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Beyond the Hype: How to Use Social Media Tools to Grow Your Business
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Beyond the Hype: How to Use Social Media Tools to Grow Your Business


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Beyond the Hype: How to Use Social Media Tools to Grow Your Business
    • 2. Introductions
      • Paul Burani President, Clicksharp Marketing
      • Michelle Riggen-Ransom Co-Founder & Communications Director, Batch Blue Software
    • 3. What are Social Media? ” Communities where users can submit content related to a very specific topic of interest. The content is public for community members to interact freely: commenting, voting, sharing, discussing. These media are "social" because people are encouraged to contribute to the dialogue, present their viewpoints, and engage with their communities – the same way as if they took place offline at a coffee shop, dinner party, or board meeting.” Photo credit: Flickr/tomfite. Push vs. Pull Marketing
    • 4. What are Social Media?
      • What do all social media sites have in common?
        • Profile-based environment
        • User-generated content
        • Community interaction
        • Etiquette
    • 5. What are Social Media?
      • How do social media sites differ?
        • “ Open” or “Closed”
        • Type & format of content
        • Scope of relationships
        • Cross-platform integration
    • 6. What are Social Media?
      • What’s behind all the hype?
      • How can social media be a low-risk marketing asset?
      Source: eMarketer, comScore, Facebook.
    • 7.
      • Do’s
        • Be proactive with links and comments.
        • Focus on just a few communities.
        • Engage others for feedback.
        • Maintain regularity in your contributions.
        • Be yourself.
      What are Social Media?
    • 8. What are Social Media?
      • Don’ts
        • Be a pushy salesperson.
        • Recklessly use off-color humor.
        • Expect total privacy.
        • Assume people care about the minutia of you or your business.
        • Overlook the rules of confidentiality.
    • 9.
      • Should my business be using social media?
        • Does selling your product require customer education?
        • Would customer feedback help you develop better products?
        • Do you take an organized approach to customer service?
        • Will showing customers your personality help you sell more?
      Social Media Marketing
    • 10.
      • How to pick the right mix of social media tools
        • Where are you likeliest to find your audience?
        • What kind of content will you publish?
      Social Media Marketing
    • 11.
      • Applying the mindset:
        • "Content is Currency”
        • Chicklets and the multiplier effect
        • Search engines and social media annuities
        • Everyone is ready to listen; what are you going to say?
      Social Media Marketing
    • 12.
      • Economizing marketing efforts across different social media platforms
        • Webmail contacts
        • RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
        • One more reason to start blogging!
      Social Media Marketing
    • 13. Social Media Marketing
      • Measuring Success: the X-factor!
        • When visitors leave, how soon do they come back?
        • What geographic areas attract/engage visitors the most?
        • How deeply do visitors engage with the content?
        • Do IT issues (OS, browsers, connection speeds) affect the site's user experience?
        • Which third party websites send the most traffic?
        • What site content holds attention & keeps visitors coming back?
        • Which promotions and ad campaigns are paying off?
    • 14. Social Media Marketing
        • Are offline marketing efforts contributing to the website's success?
        • Are any particular pages driving people away?
        • What path do visitors take to reach the most important content?
        • Which search engine keywords direct people to the site?
        • Which visitors are just browsing, and which have a meaningful impact on business?
    • 15. Social Media Marketing Photo credit: Flickr/fragwagon. Social media marketing extends on corporate strategy… it does not replace it.
    • 16. BatchBlue Software: Small company, big challenges
      • Crowded market (CRM)
      • No physical product to sell
      • Target audience (small businesses) notoriously difficult to reach
      • No advertising budget
      • … so what’s a young start-up to do?
    • 17. Using Social Media to Win Friends & Influence Customers
      • BatchBlue Blog
      • Forums
      • Twitter
      • Sbbuzz (Twitter chat/blog)
      • YouTube, Facebook, Flickr
    • 18. @batchblue on Twitter
    • 19. @batchblue on Twitter
    • 20. @sbbuzz and
    • 21. @sbbuzz and
    • 22. BatchBlue Forums
    • 23. = Free CS!
    • 24. BatchBlue Blog
    • 25. YouTube, FaceBook, Flickr
    • 26. It’s not the tools…it’s the network
    • 27. Biz dev
      • Twitter => SXSW => Twitter =>
      • Product integration/co-marketing
      • BatchBook & FreshBooks
    • 28. PR & marketing
      • Twitter t-shirts => Blogger’s Lounge at SXSW =>
      • Contact at Mashable
    • 29. Hiring & recruiting
      • Twitter => Local tech meetup =>
      • BatchBlue’s new System Administrator
    • 30. 10 Things YOU can do to grow your biz with social media
      • Listen . Get out there, find your audience.
      • Be ready . Carry a camera everywhere. You never know when that killer video or photo op will present itself.
      • Open Twitter account . Number one way we've found to build network fast.
      • Share . Make posts easy to share and make them compelling enough that people will want to share.
      • Engage . Be responsive. Folks want to know people behind the company.
    • 31. … and the next 5!
      • Syndicate . Leverage the power of RSS. You'll get more bang for your content buck.
      • Provide value . Offer free content, promo codes, give people tools to promote you.
      • Crowdsource . Ask compelling questions, empower people to weigh in. You won't be the only one interested in the answers.
      • Have fun ! If it's not fun, you won't do it.
      • Shine ! Put yourself on the main stage. You may not have a huge social network today, but tomorrow you might.
    • 32. Questions?
    • 33. Contacts
      • Paul Burani
      • twitter:@clicksharp
      • email: [email_address]
      • Ramon Ray
      • twitter: @ramonray
      • email: [email_address]
      • Michelle Riggen-Ransom
      • twitter: @mriggen @batchblue
      • email: [email_address]