7127 Glenwood Dr., Sugar Land, Texas 774...
Exceeded formal corporate expectations from a single to multiple countries by identifying multiple new
markets, investment...
and water treatment. Developed, planned, and supervised checkout, inspection and commissioning
procedures for this first j...

GREAT PLAINS GASIFICATION, Beulah, North Dakota                         1983 – 1984

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Rosental Alex 19 Oct09


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Rosental Alex 19 Oct09

  1. 1. ALEX ROSENTAL SENIOR PROJECT ENGINEER WITH PROCESS AND MECHANICAL BACKGROUND. 7127 Glenwood Dr., Sugar Land, Texas 77479, 832-814-3657 SUMMARY VERSATILE, RESULTS ORIENTED ENGINEERING PROFESSIONAL WITH EXTENSIVE PROJECT, ENGINEERING AND COMMERCIAL EXPERIENCE IN THE ENERGY AND PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRIES. FLUENT IN ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE, SPANISH WITH A REPUTATION FOR AND SUCCESSFUL RESULTS IN CROSS-CULTURAL ENVIRONMENTS, NEW TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTATION, STRATEGIC PLANNING, PROCESS DESIGN, TECHNICAL-COMMERCIAL FEASIBILITY STUDIES AND SAFETY. I ENJOY BUILDING. ALL PROJECT PHASES. Fields of Experience include energy, petrochemical, refinery, IGCC power, LNG, Onshore/Offshore O&G. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE PROJECT ENGINEERING MANAGER/PROJECT MANAGER BECHTEL CORP. (2006-2009) Project Manager for Bechtel-Jacobs Joint Venture for Heat Tracing and Insulation, $300MM, for the Motiva (SHELL/SAUDI ARAMCO) CEP Crude Expansion Project, Port Arthur, TX a 625,000 BPD $9 BIL. Refinery project. Project Engineering Manager for Bechtel’s $12 BIL. BRASS LNG, NIGERIA. Bechtel’s lead coordinator for Fluor’s paid proposal-study for the LNG Subsea cryogenic Offshore pipelines design ($100MM+) Project Engineering Manager for the Early Works and OSBL ($330MM) for the Bechtel-Jacobs Joint Venture for Motiva(SHELL/SAUDI ARAMCO) Crude Expansion Project, Port Arthur 625,000 BPD Refinery project. Project Engineering Manager for BECHTEL’S GASIFICATION Project Development Center in the Houston office. Participated at the conceptual level in the process configuration of IGCC and polygen facilities ($2Bil. +) and prepared study proposals as part of an ongoing alliance with GENERAL ELECTRIC. Projects included the Taylorville 600 MW IGCC plant, the Energy North West 600 MW IGCC plant, and the Kingbird polygen 6,500 tonne/day pet coke project. CONTRACTS ADMINISTRATOR/PROJECT ENGINEER CHEVRON INTERNATIONAL EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION (2002-2005) Responsible for preparing the bid package commercial terms for the flare and relief modifications (FARM) project and coordinating the technical section with AMEC Paragon. Participated in facilitated peer reviews and risk evaluation assessment reviews for Angolan Onshore at TECHNIP. Responsible for change management for the Nigerian GTL multi-billion dollar EPC contracts at KBR. PROJECT DEVELOPMENT MANAGER CHEVRONTEXACO WORLDWIDE POWER & GASIFICATION, Houston, TX. 1998 –2002 Originated equity Gasification jobs for more than $500 MM CAPEX. Prioritized and defined marketing strategy in Latin America by performing a Survey and creating a Marketing Analysis Data booklet utilized by the Gasification division to prioritize and define marketing strategy in Latin America. Prepared numerous technical-commercial Budgetary Proposals with a result being the selection of a 330 MW integrated Gasification and Combined Cycle Cogen Power facility (IGCC). 1/4 ajr/11 November 2009
  2. 2. Exceeded formal corporate expectations from a single to multiple countries by identifying multiple new markets, investment and license opportunities for the development of the Latin America region. Conducted a feasibility analysis on the alternate use of Orimulsion and Pet coke as a Gasification feedstock. Created an evaluation study consisting of engineering and economical analysis of a modularized Gasifier concept. Study highlighted required project costs, economic variable sensitivities, and included a Caribbean and Central American market analysis, helping redirect resources to higher return projects. Marketed and sold a paid for technical-commercial feasibility study defining final configuration and proposed $400 MM facility while establishing the economic parameters of the investment. Identified and defined initial scope of IGCC projects, completing formal presentations to blue-chip prospects in Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America, in order to sell ideas to consortium by mitigating risk and justifying good economics. Developed and implemented a formal process for other Business Originators to interactively work with existing linear programming models and economic and financial models to scope and determine the optimal configuration and interfaces of integrated Refinery, Gasification and waste units. PROJECT COMMERCIAL ENGINEER AND COUNTRY MANAGER BLACK & VEATCH, Kansas City, São Paulo, Brazil 1996 – 1998 Developed Business and Start Up plans, designed overall strategic direction and headed the start-up of the South Cone Brazilian subsidiary for BLACK & VEATCH, LLP contributing $1.8 MM net income to bottom-line. Managed commercial and engineering aspect of a number of power projects: Prepared the proposals for a 450 MW, 2x1 combined cycle power plant. Atacama, Chile, for a 150 MW power plant. ENRON Cuiabá ,Brazil, a power plant based on BAGASSE fuel, Brazil Bagasse, Brazil, a 180 MW CFB power plant. GAN, México, Combined Cycle Power Station. Responsible for major item for the balance of plant EPC deliverables for the 412 MW Rousch Power Stations. Rousch, Pakistan. Owner's Representative for the LIGHT COMPANY of Rio de Janeiro. Responsible for Commercial definitions and RFP coordination for the 50 MW Santa Branca and 180 MW Ilha dos Pombos Hydroelectric Power Stations. Brazil. RESIDENT ENGINEER AJR ENGINEERING & ASSOCIATES, INC., Houston, Texas 1993 – 1996 Consulting company for Utilities, Environmental and joint venture power projects with revenues of $1 MM built on virtual network of first-class associates. SENIOR ENGINEER SPECIALIST DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY, Houston, Texas 400 MW Combined Cycle Cogen Power Station, Oyster Creek, Texas 1992 – 1993 Team leader for engineering, procurement, and construction of all offsite facilities. Participated in the conceptual design, P&ID development, operating and Hazops reviews, prepared estimates, schedules, and conducted work force forecasts for the $1.3 billion VCM and Ethylene projects. Participated in the mechanical and electrical design; also the electrical line-up. Defined the construction bid packets scope; prepared estimate and conceptual schedule, in order to anticipate the availability, and expected cost of labor, conducted labor forecasts per craft for a $1.3 billion site. Styrenic Block Copolymer Plant, DOW CHEMICAL, Plaquemine, Louisiana 1988 – 1992 Directed team that performed engineering, design and procurement of equipment for a new technology Process. Included P&ID development operating and Hazops reviews, Utilities, boilers, cooling Tower, flare 2/4 ajr/11 November 2009
  3. 3. and water treatment. Developed, planned, and supervised checkout, inspection and commissioning procedures for this first joint venture with EXXON. Received four awards for the four-year project. The DEXCO Vector SBC Train I and Train II projects, worth approximately $70MM, on schedule, within budget, and completed 30% faster than comparable facilities. Helped establish DEXCO, the first Dow-Exxon joint venture successfully, breaking into the Shell virtual monopoly for Styrenic Elastomeric Copolymers and gaining 20% market share. Project Controls: Developed a Cost Control Procedure for tracking and forecasting all expenditures and commitments. Supervised construction and project controls including planning, man loading, estimating, and change orders. Received the following awards: 1990 Engineering and Construction Services Engineering Excellence Award for Train I, 1991 Louisiana Division Engineering Excellence Award for Train II, 1990 Technology Center Award, for contribution in the development and implementation of the SIS (Styrene- Isoprene- Styrene) new technology, and the 1991 Future Award, DOW CHEMICAL'S most prestigious business award, for contribution in establishing the new business line. PROCESS AND PRODUCTION ENGINEER Propylene Oxide Unit, grassroots, Aratú, Brazil and Freeport, Texas Unit engineer responsible for design, construction, checkout, operator training, and start-up of a grassroots $70 MM Propylene Oxide and Propylene Glycol Di and Tri glycol facility. I was responsible for the Process and mechanical design, P&ID development, including operating and Hazops reviews, construction, checkout, training and start-up of a grassroots Propylene Oxide unit via Chlorohydrin process, including Caustic and Lime Handling, Utilities, boilers, cooling Tower and water treatment. PROCESS AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GROUP MANAGER CDI CORPORATION, Houston, Texas 1984 – 1988 Executed numerous s design for UNION CARBIDE LDPE and the world largest EDC furnace and PVC resin facility for vista chemical allowing the company to add 10% extra profits to the company's ’87 overall business. PROCESS & MECHANICAL LEAD ENGINEER PVC Resin Facility Aberdeen Mississippi 1987-1988 Lead a team for all Process and mechanical engineering to build two PVC Resin related facilities for VISTA CHEMICAL COMPANY. Included Process, Mechanical, and Material Handling equipment Design. Responsible for design and evaluation of the new world largest EDC furnace for VISTA CHEMICAL COMPANY. GROUP MANAGER Corpus Christi, TX 1985 to 1986 US NAVAL AIR STATION Designed and specified emergency generator and associated new bus and transformer for the airport facility, Completed all estimating and scheduling GROUP MANAGER Seadrift, TX 1984 to 1985 High Density Polyethylene Material handling and Bagging Plant. Performed Management, process, P&ID development, and mechanical engineering for UNION CARBIDE. 3/4 ajr/11 November 2009
  4. 4. PROJECT ENGINEER, COAL GASIFICATION GREAT PLAINS GASIFICATION, Beulah, North Dakota 1983 – 1984 Performed process inspection and checkout for $2.4 billion synthetic gas site common areas and off sites. . Included Process, Mechanical, and Coal Material Handling, Utilities, boilers, Cooling Tower, and water treatment. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering, University of Buenos Aires ADDITIONAL TRAINING CPDEP Work Ethics Diversity Financial Statements, Financial Analysis, Applied Gasification Accounting Forecasting & Valuation Design Modeling Syngas Processes Corporate Conduct. Business Safety Awareness Compliance And Ethics Ethics Management Essentials Investing Beyond The Basics Managing Work Stress Managing Performance SPC/SQC Techniques Quality Performance Constructibility Managing Interpersonal Situational Awareness Rel’s Facilitative Leadership Presentation Skills Capital Project Mngmnt Situational Leadership Contract Administration Communications Cost Control Estimating Teamwork PROJECT EXECUTION FORMAL TRAINING I was certified in 1999 in Dow Chemical's Project Management procedure consisting of a six phase approach to project development and execution. My participation was as follows: $170MM Co-Polymer facility: Participated in Phase 2 and 6(Start-Up), and was the Lead Engineer for phases 3 through 5, and a $ 1.3 billion Ethylene, VCM, 400MW facility: Lead engineer for the $ 400 MM Power plant and $180 MM off site Phase 2, 3, 4 (eng) and 5(const). I completed formal Chevron’s CPDEP training in 2000 and participated as a contractor in the following CPDEP projects from 2003-2006: Contracts Administrator/Project Engineer for Chevron International Exploration and Production at AMEC Paragon for the Flare and Relief Modifications (FARM) project. Phase 4, Contracts Administrator/Project Engineer Angolan Malongo Onshore for CIEP at TECHNIP. Phases 3 and 4 and, Contracts Administrator/Project Engineer change order processing for CIEP Nigerian Escravos GTL multi-billion dollar EPC contract at KBR Phase 4. REFERENCES: Available upon request 4/4 ajr/11 November 2009