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Blogger Outreach For Brand Awareness - Talk for Etsy Owners

Myself and Alexandra Hepworth were recently invited to give a talk around blogging and blogger outreach to the members of the Brighton Etsy Meet-Up group. It was a really enjoyabl

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Blogger Outreach For Brand Awareness - Talk for Etsy Owners

  1. 1. BLOGGER OUTREACH FOR BRAND AWARENESSSiteVisibility 30th June 2015
  2. 2. The battle for attention isn’t getting any less competitive
  3. 3. But there’s never been more free tools available to make your life easier
  4. 4. What do we need to market online SUCESSFULLY
  7. 7. Insight
  8. 8. Understand the patterns in how people search and what they’re interested. How does that vary by time of year and location?
  9. 9. More People Search For Wedding Favours in Jan
  10. 10. Nearly 30% more searches in May compared to March
  11. 11. Content
  12. 12. Get a visualisation of the questions people are asking around the topic. People asking questions are perfect cues for content creation.
  13. 13. Distribution
  14. 14. Find and connect with new influencers in your niche. Use super-actionable visualizations to compare your social graph to others.
  15. 15. Measurement
  16. 16. Analyze what content from your audience has resonated with social users. Sort by different networks or social media as whole.
  17. 17. SECTION 1 – Why Blogger Outreach? SECTION 2 – Creating an Outreach Strategy
  18. 18. Why Blogger Outreach? Blogger outreach is a fantastic way to get your brand noticed. It not only helps generate sales, but can also provide you with high quality imagery that can be repurposed, and boost your social following. Depending on the campaign, there can also be an SEO benefit to this activity.
  19. 19. Why Blogger Outreach?
  20. 20. Why Blogger Outreach? 11.2kETAP 20.6kETAP 15.5kETAP 24.4kETAP 8.6kETAP 16.9kETAP 10.6kETAP
  21. 21. Why Blogger Outreach?
  22. 22. SECTION 1 – Why Blogger Outreach? SECTION 2 – Creating an Outreach Strategy
  23. 23. What: Planning your Campaign The first thing to consider when planning an outreach strategy is what you want to achieve:   Blog Content   Social Media Exposure
  24. 24. Outreach Strategies New Releases Events and Studio Tours Seasonal Gift Guides Pinterest Boards Giveaways How-To Guides Instagram Takeovers Look Books
  25. 25. Who: Finding the right bloggers for you Next, you need to decide who to approach. You can assess a blog in a number of ways including;   Relevancy – bigger isn’t always better   Quality   Social Following   MOZ Authority Ranking (https://
  26. 26. Who: Finding the right bloggers for you There are many different ways to find bloggers. These include;   Google Search   Hashtag Monitoring (#journorequest, #fbloggers, #bbloggers etc.)   Competitor Analysis   Media Databases   Local Blogger Groups   Bloggers who already champion your brand – use Google Alerts to find your mentions online
  27. 27. How: Approaching Bloggers The final aspect to consider is how you are going to approach the blogger, and what the incentive will be. Start by connecting with bloggers via social media and then approach* them formally with an email outlining what you want from them and the incentive. *Be sure to read their ‘Work with Me’ page first
  28. 28. Checklist:   Make it personal   Keep it concise   Be specific   Highlight the incentive   Link back to your shop
  29. 29. DO agree a deadline DO clarify what you will get DON’T pay for a feature DON’T mess them around
  30. 30. OR Any time left… ANY QUESTIONS? OR
  31. 31. OR 01273 733 433 Website: