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Marketing Major Presentation

  1. 1. Marketing Program Academic Years 2009-14 Dr. Jane Saber, Chair
  2. 2. Marketing Metrics & Analytic Skills IT Enabled Marketing Theory New Marketing What is Marketing Today?
  3. 3. New Marketing Metrics
  4. 4. Analytic Skills Necessary for Marketing Building Blocks Basic Statistics Accounting Finance Marketing Models Metrics Specific to Marketing Desktop Decisions Spreadsheet Decision Analysis
  5. 5. The Traditional Career Path: Client Side Marketing Intern Marketing Coordinator Marketing Specialist Associate Marketing Manager Marketing Manager Marketing Director VP Marketing CMO
  6. 6. The Traditional Career Path: Agency Side Intern Account Coordinator Account Manager Account Supervisor Account Director Group Account Director VP Accounts CMO
  7. 7. Job Descriptions • Administrative duties to support marketing and sales teams – e.g., help assemble marketing proposals, answer client phone calls, distribute marketing materials, manage event registration tables and format mailing lists. Intern • Help implement marketing campaigns; track sales data; maintain promotional materials; plan meetings; prepare reports; various administrative tasks. Marketing Coordinator • Assist Account Manager to maintain and nurture client relationships; help to coordinate campaigns to ensure project completion; various administrative tasks. Account Coordinator
  8. 8. Additional Roles & Disciplines • Analytics & Research • Digital & Social Media • Communications • Marketing Sales • Events • Acquisition & Retention • CRM • Product Marketing • Partner Marketing
  9. 9. Trends & Issues • Data Explosion • Social Media • Growth of Marketing Channels & Devices • Shifting Consumer Demographics
  10. 10. Job Growth? • Social Media Specialists • Marketing Analysts • Community Managers • Web Managers • SEO, SEM • Online Marketing Specialists • Mobile Marketing Specialists
  11. 11. Who are you to an employer? • Be more than your Degree! • Participate in the Community – Volunteer – Network – Associations
  12. 12. Who are you to an employer? • Keep learning outside of your studies – Design software (Adobe CS) – Coding (HTML) – Google Analytics – Social Media Management tools (HootSuite) – Customer Relationship Management tools (Salesforce) • Partner with Careers & Employer Partnerships to help guide you through the process
  13. 13. Marketing Major* *B- in MKT100 is required to become a Marketing Major Semester 3 MKT 300 Semester 4 MKT 400 Semester 5&6 MKT500 MKT510 MKT600 Semester 7&8 MKT700 MKT702 MKT802 Marketing Major
  14. 14. Professionally-Related Courses Options for Marketing Major Can use 4 of 11 slots for professional electives – MKT504,GMS522,MKT723,MKT730, MKT731,MKT 828, MKT829 & MKT850 Total of 11 PR slots
  15. 15. Marketing Minor Take another major (e.g. Finance, HR, Entrepreneurship) Total of 6 courses are required for the Minor Course selection depends on streams
  16. 16. Marketing Minor Course Selection Required Precursors for all streams • MKT100 or HTM302 • MKT300 Choose 4 courses from the following: MKT400 MKT500 or HTR 741 or RMG700 MKT504 MKT510 MKT600 MKT700 MKT723 MKT730 MKT731 MKT828 MKT829 MKT850
  17. 17. Generalist MKT400 MKT500 or HTR741 or RMG700 MKT510 MKT600* MKT700 Sports Marketing MKT500 or HTR741 or RMG700 MKT504 MKT828* MKT829 MKT850 Social Media MKT400* MKT500 or HTR741 or RMG700 MKT510 MKT700 MKT850 Marketing Research MKT400 MKT500 or HTR741 or RMG700* MKT700 MKT731 MKT850 Marketing Innovation MKT400 MKT500 or HTR741 or RMG700 MKT723 MKT730* MKT731 Themes Students wishing to pursue a minor with a particular theme may follow these recommended course selections.
  18. 18. Whatever you choose… Get involved!!!