    • Create a blog
  • 8. Finding Links Checklist
    • Search using your keyword
    • "Suggest link" +"keyword“
    • "Suggest a link" +"keyword“
    • "Suggest site" + "keyword“
    • "Suggest a site" + "keyword“
    • "Suggest URL" +"keyword”
    • "Suggest a URL" +"keyword"
    • "Add link" +"keyword"
    • "Suggest an URL" +"keyword“
    • "Add a link" +"keyword“
    • "Add site" +"keyword“
    • "Add a site" +"keyword"
    • "Add URL" +"keyword"
    • "Add a URL" +"keyword“
    • "Add an URL" +"keyword"
    • "Submit link" +"keyword“
    • "Submit a link" +"keyword“
    • "Submit site" +"keyword"
    • "Submit a site" +"keyword"
    • "Submit URL" +"keyword”
    • "Submit a URL" +"keyword"
    “ Submit an URL" +"keyword“ "favorite links" +"keyword" "cool sites" +"keyword" "cool places" +"keyword“ reciprocal +"keyword" directory +"keyword" directorys +"keyword" directories +"keyword" exchange +"keyword" resources +"keyword“ links +"keyword" "your location" +"add url" "your location" +links "your location" +"reciprocal links“ "your location" +directory "your location" +"submit site“ "recommended links" +"keyword“ "your location" +"suggest a site"
  • 9. Checklist for New Sites
    • Web directories (always hand edited) yahoo, dmoz, botw, and industry niche
    • Write/Distribute press release about site’s launch
    • Use PRWeb, Eric Ward’s URLwire, Businesswire
    • Buy a few text links (i.e., advertise)
    • Start a PPC campaign - doesn't help with links but will get traffic and perhaps noticed in your niche
    • Add a blog to your site and get blog search engine traffic, links from other bloggers in your niche
    • Write keyword rich useful articles in your niche topic
    • Interested in “black hat” techniques?
    • Buy expired domains of sites in your niche and set up a 301 Permanent Redirect to your site
    • Buy your competitors' sites or domains and redirect
  • 10. Checklist for Older or Established Sites
    • Analyze internal linking structure
    • Analyze current links, both incoming and outgoing and read the sugarrae link thread
    • Stop participating in link schemes, reciprocals
    • Jumpstart your site with new links
    • - website directory listings (only majors)
    • - write and distribute press release
    • - add a blog to site and/or more content
    • - advertise on other industry sites
    • - write and distribute useful articles
  • 11. Link “Do”s
    • Don't be afraid to link out to good content
    • Make sure your links are always in context
    • Get free publicity - Jeff Crilley (
    • Analyze links of competitors (be where they are if possible)
    • Get your products and feeds listed and noticed
    • If you’re a black hatter or “innovative” then buy competitors sites or domains and set up 301 Permanent Redirects to your site
  • 12. Link “Don’t”s
    • No links on same IP address or class C block
    • No new links = a stale site
    • Don’t get too many new links too quickly
    • No site-wide buys with same anchor text
    • Stay away from paid links on off-topic sites
    • No link schemes and bad neighborhoods
    • No link networks
    • No orphan pages (pages without links)
    • No blog spam, log spam, guestbook spam, forum spam--even though some still claim that they work, especially with MSN and Yahoo!
  • 13. Links “Outside the Box"
    • Be first with link equity = authority
    • Posting breaking news means links and link equity
    • Give out free tool like free web space, free stats, free blog
    • Links are necessary for pages to remain in index
    • Off-site links to internal pages help boost rankings
    • If you're selling a classified ad item then post item on Craig's List - always add link to your site that has additional photos and more information
    • Give out free information, perhaps free industry dictionary or glossary or calculator
    • Have content others don’t have (e.g., photos, content, the Smoking Gun site)
    • Get to know the bloggers in your industry - feed them your news, press releases, other industry information
    • Contribute to non-profits for a link
  • 14. One More Point
    • Link building is a long-term commitment
    • There's no magic pill
    • There isn’t one link that will make you famous
  • 15. Thank You
    • Bill Hartzer
    • Search Engine Marketing Manager
    • MarketNet, Inc.
    • [email_address]
    • ph 972.739.1900