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The Secret To Social Media Success in 10 Easy Steps


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Here's a super simple social media strategy to help you get big results for your business whether it's B2B, B2C, or not-for-profit.

The key to social media is to show up, be generous in your contributions and pay-it-forward. This holds true regardless the size of your business or its focus.

The reason to use social media is simple: To be part your prospect’s consideration set.

10 Steps of Social Media Marketing Cycle
1. Define your social media strategy
2. Develop your social media positioning
3. Create social media content
4. Optimize your content
5. Build your social media presence
6. Remember the business basics
7. Distribute your social media content
8. Develop relationships
9. Integrate social media across your organization
10. Measure social media results

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The Secret To Social Media Success in 10 Easy Steps

  1. The Secret To Social Media Success in 10 Easy Steps Photo: q=75&fm=jpg&s=f6e772aabb5280c8956eb20ccba19be8 Heidi Cohen Actionable Marketing Guide February 23, 2015 #SMSecrets
  2. HEIDI COHEN Actionable Marketing Guide & Riverside Marketing Strategies For more information: Select Experience / Clients Top Lists Teaching / Speaking AccuWeather Seen in: New York Times, Harvard Business Review, ClickZ, Business 2 Community
  3. The Current Social Media Landscape Source:  
  4. Customers active on 2.8 social networks
  5. Customers seek purchase information on their own Photo: Amanda Sandlin via @HeidiCohen #SMSecrets •  66%-90% of the way through purchase process before they contact you. (Forrester)! •  Check 10.4 pieces of content (Google)!
  6. Consumer context matters! Social Media Content Marketing Mobile & Devices Source: @HeidiCohen   Context
  7. The Secret To Social Media Success in 10 Easy Steps Photo: @HeidiCohen #SMSecrets   Get the checklist: 2015-social-media- marketing-checklist/
  8. #1 Define your social media strategy Photo: •  What do you want to achieve?! •  Who do you want to attract?! •  What do you want to sell?! •  Where do you want to engage?! •  When does your audience engage?! @HeidiCohen #SMsecrets  
  9. Photo: #2 Develop social media positioning •  Select your social media message.! •  Consider your social media voice.! •  Modify your brand attributes for social media.! @HeidiCohen #SMsecrets  
  10. #3 Create your social media content Photo: •  Use a combination of original content, evergreen content & third party content.! •  Utilize a combination of content types! •  Develop different content formats. ! @HeidiCohen #SMsecrets  
  11. #4 Optimize your social media content (Or it won’t get found in the noise!!!) Photo: Wojtek Witkowski via Unsplash @HeidiCohen #SMSecrets  
  12. TEST headlines—then choose Source: ref= @HeidiCohen #SMsecrets  
  13. Avoid TH;DR •  Use bolding. •  Short paragraphs. •  Outline with bullet points. •  Edit for 8th grade reading.! @HeidiCohen #SMsecrets Article: attributes-to-consider/
  14. Photo:  h(p://   #5 Build your social media presence How will you represent business/employees on social media?! •  Name. Will you use your company name? ! •  Imagery. What icons, brand logos & photos will you use?! •  Keyword rich description. ! •  Links. Where will you link to? ! @HeidiCohen #SMSecrets  
  15. Facebook
  16. Twitter
  17. LinkedIn
  18. Google+
  19. #6 Remember the marketing basics Photo: Todd Quakenbush via •  Phone number. ! •  Physical address (if you have one).! •  Email inquiry. ! •  Landing page! •  Email capture. ! •  Website or blog. ! @HeidiCohen #SMSecrets  
  20. #7 Distribute your social media content Photo: •  Post new content. ! •  Re-promote older content. ! •  Curate third party content. ! •  Work with influencers. ! •  Get a social media buddy. ! @HeidiCohen #SMSecrets  
  21. Create social media editorial calendar Source:
  22. #8 Develop relationships Photo: •  Followers •  Influencers •  Prospects •  Customers •  Fans @HeidiCohen #SMSecrets
  23. Involve influencers
  24. Get customers to participate
  25. Photo: #9 Integrate across organization •  Set social media guidelines for employees. ! •  Train employees to be active on social media. ! •  Encourage employees to copy marketing when answering customer questions. ! •  Provide content support. ! •  Let employees know when new content is published. ! @HeidiCohen #SMSecrets  
  26. #10 Measure results Photo: Carli Jean via q=75&fm=jpg&s=a12260b56d9ce7b961c8fe33498ce779 •  Track results back to business objectives. •  Test every element of your social media to maximize results. •  Revise social media activity based on tests & results. @HeidiCohen #SMSecrets  
  27. Define strategy Develop positioning Create content Optimize content Build presence Remember basics Distribute content Develop relations Integrate across firm Measure results The Social Media Marketing Cycle Source: ©2015 Heidi Cohen-All rights reserved Get Social Media Checklist: http:// 2015-social-media- marketing-checklist/
  28. Thank you @HeidiCohen Get Your FREE Social Media Checklist: marketing-checklist/